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Just stopping in to say hi

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Hi ladies,

It's been a while so I thought I'd drop in and say hello. Things are going pretty well for me and there are lots of things changing. I will post a proper update next week. But just wanted to see how my favorite ladies are doing.

Have I missed any fun drama on here? Any religious zealots with "bonus" kids? Any newbies who told us to eff off when we didn't agree with them? What's the latest?



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Hey Anne, glad things are going well. There have been a few minor scraps but nothing huge. We did get a biomom log on looking for help because her bf hated her kids, then she decided we were all despicable witches and left.

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oh oh oh what about that young one the other week who let the BM move in with them and then hated us for all telling her she was nuts?

Smile Hi Anne, glad things are going well, looking forward to reading your update!