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Please help- I'm so stuck

I found this site while looking for somewhere- anywhere- to turn. I've tried talking to friends or family, but no one seems to come close to understanding my situation.

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SD13 makes the rules..again

DH was supposed to pick up Sd tomorrow afternoon because he is taking her to the orthodontist Monday morning.

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Social services

Anyone have any experiences that they would like to share about how to deal with social services. State law mandated one of the children to be removed from the home.

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Work Rant, somebody got his Fee Fees Hurt!

Friday morning, I got a tip off that a task I had submitted to IT had not been entirely completed. I like the guy I usually deal with, late 20's dude.

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OT - Movie Unforgettable is pro step mom

Dh and i went to see it last night. I thought it was a 'single white female' or 'fatal attraction' kind of movie at first and it kind of is but it revolved around a step situation.

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SS13 stole BD6 candy...again!

It's been a long time since I've blogged. There have been ups and downs but I'm still with DH and SS13.

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DH finally called BM

My husband Finally called BM and told her all the stuff that has been happening at our house when SD13 is there. Her screaming in my face. Crying and pitching fits like a toddler. Lying.

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An Intervention with Ann

I and two other mutual friends will be having an "intervention" of sorts with Ann this weekend. For those of you following this very special train wreck, stock up on popcorn.

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Update on SD needing money for Universal Studios

Original Story:

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SD arriving in T minus 2 weeks. UGH

...and already I'm perturbed. Really trying not to be, and a lot of it is DH and his lack of parenting skills with her so I need to remind myself who I should be annoyed with!