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Back from Florida - also my husband is just the best!!

We had a great time in Florida - the weather was just perfect, the view from our room was spectacular and we just relaxed and unwound. Such a needed break from the crazy time!!

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24 hour notice

Since I am no longer a SM I'm leaving Step talk. I'll be deleting my account tomorrow. To all my good friends I've made on here thanks for the advice. To the bullies I'll pray for you.
God Bless!

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I had surgery a few months back and now I'm back to working. SS14 is now far away in a different town supposedly getting the mental help he needs.

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*uck Vacation

Husband suggested that we take 17 y/o step daughter on vacation this summer. (We have tried this vacation thing in the past) Last summer, we took SD and her best friend to Kiiawah SC.

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step mother to teenagers

I have only one child who is now 19. she lives on her own. I was a single mother for awhile then married a man for 10 yrs.

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OT- I am in love with the Samsung Ostrich commercial!

The close up shot of the ostrich ready to take off. The look of determination. OMG so adorable. I just want to pet him and tell him everything is ok. Like I do wanting to take care of DH.

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Doctor visit

BM took SO's son to the doctor today. So far she has yet to tell him anything execpt send a copy of the bill and peracription but decided to post it all in Facebook.

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A good kind of tired

I'm a good kind of tired, today. Yesterday, I was on the water kayaking all day. We started out with a 3 hour lesson on improving paddling strokes. VERY beneficial and lots of fun.

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Best Wishes...Yes or No

I have a friend who got married 5 months ago. Her and her new husband who have both been married before had a destination wedding for 2. They did not want a big wedding.

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Poor BM.

It funny how I got attacked my BM's friend and told that I should be keeping things privet.