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It's a little boring around here

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We need a newbie or crew with a wacky story to show up and entertain us. It would be great if we could also be yelled out for trying to help said person.


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LOL. Maybe go far right to ultra-conservative religion. Or waaay left to hippy lady whose step kids just don't respect her right to walk around in the clothing god gave her.

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I miss the lady, who I think was actually real, who called her step-kids her Bonus Children and was mad the grandma took them to the mall.

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I was just reading some. Yikes. Did you ever determine if the 17 month old was from a previous relationship?

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and when she was a tiny beautiful baby, a fairy came down and waived her magic wand over BM. She gave her the gift of a uterus made of gold.

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She hatched an evil plan that included three key steps:
1- Make a poor, sweet, unsuspecting man fall deeply in love with her, using her powers from her uterus of gold
2- Have many children with him, force him to make all the money, refuse to have marital relations with him when maximum children goal is reached.
3- Kick him out and make him pay for the rest of his life while turning kids into socially inept, entitled trolls.

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(You know our BM then?)

One day while her husband was in the coal mine digging for coal with his bare hands to support his wife and children, BM went down to the new gym and had a spiritual union with one of the towel guys. When she got home she announced to her unsuspecting brood that unbeknownst to them their father had beaten her black and blue every night and spent all the household income on a new shovel to dig coal faster. Selfish brute!

Next ....

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So she runs off with the towel guy, her entire brood trailing behind. The towel guy just happens to be a raging alcoholic and ends up in jail for actually beating BM black and blue while her brood watched. In her moment of need, BM decides to marry the towel guy's brother who is unemployed but promises not to beat her. After one year, the unemployed brother notices the uterus made of gold is lacking its original luster, so he hightails it to Florida, never to be heard from again.

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But the BM is not ready to let her evil plan fail. Despite the fact that her ex has given her all of his money she discovers that he has begun to pull his life back together with another woman.

"For this I shall make him suffer!!" She cackles as her brood looks on from the corner.

With that she devises an evil scheme to further punish her ex AND his new love...

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Of course, the beholder of the golden uterus realizes that her power over new men is slowly starting to fade with the luster of the uterus. Her eyes grow dark and her skin begins to wrinkle from the stress of having a new woman interfering with her power over her former husband.

And because no man wants her and her litter of entitled children, she holds tightly to her belief that her former husband should continue to serve her as he did many years prior, if only for the sake of the children.

He is required to spend time in her home, conduct all transportation, answer all of her beacons, day and night, whether or not they are related to the children. After all, everything she is concerned about loosely concerns the children therefore her former husband and his new love must cease all activity and bow to her constant commands.

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She must have free reign over his castle that he shares with his new love. She must not be bothered with the rules of common courtesy-- after all, those rules are made for those who do not have a uterus of gold. She could arrive unannounced, brushing past the guards at the door with the defiance and privilege of a queen, roam the halls and demand to see the room in which her children and former husband lie at night. Of course, she graciously assists the new love with her advice on this children's diet, home decor and other valuable knowledge she has gained that the poor, young, beautiful sap does not posses. She should be admired for her efforts.

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Of course BM feels she 'deserves' to continue to live in a palace of her own design and making. She continues to drag her ex back to court for more and more of his money until.... the worm turns.

The SM wins a major nationwide lottery. BM is furious! SHE deserves the win! She deserves to have access to any money that is acquired by her ex. In fact she petitions the court for an increase in support. Her logic with baffle you although it will have a glimmer of deja vue to some of you.... BM is obliged to store the cars their SM will buy for them and therefore needs a larger house to prevent the cars from being stolen. not to mention the larger closets and increased electricity it will cost to power up the new cell phones and tablets and x-boxes that SM will undoubtedly bestow upon her poor innocent "COD"s (Children of Divorce).

Ha! Foiled BM! Did you not know SM is just a title and not a legally recognised status?
SM and DH buy a modest house (better than the hovel near the coalmine) they previously made as their little home and sanctuary. Nothing outrageous but equally as far at the other end of town from BM as they could get. SD2 is the only one to assist them move (it only took 45 mins as they owned nothing). SD2 spent time in Bolivia working with the poor and is obviously the changeling out of the family. She adores her hard working SM to her peril .......

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I don't think one would show up here because I doubt any google search would lead one here. More likely to a p0rn site. But if one did, holy hell....

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So she got involved when she was 20 with a man who was 34. Now she is 32 and her sson is 21. So a 13 yr age difference is too hard but an 11 yr difference is love made in heaven? Oh and she ruined his first marriage by 'wantingggg' him and getting him.

Just EW!

She got exactly what she wanted. I feel sorry for her son. He is now 15. I wonder if he got 'over it' or he lives with his father and they pretend mommy and son died in a firy car crash.

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yuck, yuck, yuck....unless her SS is Harry And the "uterus made of gold" made me giggle. Reminded me of when BM told SO that my p**** must be lined with gold. WTF? Maybe I'll post a blog about the past 24 hours around here to entertain you all. Turns out that I'm not only an evil stepmother, but also a crazy BM. Can't win for losing.

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OK so this is a comic relief story...

A while ago I had my ss who was 6 at the time clean his room so I could paint it... he apparently thought it was necessary to keep every piece of paper he touched.. water bottle he drank out of.. you get the picture.. I hung a garbage bag on his door to throw away all these items.. I come back into the room to check on his progress.. he was attempting to throw away a large piece of cardboard paper.. i watched him for a few min as he basically was laying this piece of paper flat over a small opening flat and could not figure out a better way to get it to fit in... so I tell him ss you are such a smart kid you can figure this out.. use your head.. I walk out for a second and come back in to see if he has figured it out yet.. I sh*t you not ss is literally using his head to force the item in the bag.. I had to walk out fast so he didn't see me giggling and sent his dad in to assist. Thats all I got Wink

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GBM and BM have a humpy dog. He was okay until his mate died. Then it stole one of SD's teddy bears...

I kid you not, they call the teddy bear "Humpy Bear".