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SD16's VERY Appropriate FB Post! (If it weren't true it'd be funny)

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" A good friend calls you in jail"
" A great friend bails you out of jail"
" Your best friend sits next to you in jail saying "wasn't that fun?"

:barf: :barf: :barf:

And yeah, so prophetic as SD has the defiant, devil may care, "tomboyesque" attitude as in ALPHA pack female.


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I've always told my kids this. If you ever end up going to jail for something stupid and call me to come get you I'm going to tell the nice jailer to have you call your father at 2:45 am for bail.
"Why 2:45 mom? So I can sit in a cell and think about it?"
"Oh son, because at that time of the morning, getting awoken by police tell him to come bail his son out of jail; I won't have to punish you for it, he'll be so pissed your ass will be on fire for at least a month."
Thankfully, no child has done something stupid enough to get arrested. Fingers and Toes!!