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Something different

As I've experienced it's so easy to get distracted by the negativity, the failures, and struggles. I've written alot about the aggression my SO's son displays and the anxiety daughter has.

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OT- Yeah, I'm Dumb Today

got into a discussion with a GU today on another site. I gently tried to nudge her into the idea that she's not the only person who can make decisions for her kid.

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OT blog hog today- invisalign

I consulted with my dentist in May about redoing the veneers on my upper front teeth. I broke the 2 center ones 13 years ago and the veneer is horribly stained from coffee and black tea.

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Vacation Planning II

I posted this on another blog but for the sake of updates -

One reason I don't get involved:

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DH annoys the crap out of me sometimes

SD slept over this weekend and we all went out to dinner on Saturday night. BM insists on having SD call her even though she's literally only apart from her from 12pm Saturday to 6pm Sunday.

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Is it just me?

Went on a hike yesterday with DH, SD16, SD20, BIL, and niece. It a mountain hike that starts of at the base and begins the assent right away.

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Sorry Blog Hog.... SD hates our dog

My SD hates our 5 month old puppy. She complains that he is "annoying" and "stupid" (her favorite, most used word). She is with us for the summer and thankfully leaving in less than two weeks.

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Totally OT...

I'm going to be 39 years old in a few weeks. Typically that is WAY too young for menopause, but not in my family. My sister is 42, and completely through it. My other sister is 46 and almost through.

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Sd13 and karate

SD13 has been doing karate for over a year now. She is pretty good.

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BM thinks she is going to join the Air Force...

She posted on FB that her dad things she should join the AF or Peace Corp. Of course Peace Corp doesn't have an age cap... Air Force Caps out at 39... BM is 38 and 4 months.