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And the truth comes out folks.... I AM the evil stepmother

Well... I had no idea.

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A little update to texts with SIL

So I updated in my last blog how I text SIL to open the conversation up and see if she would say anything about her plans.

She tells me she is coming into town for YSD graduation.

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OT - Motherless Mom

A lot of people post stuff on Facebook, but I’m a fairly private person and don’t like posting much personal thoughts or situations on a social website. So I’ll go the anonymous forum route!

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OT Update in Charlie's World

I successfully completed my first week of clinicals last night and did some office work for my program director today. I worked 3-11 Monday-Thursday and it has been so fun I can't even describe it.

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Prayers for Healing at the Peridwen house please!

The Friday the 13th bomb touched down in the Peridwen house today. DH is sick, but still working. He got called in early for a water leak.

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Being hands off with skids but have an ours baby

I'm hands off with the skids. I leave all bedtime, shower, and getting up in the morning rituals to DH. I occasionally help with their laundry and cook when they are here.

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OT - when your boss won't let you come to work

So I took the little wifey job and have been there fulltime since Dec 5.

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Well, I did it!

I'm officially a minivan driver AND the kids love it! Even DS was impressed. It has even more options than I thought too. DH and I brought it home to show DD2 during the test drive.

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Suggestions on how to handle?

Okay. I know I have talked about this before. But I need real legit advice. Remodel the bedroom isn't an option.

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Seeing sd instead of paying more in child support

Bm told dh if he wasn't going to take sd 50/50 then she was going to hit him for child support.