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"Well I can't MAKE her help out", so no one will......

I don't understand where the logic behind "She's an adult now, I can't MAKE her do anything" lies. No flipping way.

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Family pictures

So today we did our Christmas card pictures. Either I am the best mom or crazy but my son and husband live Beavus and Butt head.

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Outside looking in..but trying to stay outside.

Trying to keep myself out of DHs relationship with BM and SD 11. He is working on stepping up on his own and is in counseling to deal with feelings.

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Driving me nuts at the moment and xmas is coming

Hey all ! Something that's starting to drive me a bit nuts at the moment .

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This weekend

Lastest update is that 17 yr old is still in hospital. Probably know more abt her next move on Mon. SO's bday was yesterday. Knowing his daughter was safe....he said it was the best bday ever.

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SD4 came back from BM and the wedding... no is acting like a little s***. I asked if she had fun, she glared st me and solicited away and said “mama” and now I don’t exist... Again.

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OT stupid cheating dreams

I slept great with DH and my fur babies last night.... Only to awake to having a dream that he was cheating on me.

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BM preggo

So the BM... The one that’s on drugs, sleeps around, can’t be bothered with the Skids unless she needs to use them, she is pregnant.

In downfall of this:

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Finally had a sit down with BD

Its been almost 2 weeks since my daughter left after the fight she and my DH had.