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When does the reaction end?

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Today I filled a bucket in the sink and walked away for a minute. When I remembered it was running, I rushed back in a panic. It overflowed harmlessly into the sink. In our old house, I flooded the kitchen twice last year doing something similar. I was so freaked out, I had a panick attack trying to clean it up before ExH came home and would scream at me.

He did notice the damp spots so I lied to him and said I spilled a bucket so I wouldn’t hear his abuse.

How do you guys handle screen time?

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For the most part during the weekend visitation there’s not much of a problem with the kids being in front of the screens too long because we try to get out to the park or do things together.

With summer coming though I want a better plan then last year. Last year we tried to do 15 minutes of something educational = 15 minutes of screen time. Problem is with the then 4 year old this was a nightmare and didn’t work out at all.

amusing story

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My sister is in the middle of a home rennovation. Her contractor lives next door to my ex MIL. Somehow my sister and the contractor were talking about kids and he told her a story about his neighbor's grandson. Said that this child is a total sociopath and he had never seen an evil child before, but this kid is!

My sister knew that he was talking about my ex SS and cracked up and said I know all about "Bobby" my sister had a short, abusive marriage to his father. The apple didn't fall far from the tree with crazy in that family! 

Found: Someone's GUBM...

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...and I need you to come collect her and take her back to her life of leisure ASAP!

I have a very high stress job... In a small office where it is almost always just the 3 of us. One woman is a micromanaging nightmarish b!tch who I have just come to avoid as best I can in such a small setting. The other just started here two months ago. She is a GUBM of the highest order.

How do you get over the hurt?

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How do you get over the hurt and the anger toward Skids.  I can not get past my resentment for SD.   The girl who tells me I'm a bitch, the one who has told me to my face she hated me, the girl that told DH please divorce that bitch, the girl who has caused more fights and issues with DH & me, the girl that almost caused me to walk away from my marriage, the girl that said she couldn't live under neither DH/BM's roof for one day past the age of 18.  She has since moved out of our home and life is great.  I rarely see her, only seeing her 2 times this year and both times I get this pit i

OT – Monday Madness

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I’m horribly antsy today, so thought I’d have a little fun with some Monday Madness.

What color are your eyes?

What color of ink do you prefer?
Black ink and ALWAYS a fine/extra-fine point pen

Is your second toe longer than your first?

Do you know how to drive a stick shift?
I could drive one in my sleep

Oysters: Yay or Nay?

On that water, in the water, or landlubber?
IN the water every chance I get.

Favorite two things to shop for?
Books, with shoes being a distant second.