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DH and BM went to court last week. It lasted all day, as BM had several "character" witnesses.

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Eloping just the two of us

Partner and I will be eloping either next year or the year after with just the two of us, no family or DSD 5. We'll be telling people upon our return. Has anyone else done this?

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Need some holiday advice with respect to SS32

Background - I have totally eliminated SS32 and his GF (AKA BabyMamma) from my life after their hideous home invasion when we were on a 3 week vacation last March.

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Please tell me why we are paying over $35 a month for each kid's "free" cell phone?!

Every once in awhile, I open our Sprint bill to check out what extra "fees" and whatnot they are charging for, and pretend to monitor the data usage. (It's "unlimited", so that's why I say pretend.)

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Wierd Weekend

It was kind of odd.

We had a party, which was fun, but any kind of planning makes DH short-circuit a bit.

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Classy White Hoe

Thats what i find while literally stumbling thru IG and came across SD17's account. UGH!!! She's constantly changing accounts so as soon as we find one, she'll block us and create a new one.

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I know where SD gets it from

Yesterday we went to an art event with SD and DH told her she's going back to BM's after. SD asks if she can just stay the night because she doesn't want to go to BM's.

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Insurance update

So after a week the case worker responded with this.

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When older stepkid PAS the younger ones

What do you do when the older kid PAS the younger ones against you? This is happening to my sister and her dh. His kids are 11,9 and 8. All boys.

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ExH and DD22 having issues

dd22 is currently in a tech program being paid by the GI Bill. her father, exH, promised her that she could live at home for the next year while she completed the program.