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"I don't want Mommy to go to jail"

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Last night, FDH went to BM's to pick up the girls. The youngest, as usual, gave him a hard time and didn't want to come to our house. FDH told her she needed to get in the car. She said "I don't want to come with you but I don't want Mommy to go to jail". He asked her what she meant by that. She said "Mommy said you are suing her".


Part of the contempt motion was to make sure she stopped talking to the kids about such matters and basically a cease and desist on the PAS. So what does BM do? Tell the kids that she will go to jail if the don't visit?? OMG. That woman is a piece of work. Why doesn't she understand that the only person she's really hurting is SD?

Fortunately, my new self with good anti-depressants and no alcohol isn't freaking out over this. I just find it so frustrating and sad for both SD and FDH.

In related news, FDH talked to his former father in law the other day. He was talking about YSD (same one as mentioned above) and reiterated that she can't stay at their house without a parent there because it's too aggravating. He even said "She's manipulating both of you but I think she has her mother more snowed than you". Interesting that even BM's parents see what's going on yet she digs her head further in the sand with this kid and causes even more issues. Just pathetic.