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He finally saw...

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My BF finally saw how SD5 acts after she comes from spending several days with his mom and aunts. I've told him before she is a terror after she stays with them and has to be reprogrammed. He didn't believe me she was that different and he got to see it this week. SD5 was with her grandmother and 2 aunts from Friday the week before until Tuesday last week on fall break. They baby her and give her everything she wants. The one aunt will start to cry and bawl when she has to leave. I get they have helped raise her the last 5 years and it is hard letting a child go.

SS19 is going to end up out of our home- too entitled

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SO and I are both hitting our limit with SS19. I always thought he was the one who would be ok. He and I actually always got along unlike SD22 and me. 

In the past year he has

- been fined for underage drinking. Had a court date and had to pay $300. Lied and said he wasn't drinking. He was the DD but got the citation because he was with all of his underage friends. I picked you up SS, it was obvious to me that you had a good buzz, at best. 

OMG it's Deja Vu with my family all over again....

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You guys aren't going to believe this.

Guess who texted me that she's hosting Thanksgiving again this year? My cousin that lives over two hours away!

This is seriously Deja Vu...

Cousin is hosting Thanksgiving, "Rich Aunt" JUST replaced trained guard dog last month so she will be "unavailable" to drive my mom and brother due to her husband driving with dog and her having to drive my grandparents....

DH steps up; MIL shoots him down

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Went to MILs house this weekend and SDs lying about having winter clothes (last blog topic) got brought up. Now DH had actually stepped up and took SDs lying seriously the day before and took SDs tablet away. SD told her gma that she "accidentally" lied to her teacher and sat there and lied again about the whole situation, even with me sitting right there. She clearly knows gma will take her side. And of course she did. SD sat there and cried for about half an hour while hugging gma, playing it up as much as she could.

No more guilty daddy/disney dad!!

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(I'm using "DH" just to save time here) 

 When I arrived two years ago, he was 80000% a guilty daddy/Disney dad all day long. They were both obsessed with eachother in an unhealthy way and completely codependent (sleeping together, hanging on eachother every second, no bedtime, etc). I mean for gods sake DH was just as difficult to get to sleep without her as it was to get her not to sleep with him. I could go on and on. It was ridiculous. My SD8 might as well have been 2 years old when I got there (she was 6 at the time) and DH had her as his little mini wife.

Homework help

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SD13 is extremely blessed. She has everything she could ask for and more. BM's parents are taking her to Ireland for 11 days so SD is missing 9 days of school from the 16-26th. She got most of her homework ahead of time and math has been a struggle. She got caught "faking" her homework with 4 other kids in her class 2 weeks ago. This was getting the odd-numbered answers from the back of the book and fudging the work so now they are only assigned even-numbered problems.

Dog pee

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Not sure who I am more ticked with my 11 year old or my ex.


Today when I was throwing in a load of laundry bs11 was cleaning his room. He says I better empty my bag from last weekend at dad's. I said well finally, I have only told you to 3 times. He then says clothes smell like dog per and might be wet because the puppy peed on them.


I was like and did not throw them in the wash today....Omg. I said did tell your dad or sm. He says I can't remember.  I told him he was in charge of finishing up this load.


Logging into home account..needed to slightly vent..

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Had our get- together last night. Lots of laughs, lots of great food, too much booze..we had a lot of fun. Saturday morning was a little busy getting last minute groceries, cleaning up the house and so forth. DH didn’t mention SD18 coming again so I certainly didn’t bring it up. BD18 came home from college for the weekend. BS17 had a handful of friends over. Everything was going great. Then SD18 walks in...GMA had dropped her off. I said a polite Hello and went on welcoming our guests as everyone was trickling in. For about the first hour, SD18 never left DHs hip.

SO got hit by a car.

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SO was hit by a car last night at work.

One of his job is security he’s been watching a construction site. So last night not long after he got there this car pulls in wanting to cut across. He got out of his car and told them to turn around. Long story short they decided not to listen and hit him while going past.

He spoke to the cops and was able to give them all the details they needed. He has no clue if the driver was drunk or anything like that but it doesn’t matter. His boss sent him home and thankfully other than some bruising where the car hit him he’ll be fine.