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I don't want to hear about this crap anymore.

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DH went to pick up the skids last night for his usual Thursday night. Skids are out of school tomorrow for a student/staff holiday and per the CO it states that if a school holiday falls on a Friday or a Monday and it is DH's weekend then he is responsible for them for those days. However BM took it upon her to make dentist and doctor's appointment for both skids for today. This is the kind of crap I am talking about she doesn't read or follow the CO and she wasn't even going to tell DH about dentist and doctor's appointments.

I want a tougher skin and a more observant DH

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If you follow me, you know that I feel that the skids can’t stand me but they put on an act around DH so I’m the one who looks crazy if I say anything. They won’t even answer me if I talk to them when DH is out of the room. I would video it or something but no matter what I know that DH will never believe the precious angels do anything wrong. With that being said....I went with DH to a school function yesterday. I’m really starting to hate all of this. I just wish I didn’t care. At the end SD18 ignored me again. She talked to everyone and I just stood there.

crazy encounter with brother in law

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Does anyone else have issues connecting with their in laws? I’ve spoken a little about my mother in law in a previous blog but I had a rough encounter today with my brother in law and his girlfriend. My husband and I currently share our home with his brother and his brothers girlfriend. They mostly stay to themselves and so do we. But lately, my husband and I have noticed that our groceries seem to get eaten up quicker than we planned. I nagged my husband for a good week or so to talk to his brother and just establish some clarity on the grocery situation.

OT return your shopping carts, folks!

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There are stalls in the parking lot to corral them for a reason!

It is windy as f@$% today and there are carts blocking parking spaces and run into cars at the store! The best part? The stall is literally 20 feet (if that?) from the spaces they're being left! 

I think this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I'll go as far to say that it is the shopper's obligation to put it back if they used it! Grrr!!

OT - Bingo

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Five days from now will be the start of Hell Week for me. It's SS18's graduation and.... we get to spend 4.5 days with BioHo! 'Ho's husband, Mr. Pinhead, will be there, along with Spawn10 (lil hoochie mama) and PigPen15 (bearded boy bun). A friend of mine suggested that, as a way to quietly entertain myself, I make a BINGO card with squares that pertain to things like:

Call police for welfare check?

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I got some advice on a recent blog but I wanted to see if anyone else has done it.

SD10 was witheld from her EOWE visitation by BM two weeks ago. She is supposed to come tomorrow, but BM did not respond to my husband's email two days ago when he asked what's going on for this coming weekend. SD is not repsonding to his texts. The last email exchange he had with BM was two weeks ago when she told him she wasn't sending SD. He is getting frustrated and would like to know what's going on with his daughter. He doesn't know what she has actually said or what BM has said to her.

OT - Update to "need to get this out"

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Well person A asked to talk to me Monday morning and I asked to have a supervisor present...she agreed and then walked away and mocked me to a co-worker about wanting a supervisor present.

Ultimately person A acted shocked and hurt and upset with the texts messages.  The supervisor asked me how we could avoid this in future  I told her flat out "Don't text my personal cell phone after hours about work, especially since I never gave my number to person A nor did I give her permission to contact me outside of work."