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I finally did it! On Skids weekend, I disengage completely.

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I finally made the bold move and separate my children from my skids and it felt WONDERFUL. This past weekend, I decided to disengage completely and fine tune my focus on my children and their needs as opposed to the DH and my Skids and their continous drama. 

After SD, 14 decided that it was OK to not speak to me in my own home because I told her to make up her bed,I decided to HELL WITH EVERYONE, and focus on me. 


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Well it appears SO has regressed back into his guilty daddy ways...ugh!  Recently my SO lost his license for 60 days (excessive speeding/wreckless op).  Anyways, obviously I was already super pissed about that and him being irresponsible.  We couldn't afford an atty so we just had to deal with the consequences.  Of course it is more of a punishment to me.  The courts granted him driving priveleges to work but not to pick up SD.  BM is being surprisingly understanding about it and working with us on his time with SD.  SD is currently in cheer anyways so most evenings she has practice in BMs

OT - Fall Fun

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I actually had a very good weekend (no skid - woo hoo!). After a crazy work week and a lot of rain, we finally had nice weather on Saturday. Nice as in a dusting of snow, cool temps (41 degrees), and time with my handsome hubby.

We finally tried the relatively new coffee place and I have a new love: Vanilla Cardamom Latte. The cardamom used in the latte is green, which is my fave.


Christmas gifts for SD19 that we never see?

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SD19 has been to our house 2x in nearly 2 years.  She lives with her mom about 40 minutes away (only about 10 minutes away until 3 months ago) and honestly has nothing to do with us.  She hasn't even met our youngest son / her youngest brother who is 6 mos.  She hardly talks to SO and we have no idea what is going on in her life until she gets in a blowout with her mom (which happens every few months) and she calls to complain to SO and ask if she has a place to live if she needs it. 

Dh always gives in to BM1 ...what to do?

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So yesterday DH and I had our third blowout this month. The reason? He keeps making decisions with me( after all sorts of time spent arguing) then turns around and does the opposite. When confronted he tells me i dictated the decision he made and circumstances changed. These decision changes always happen when BM1 makes him feel bad about not doing anything as a father.


I do believe DH has slipped back under SD18's spell...

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Posted yesterday under another account as I just needed to vent from home. Went to a late dinner with DH once he returned home from dropping SD18 back at GMA's (thank God!) during our meal she briefly came up. DH mentioned SD18 got a couple of calls from a kid whose father was at our get-together Saturday night. big deal. This kid is also a well known pot head.

Lebanon and Christmas

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Husband has to go see his parents. They are older and he has not been able to because he he was on a project and now another one has started. I get it.  He can go during christmas break when it is slow.

I said I would fly out with him on the 25th of Dec.  The 24th, as a latin lady, is the important one, not the 25th.  We could celebrate with our family, his kids, my kids, my sisters, etc  then fly out.  


General Updates

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BM is still being difficult...nothing new.  We are now a couple weeks away from the CS modification hearing and I'm very anxious to see what the outcome will be.  DH is also interviewing for a job at his company this week.  It would be slightly less money but the hours would be much more conducive to family life so I'm hoping he gets the job.  It would be a monday to friday, normal hours, holidays off, no night shifts job which would be awesome for us.