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Preparing for ST 2.0 Launch - Part 1


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Cultural differences??

Not tryin' to be a blog hog. 3 of the renters in my house for the next 3 months are from Puerto Rico. I'm a pretty straightforward person.

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Cupcake regrets and question for Rags

Why? Why did I do it?

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O/T Test that Guesses Your Education Level

Did anyone see this cute little (very long) test?

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Can't believe I didn't realize this - OR - waaaay too close to Asshat and Money-Ka for my comfort

So, what I am referring to as "Graduation-Palooza" begins tomorrow with the first graduation ceremony for Thing1. It's in the basketball facility at his school, open seating, no tickets required.

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UPDATE: A-HA! There WAS a New School Portal that Chef NEVER GOT ANY INFORMATION ON!!

Turns out the new portal went live sometime in November/December 2016. The "schooltool" system is supposed to generate an email using the user's EMAIL ADDRESS as a user id.

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OT - Thinking Thursday

How's your memory these days? I used to be able to go to a meeting, write down a single word, then later repeat VERBATIM who said what. I miss those days.

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Well that was smart

So partner is been working with the lawyer trying to prove the marital assets have not been split correctly. They are ignoring the small stuff like furniture and dishes. The focus is on vehicles.

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How young is too young?

So today I found out the my future MIL father passed away last night. He is older but I do believe it was a little unexpected, he was in the hospital but I do not think that anyone saw this coming.

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dont' want to accuse quite yet, but J'ACCUSE!

The other night I noticed a bandaid on kid's thumb. I ask what happens... kid says he hurt it. SO mentions the kid's thumb was bleeding, so he put a bandaid on it, he wasn't sure what had happened.