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Teenage Step granddtrs

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I have 3 SGDs aged 20,18 and 15 vacationing with me for a week. The other day I shared some of my business problems with them. They were so upset and said it causes them depression... and how dare i speak such things in front of a 14 y.o. I immediately apologised. My husb chastised me in front of them for discussing our problems with them. They hardly speak with me now and i am very sad.

Seriously what the F*** is wrong w/ men???

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So it is 3am and I cant sleep. Why? Because yet again my SO did something last night that is bothering me so bad I can't fall asleep next to him! His daughter is here this weekend. After the last time she was with us I thought he would have changed his behavior a little bit. Well he certainly did! For the worse!! After spending all Friday night  with her and all day Saturday. Literally she was by his side (and mine) from 11am until 11pm Saturday - I went to take a bath to get away from her. Afterwards I went down to sit on the back porch by myself.

I'll Trust You

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I suppose I'm attempting to make sense of the most impactful parts of the last decade or so. Chronological order is least messy. As it is so heavy to unpack this garbage, emotionally, other memories are dredged up while I type. If you are reading, I appreciate the silent friendship. I don't think I'm up for comments as I work intensely on figuring out how to live in peace with my own self. So I'm back online, reflecting on the aftermath of the step daughter stealing the down payment for our house, my daughter leaving to live with her dad, and the mister on the other side of the country.

I'm Back! Missed Ya'll!

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It’s been a LONG time Steppers!

Last we spoke, I was leaving town in my RV, headed across the country.

Well, I ACTUALLY did it!

I was gone a glorious 6 months and logged 6,000 miles on the road!  It was phenomenal and life-changing.

DH realized I didn’t need him anymore.  I think he even saw that I didn’t want him anymore.


Could our relationship be over because of his daughter ?

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I’m having trouble with my boyfriend’s daughter, a lot of trouble.. we’ve been together for 2 years, she was two when we got together and she’s almost going to be four. At first her and I had a great relationship, we bonded really quick and everything was working out well.


Update to the fight with DD13

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Ok, so the play was today.

I find this funny.  In the lobby of the auditorium are all the kids "head shots" that are in the play.  All the kids faces are just beaming.  I go and look for dd13's photo and it was taken yesterday. Frowny McFrown Face

My ex and his wife attended as did his parents and strangely enough DD3's dad showed up for the performance. 

Vent post. I'm doing to my DD18 what I wished DH would have done to fix his brats.

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To make a long story short, my DD18 (DH's child as well) is very much like the SKs we describe on this site. I have actually been depressed over the way she has turned out. I swear if I were married to someone else, he'd be on here everyday bitching about what a lazy, entitled, douche DD is.It's DH's and my fault, because for so many years, we ran a childcentric home. It was about three years ago that we decided that childcentric was what turned all three of the kids into entitled, lazy brats, so we relegated DD back to position of child and I got the promotion to wife position.

Even on my Birthday, Step-sister doesn't quit (i'm laughing)

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Today is my birthday! I turned 22 today!!*biggrin*

Me and Step-dad are major fans of the city's hockey team, like it's an obession! My favorite player is our goal tender. I've been searching on amazon and someone was selling his jersey WITH HIS SIGNATURE on it. I really wanted to get it for myself. Guess who much it was for? $1500.00. I'm like i WANT it, I don't NEED it, so i decided not to get it.