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I made a funny

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Friday night, FDH and I were having dinner. Somehow the topic of my increased dosage of antidepressants came up in discussion. I was basically telling him the new dosage was settling in fine. I could tell he was about to say something and stopped. So I pushed him and told him I knew he had something on his mind he wasn't saying. He finally relented and said:

FDH I am just wondering if this is something you'll be on for the rest of your life

Me Hmmm why are you worried about that?

FDH Well, not really worried. Just wondering if this is something you have to keep taking forever

Me Forever is a long time. Probably not forever. Let's see. How long do you think BM will live?

FDH I see what you did there.


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I know this feeling ALL TOO WELL. Just started my anti-anxieties, and will see skids in 2 hours after 5 days straight with BM. Here's hoping to no screaming and crying Smile