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Adult skids wont move out

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New here so  if I don't use correct abbreviations apologies in advance. I am desperate for help. I moved in with my fiance two years ago. At the time he told me his two adult sons would be moving out soon. Well here we are two years later and no sign either one is going anywhere. My fiance works nights and is gone a lot. I'm left here with his kids and my 17 year old son. So here is my problem: The oldest is legally blind. Unable to get a drivers license and refuses to take responsibility for his own transportation to and from work. This falls on me or his brother.

My Teenage Stepson is Ruining my Life

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I am in my second marriage.  I have a 7 year old and 4 year old from first marriage.  My husband has a 20 yo, 17 yo, and 15 yo from first marriage.  We have married a little over a year.  His 20 yo daughter chose to live with her mother.  His 17 yo son and 15 yo son live with us most of the week, as do my children.  


Does anyone ever want to just quit...sigh

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If I had a clue how difficult this would be, I would have never married my husband. I think I imagined the Brady Bunch.  I married my husband Dec, 2015.  I have never celebrated our anniversary.  I kid you not. 

As I told him December 30th, as we were having another argument about his sassy kids, " I am in this marriage by myself. I have to defend myself, I fight my own battles. What is there to celebrate?".   I actually feel this way.


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Yup, this is our topic.  Married for 3 years to a widower.  Lovely man with 3 kids, 23, 20 and 19. Oldest just moved back home after graduating. Has a nice consulting job but yet to move out. No biggie till now. 

We purchased a new home last summer. Girls don't help much.  I really don't care. I mop, sweep, clean bathrooms whatever is in the common areas. Their room is their business.

Feeling like the roommate .

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Hi everyone. I am brand new here . I couldn’t go another day without finding some kind of outlet to talk ... or i might lose my mind . In Feb my step daughter moved in with us (from Vegas to Hawai’i ). We have been married four years , together for six and we have always had her over the summers . Her behavior towards her mom ( in my opinion , due to overindulgence and guilty parenting on both ends) got so bad hat she ended up getting expelled for something SO bad I can’t even post here. So, without me really even being considered - she was sent to live with us.

Why do I get so annoyed?

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So SD’s behaviour has been so much better the past while, the lying etc has been WAY better, she is trying harder with things (cleaning her room without being asked etc). And yet she STILL annoys me. Why?  I mean she is still a mini wife and I feel like her and DH are more a couple then we are.... father’s day weekend we were at the beach and my friend was there and at one point she is sitting on his lap, with her head on his shoulder (makes me cringe), then at another point she wanted to go for a walk with him...

Adult Step Daughter - All New to Husband acting like wife substitute

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My husband and I have been married for 15 years and together for 18.  He has a 21 year old from a previous marriage and has only seen her twice since she as 2.  The BM is crazy and tried to cause too many legal issues, so it was better for him to just stay away from her.  In November, my SD21 was locked out of her mom and SD house.  She called my husbands mother, with whom she has had a relationship since she was around 13 or 14.   My husbands mom tired to hide this fact, but they live in a really small town.


So done with this

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So... Tuesday is my one year, and probably last, anniversary unless something changes. My 24SD came into town and since “she is not comfortable staying here”, like I care at this point, DW has checked her into a hotel. That’s fine with me because until she can respect her her mother and my marriage, she isn’t welcome here anyway. This is not something I have shared with DW because I just play the disengagement thing and say, “hmm, ok. That’s nice”, and then change the subject. 


BM likely to lose her apartment...

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Which means the kids will move in with us unless BM becomes a massive whatever about the situation.

She is seemingly still unemployed and her lease is up soon. Apparently the new management company is requiring all lease renewers to submit 6 pay stubs prior to their renewal. I question the legality of this, as well as the business sense (people with jobs forget to pay rent, and people without jobs manage to pay rent) and BM's accuracy of the situation.

O/T- my fur baby died in my arms this morning.

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My elderly Devon Rex (cat) boy died in my arms this morning. He was about 15 years old and he’d had a good long life.

He was always more dog like than cat like, he’d fetch and follow me around. He was always under my feet and usually covered in flour or crumbs because he’d stand under me as I cooked or baked. 

This morning as usual he was snuggled up with me. He was like a living teddy bear and would sleep in my arms.