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I Predicted It!

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Chef told me NO WAY is SD (18.5) going to college. Well according to the Girhippo she is going to local community college (probably on the new "free college" program) for Criminal Justice.

Apparently SD wants to be a Probation Officer (after being a fan of OITNB). I was looking up the requirements to take the civil service test here and it's basically a Bachelors degree in Social Services with two years experience as a social services caseworker OR a graduate degree.

This from a kid who HATES school because the Girhippo NEVER made her do any schoolwork. In fact we just got an exit report from her "special education" team stating that SD could do better but she just never does any follow up work/practice that is prescribed.

Same old story on the report card; she never catches up or turns in any homework/classwork that is required. Of course they will still graduate her and walk her down the aisle. I'm pretty sure all of her community college courses will be remedial; her lexile score is a good 150 points below what it should be.

So for my next prediction, she, who was taught that life is nothing but fun, FUN, FUN , therefore spoiled, entitled and miserable, will fail out of community college by the first year if not first semester.

I'm pretty sure the Girhippo quit her CS Supervisor job and got a job as a waitress to qualify for the "free" NYS college program. And, of course, to continue CS till 21 and beyond as I had predicted a loooooonnnnng time ago.


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It sounds like he will be paying child support at least for the next 7 years. For msd about another 3 years and about 7 for yss.

I have been following your story for about 7 years now. My questions n to you now is the same question I had years ago. Why are your I still with Chef. It seems the gir never really wanted him but has her minions and a paycheck out of him. You don't sleep with chef, he has a volatile personality, and can't keep a job.

I am sorry, but you would be so much better without him!!!

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Yes I should have ditched Chef from day one. But now I'm "in too deep" as the song goes. Chef is behaving MUCH better in the past year. He is also making more UTT money if you get my drift.

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SD will be living at the Girhippo's. It's only a 20 minute drive to the local CC. In other words; no off or on campus room and board.

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I think that's what SS will end up saying as well. However, he just finished his sophomore year of HS with 2 Fs and had to take a summer school course to be eligible for football next year (the ONLY thing he loves). I am also worried he won't graduate on time, though, so that's another year of child support.

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That was hilarious! Ya, and so SS spends the whole regular year getting an F, but since he passed a course that was 14 days long, he's now eligible for football. It's such a scam. SS is not stupid, though, he just has figured out how to manipulate the system.

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I predicted that the Gir would stuff SD into college regardless to keep on the CS gravy train. She would NOT allow an "early" (aka 19.5 yr old OSS) emancipation ever again.

But then again, you knew that and your question was facetious.

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In my state, you have to maintain a certain GPA to still get child support. I should probably research that. AND, it's the CP's responsibility to provide proof of the grades. So, if my SS went to college, it would just be 3 more months before we got his grades and it would all be over.

In my state we also have a program that pays for community college if you get a certain grade average, do some community service, have high attendance, and some other easy stuff. My son will actually make $3K a year going to college (not counting the child support I don't get) because he has all the requirements and he qualifies for Pell Grants.

We've never once gotten a letter about SS participating in that program. He's literally losing out on free money. And SO won't pay a penny for college, he told OSD, "Get loans just like I had to do when I went."

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Funny. My DH was saying last night that SD13 needs to have a certain number of volunteer hours during high school for college.

I said that I've never once heard SD talk about going to college. I asked if she talks about it to him. Nope. Ok then.

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I've never even thought about that. SS has never once mentioned college, either. He's 16.

I think what will be our saving grace is that BM's family is HUGE in the military. Like it's their pride and joy. (I'm not knocking it at all and it can be a great career.) However, her brother is retired from the military and is an alcoholic (his own daughter's words) and her dad is pretty poor. So I just don't get why they think it's so great to have been in the military.

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Yep and SD has never once mentioned college either during the last four years. Just posts how school seems like a "jail" and how much she hates it. Not surprising since she is miserable with her "no rules" life.

Unfortunately SD would recycle/fail out of the military. Her academics alone would keep her out. The military is now very picky about their recruits. Seeing that today's high school education is probably the equivalent to a 2nd grade education back in the sixties.

You get out of the military what you put in. So for the lazy, entitled, coddled, no rules BFF BM types, it wouldn't be a good fit.

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I think the military would be great for SS, besides for his grades and lack of trying there, he's not a bad kid. It might help him get away from his psychotic mother and see the real world where people have to work to get something most of the time (he certainly won't be having anything handed to him).

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LOL. Winona SD18, who doesn't have a job, or a license, is talking up college as if she is REALLY excited about it. Firstly, I saw her last report card - F in English and F in Psychology. She wants to major in psychology.

She received a grant because BM is considered low-income, and they paid around $25 for her summer classes, and something similar for Fall. I just do not see Winona doing well as she is taking Math and English for Summer. I had hoped she would focus on JOB and LICENSE, and take time off school, and just get her personal ducks in a row. I am predicting that she does not do that well in school, and that if she gets a job, it will suck up all her time. She simply doesn't have the discipline to balance school/work.

Either way, it sucks for me, as she is living (mooching) with us full-time now, and we only get a break when she goes somewhere to take care of gma.

We shall see - Winona had a job interview at Dennys for hostess, and starts summer sessions at a local community college in less than a weeks time.

And, Winona also HATED school. When she was staying with us, it was ALWAYS a battle to get her out of bed and out the door in time. And the last 4-6 months, SO simply stopped, and she was always late...

Therefore I do not know how it will go. She claims she tested out of all the simple classes, and is taking intermediate math and English, but she lies SO much.

Just another way to postpone growing up and moving off the parental dole...