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One door closes....

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When I left my job Wednesday, I sent the traditional farewell email out to about 100 people that I'd worked with over the years (people still with the firm). I received an incredible outpouring in response. Lots of people just in total shock. I even heard this deemed "One of the top crackpot decisions EVER made in this place, and we've seen some doozies!".

The former head of my division, who has a HUGE job at my company and is incredibly connected in the industry even emailed saying he was shocked and he's going to help me look for a new position. Wow.

This morning, I posted the news on Facebook. I am friends with a lot of former employees who are now with new firms (our competitors). I've already received a private message from someone I've known for years who has a great new job with influence and he's hiring in January and wants my resume. And a few others have already reached out saying they want to share my resume within their companies.

So things are definitely already off to a good start!

I spent yesterday doing the SAH thing. WOW, I won't last very long with that! I am looking forward to getting some projects done around here. But after those are done, I will lose my mind if I don't find something to do quickly. I am going to look at part time jobs around here next week just to fill some time and work towards paying off my car (almost there), my credit card and another bill. That will put me in a much better position should the job hunt take longer. And if I am employed quickly in my field, well, I'll have a double income for a while!

I am feeling very positive about it all right now. It's definitely helping me to see the light at the end of the tunnel-- not focusing on the shock and anger.

Thanks again for all the words of support. I think this is going to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. What a year of change!


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That's awesome! I hope that this all pans out for you quickly! A double income would be nice Smile

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PS. FDH has been GREAT. I KNOW he is scared but he's not showing it. He's been so supportive and sweet. Yay for him.

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Great news. Of course losing a job (and one that you have been at for many years) is scary but sometimes (most times) new doors are truly opened. Good luck!

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So happy that things are looking good and you are being positive about it. My mom has always said that God puts us in the best place for the next best thing. Smile Keep that positive attitude! Enjoy your projects. Blum 3