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Update - Coworker Jill

For anyone following my saga about my dealings with Jill, an update.

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Just a tiny update.

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Big BM vent

I'm pretty mad right now and just need to get this off my chest.

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Insurance Question

I need to meet with an estate planner. My issue is basically how do I ensure that the BM profits in no way in the event of my death thru my stepdaughter.

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Newspaper article where brats get their just desserts!

So glad these two entitled brats got exactly what they deserved. Just goes to show the entitlement never ends :

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Really struggling with an ethical problem at work this morning

So, this new job.

The boss left this morning about an hour ago and will not be back to work until next Wednesday.

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Let me count the ways in which this week sucked

DH's man cold.

SS11's birthday (not bad) but his conference was the same day. THAT was bad.

SS11's party was the next day. A school night because we couldn't do it any other night.

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OT - Furbaby Friday

I love furbabies. Baby kitties tottering around, baby fur sticking straight out, pouncing and playing... Puppies with round tummies and floppy ears, running and tripping over clumps of grass...

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I think BM is preggerz

So my psychic senses are telling me BM may be pregnant with the boyfriend. Here is why:

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Unscientific poll

OK, lurkers, even you should take 30 seconds to respond.

How many of the bms in your life allowed CS to be the main ingredient in their budget?

How many didn't or don't work at all?