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SD now has a "syndrome" again that causes her behavior-- but the weekend was nice without her and BM ruining it.

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I had a wonderful weekend. My Dad and my StepMom came to visit for the weekend. They had never been to my new house or town so it was great to spend time with them. And yes, I love my StepMom dearly. My son also came to visit for the day yesterday so it was awesome to spend some real time with him. I realized yesterday as I was siting next to my son, who was holding our 15-year old cat that was our first pet when he was 7, looking at FDH and my dad watching football together and my step mom hanging out on her laptop that it is SO nice to be surrounded by my own family. I realized how lonely it feels sometimes to live here in the midst of FDH's family without mine near.

And a little TMI but important-- FDH and I also re-sparked the old sexy time flame too. That was quite nice and I am committed to keeping that going. I was really missing the intimacy and excitement.

It was also nice just to have a weekend free of BM and SD12 drama. It just seems lately that every single day, there is some communication going on about SD or whatever. I understand that BM and FDH are finally realizing that SD really is in a crisis (she's pretty much not going to school again) and are consumed by it. But I have to tell you, it's getting old. I am pissed that they've allowed it to go on so long so I have a very hard time being empathetic to their trials and tribulations with her right now.

BM took SD to the psychiatrist recommended by her counselor last week (same practice). Of course, BM found a reason not to like her. "She's just a resident". She then called her quack-ass pediatrician who they took her to back in February. Back then, she told FDH that SD has this syndrome called pandas and that's why she's acting this way. Of course, SD refused to take her medicine prescribed so nothing ever came of that (I thought it was BS anyway). So after talking to the doctor again last week, BM is now convinced that's what she has. FDH told me "The best course of action is for SD to keep taking her prescribed meds for that". I said "KEEP??? She stopped taking it NINE months ago". He got a little annoyed and thought I was trying to start something. So I basically just said "Let's be real about this. She hasn't taken it in months so stop kidding yourself. And everyone just wants to waive a magic wand and 'fix' SD but the reality is that no one can look into themselves and make any changes that are really contributing to this". Of course, he said nothing.

It's 11:20 AM now and I am surprised I haven't already seen some email chain from FDH and BM about SD. Tick tock... it'll come. They won't do anything different and will expect to see different results and BM will have plenty of reasons this week to contact him to "help" her.

I am just going to go about my business and let them figure this out themselves. The whole thing has just gotten to a level of absurdity. I am not going to let it interfere with my life every day. I think my new approach is to sit back and laugh at how utterly clueless they both are.


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Anne, so glad you were able to enjoy your family and had a great weekend. I think you've got the right idea.."sit back and laugh at how utterly clueless they both are".

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I also stopped the BM updates. It was driving me crazy so I asked my DH to STOP sharing things with me. If it did not directly effect me (which it rarely does since she lives across the country and hasn't seen her kids in almost 2 years) then don't tell me. Works GREAT.