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OT - DD's daycare - VENT

So, DD goes to daycare 2 half-days per week. The creche is open 7.30 am - 6.30 pm, and the half-days are 7.30 am - 1 pm or 1 pm - 6.30 pm.

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Really hating the teenage years right now...

All 3 skids are in teenage range right now, and they all have such piss poor attitudes and I'm just so sick of it. They ruin my day and put me in such a bad mood.

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Nothing serious, just dont worry about it, back off, you dont need to get in there...

Yet again I hear this in the am before work.

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O/T for fun...doppelgangers

A lot of terrible stuff happening in the world. To lighten the mood:

Do you ever get told you look like a celebrity? How about DH?

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Londoners, what's happening over there?

Problems at Parliament on the radio. Prime Minister is safe and was rushed away.

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I deleted my post

Thank you to everyone who was helpful and whoever pointed out sd wasn't sick is a godsend. Thank you so much! I'm going to look into that.

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DH was driving me crazy last night

Report cards came home yesterday. SS has been with us for about 6 weeks and has brought his grades up from all D's and F's to C's and B's.

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How to handle?

This weekend we will be heading to States for my BS for wrestling.

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I'm a free woman!

My divorce is final and I am free of step hell. My girlfriends and I have rented a party bus and we are going to paint the town red come Friday night.

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OT - Woman Wednesday

Happy Hump Day, STalkers!

I suffer from the Black Dog of Depression biting me in the arse. Music is my medicine. Ways music help during the dark days: