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SD Medical Conundrum. Don't know what to do here.

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So I had dinner with SD last night.  She is about to turn 17 in two weeks and so I said I would take her out to dinner and buy her some make up as a birthday present.  So what she had to say was very eye opening and scary.  I know BM has Borderline Personality Disorder and that she is high conflict and crazy as hell.  I know she is abusive.  I know she is a control freak. I know BM is a big fat liar who doesn't even know how to spell liar.  She consistently spells it lier.   


BM Accounting

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So...file this under 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished' 


DH told me yesterday that he offered to get YSD a haircut this week for prom...around a $40 expense. BM sent him a text yesterday saying 'Thank You' and asked if that 'included color.' DH said 'No, but you can get her color refreshed if you want.'

About an hour later BM sends another text. She has changed the appointment to be for cut and color. Total is now around $140...they can split it. She tells DH he can pay for the cut and color over the phone and just 'write her CS check for $70 less.' 

all about SS

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So SS17 finds a way to make things all about him, even in his absence.  His bad behavior with his mother was addressed most recently yesterday with his counselor.  Yes, he's in therapy and on meds and still acts like an ass on a regular basis.  So after his Mom had a long discussion with his therapist, I'm guessing his conversation with his therapist wasn't much fun.  Later in the day, he left the house almost as soon as he got home from school, didn't come home for supper and it was nearing bedtime before he showed up.  I'm sure he was expecting a fight when he walked in the door for skipp

Note to new posters

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To those new posters here on StepTalk or even new to message boards, in general, please note that while the support, understanding and advice you find here can be truly helpful and while you CAN and will bond with people who become REAL friends, in real life (and believe me, I have a handful of friends I met online and have met in person over the last 13 years, and many more who are good friends, but strictly online) please remember that your life is YOUR own, and you can take advice and you can leave it right where it was written.

The truth about SD

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DH and I usually go to Chili's on Sunday for the all day Happy Hour. They have decent apps and drinks for cheap (love the chips, salsa, guac, and loaded queso! The bartender also makes us strong margaritas because we are regulars lol). We always go as a late lunch/ early dinner. I haven't been drinking because I am preparing to TTC. DH had a few drinks and said he's sure I'm pregnant because he knocked BM up in one try (they were FWBs and he swears he knows the day it happened)! It finally came out that she lied about BC and he was too dumb to pull out because he believed her lying a$$.

The Clothes Debacle

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I have long had an issue with the way BM dresses SD. She puts her in what I believe to be mostly hand me down clothes. Whenever DH or I pick her up from school, she is often wearing way too large clothes and or clothes with stains. It has been our practice to wash whatever SD wears from BMs so she can wear them back. 

The other Stepmom

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Long story short, because I accidentally deleted my long drawn out blog: My SS7 has two brothers, my son and his mother's other son from Babydaddy2. Stepmom2 reached out to me after being introduced to me through a mutual friend at the ball field last year. We have since becomes friends and message daily. I have helped her through some of her BM struggles. Stepmom2 recently posted a picture and tagged me in it. BM stalks Stepmom2 and found out that we are friends. BM has now decided to be friendly towards Stepmom2. They've been chatting and coparenting ever since.

Mother's Day - Do you expect anything from skids?

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Mother's Day is coming up and I wanted to see how many of you get any kind of acknowledgement from the skids, either on Mother's Day or Stepmother's Day the following Sunday (which I think is a poor man's version of Mother's Day, but whatever). I've never heard a peep from skid when we lived in his town or now, though I never expected that he would say anything or that BM or DH would encourage it.

Another question: how many of your DH's recognize BM on Mother's Day, either on their own or with the skids encouragement? How does that make you feel if he does? 

Welp: im in a new teen eating phase!

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Ss14 has decided to start stuffing his face in the kitchen, and not over the sink, or counter tops.

This has been going on for about 2weeks. I was trying not to say anything to him, but two times he left a food mess so i started in on him.

I could careless that he does it, but i hate that he is so oblivious to the mess he leaves, and calling him back down is worse than telling him to go sit down.