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looks like mall hater bible lady deleted her posts

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Did anyone see a spectacular huffy sign off? I hope I didn't miss anything too fun.


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My "message" where I spoke in tongues told her that she would go to hell if she associated with us heathens.

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Oh I wish you'd read it to share the glory. I have been so entertained with this today.

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dang did I miss something fun? I try to pack for vacation and finish homework and miss the good stuff dang it

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Here is a synopsis of her post and comments:

Hi, I am a Christian religious zealot who probably wears prarie skirts. I am married to a Godly protective man. I have two kids and two blessing kids (her word for step kids). They are mine. Their mom died in childbirth because I am posting from 1889. No one at my church understands since no one ever gets divorced so I need your help.

The dead BM's mom (blessing kids's grandma) was a drug addicted ho. And now she's cleaned up her act but she had the AUDACITY to pretend to take the kids on a picnic on Sunday but take them to the mall and buy them unholy clothes from JUSTICE!! Can you believe that?? AND on top of it, they didn't make it back in time from the heathen mall for evening Sunday services? How should I cope?

If you don't say things I want you to say (agree with me) I will yell at you, judge you and then tell you I am praying for your soul.


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I couldn't even find her name on here anymore. I don't really like it when people who are too pushy give Christians a bad rep , but would have liked talking to her since I grew up in a similar step family dynamic. I wasn't here for a lot of the mamc drama tho so I was unsure if you guys were right and it was someone insincere and crazy.

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I actually think she was very sincere but in the wrong place. There was no way any of us were going to agree that she was right to be all upset over the grandma taking the kids to the mall.

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Yeah I get that. By insincere I meant fake I guess. I was hesitant to talk to someone who may have been someone else. Her along with that weird inbred trailer park girl. Lol. Funny as she might have been it was obviously fake...I would hope!

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Maybe she was the real deal but I really have no words to deal with religious bigots even if they are real.

I am a Christian. I have taught Sunday School, attended and enjoyed bible studies, etc. I don't talk about it much here as that is something very personal to me.

My best friend in the whole world for the past 40+ years is Jewish. Do I try to convert her? No. It is not for me to judge what others should do.

BM who is truly a worthless human being is now uber religious and speaks in tongues. She is one of those "holier than thou" assholes who causes so much grief in the world.

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I agree that it is personal. And she certainly wasn't going to get us to agree with her zealot views.

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The impression Lords1family was giving us was that she was a Mennonite.

My impression....she was a former stripper who found the lord, a man with kids and had her own. Like that Everclear song Volvo Driving Soccer Mom. I've seen it a million times, a former hooker/stripper/drug addict/alcoholic/ex-con/wife beater/etc become born again, they go so far over the top and become the most self-righteous, judgmental, sanctimonious jerks around.

They're always praying for people after passing judgement on their actions. Oh.....your language, I'll pray for your soul. have an SUV and wear short skirts, I'll pray for you. like to drink vodka and eat in expensive restaurants? I'll pray that the lord opens your eyes to your addiction and you get some peace.

I swear to dog, she was the kind of woman that still feels it's okay to burn books and probably approved of the Spanish Inquisition.

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"Blessing children"?!? Damn I miss all the good posts! Maybe Mama C's off praying for all of us evil stepmothers Smile