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How do you react to this?

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BM is known to say some really innapropriate things to SD.  So how do you handle that?

For example, I picked SD up from her camp on friday and this was the conversation that was had pretty much immediately:

SD: LBP, a cop...but not a you know what I'm talking about?

Me:  A state trooper?  A police officer?  Is that what you mean?

SD: No, a cop but not a cop dropped papers off to my mom saying Daddy wants to fight her in court to see who I will live with.

Me: Oh...

Prayers Answered - BM has a job!

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And she is keeping her apartment! No full time kids coming to my house (well, not planned, anyway)!

Kids just finished up their last full week of summer stay with us. Overall, it went fine. YSS was helpful and polite. OSS didn't do some of the work for his summer college class, and I wanted to take a 2x4 to his thick skull because of it. Not literally, of course.

However, as predicted, we'll be paying for all their new school supplies and clothes. We have already spent $200+ on supplies and shoes; I can't wait to see how much we spend on clothes! *eyeroll*

Divorced Dads forum

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DH knows that I belong to a blog/forum for stepparents and how much it helps me, so this weekend DH looks for forums for men going through custody stuff (BM is moving this week and hasn't notified DH, and specifically told SS "not to tell dad"). He was looking for advice, suggestions, support, etc.

Well I think I found why these BM's think they can do whatever they want.......because men let them! 

By golly

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By golly gosh! SD came again. And everyone survived. 

Its been a really busy few weeks. 

1.) my job transitioned to care coordination. If you don’t know what that is-it’s okay. Just imagine something not simple-but doable made 10x more complicated and very very poorly planned. Thanks NYS. You rock. IMHO they made this move wayyyyyy prematurely-they weren’t ready and now we are all up shit creek. Yay. Good thing I’m practically a Shit Creek Tour Guide. 

Unwilling to compromise my space for part-time skids. *updated*

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Just to catch everyone up: 

BF and I are coming up on our third anniversary and plan on cohabitating 8 months after that (Around April of next year). I live in a one bedroom/one bath 8 minutes away with the two dogs. He lives in a three bedroom/two bath. The skids are EOW + holidays, share one bedroom with bunk beds that only have top bunks and space underneath for their stuff, and he has an office. He does a good deal of work from home, and keeps most of his personal belongings in the office. 

Found my dying hill

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I've been married to DH for almost 8 years. Ive put up with him being gone for work 90% of that time, his mother's insanity, the skids' crap attitudes, and being tied down to BM's house and his aggressive dogs. I've cheerfully deflected all the jerks in our community who call him an absentee father and look at me with pity because he was never there for BM, too. I bend over backwards to foster a deep and meaningful relationship between him and DD7. 

Teenage Step granddtrs

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I have 3 SGDs aged 20,18 and 15 vacationing with me for a week. The other day I shared some of my business problems with them. They were so upset and said it causes them depression... and how dare i speak such things in front of a 14 y.o. I immediately apologised. My husb chastised me in front of them for discussing our problems with them. They hardly speak with me now and i am very sad.

Seriously what the F*** is wrong w/ men???

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So it is 3am and I cant sleep. Why? Because yet again my SO did something last night that is bothering me so bad I can't fall asleep next to him! His daughter is here this weekend. After the last time she was with us I thought he would have changed his behavior a little bit. Well he certainly did! For the worse!! After spending all Friday night  with her and all day Saturday. Literally she was by his side (and mine) from 11am until 11pm Saturday - I went to take a bath to get away from her. Afterwards I went down to sit on the back porch by myself.