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Super BM is on Dr Phil now

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Omg. She is nuts. This is awesome. She thinks she is like Ghandi. But she's the most psycho BM ever and even new wife has RO. Tune in!!!!


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Please do yourself a favor and watch all the clips you can. This is priceless. This lady is the poster child. I think she wrote the BM handbook.

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It's 4:40 here so I still have time to get home and watch by 5. Can't wait to see this one.

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Damn, I thought you were talking about YOUR BM being on the show! I hope this one isn't any of ours!

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TFF! She's actually trying to educate Dr. Phil about PAS. Wow, can anyone say DELUSIONAL. :jawdrop:

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Oh my, She appears drunk or strung out on some kind of medication. Biggrin

Edit to add: Oh yeah, She is NUCKIN FUTZ!

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Yep watched and wow :jawdrop:
That lady is so in her own world that she lost her kids and can't understand why.

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Someone should really tell this nut that drunk and delusional is no way to go through life. It doesn't matter what 'plan' Dr. Phil comes up with, this woman will never change. She is a lost cause. Very disgusting to watch. :sick:

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Wait till you see what she does to Dr Phil when they return from one of the breaks. I wish this one was a two parter.

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I'm so pissed I missed it. I tried going on the Dr. Phil website to see if I could watch it and all I get is a clip Sad