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Birthday blowout...maybe?

It's the kid's 4th birthday today.

SO texted BM a few weeks ago that he's planning on taking the kid out to dinner today. She responded with "no problem".

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Funny or Just Sad

I posted yesterday about FIL asking his son's if they had heard from their mother.

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Ranting and Tired

I have so much on my mind. I guess that's why I'm writing it down. Better to get out what's swirling in my head and sort it out, than to let it boil over.

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O/T - what happened to Gimlet

I've not seen that name for a while or I'm simply self obsessed... acting like a special snow flake..

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So I was helping put the kids to bed. Let A read the bed time story. While we waited for their dad to get back to say goodnight A brought up movies and step moms. More exact the evil step mom.

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Excluded indefinitely from his family's events

Longtime lurker here -- haven't really needed to post because I have had little to no interaction with his kids in the year or so we have been legitimately together.

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Anyone wanna try to figure out just what in the actual F*CK this is that BM posted on FB today...

I just don't even know anymore, BM is so far gone off the deep end. This post actually frightens me. Can anyone tell me if there is significance to the weird foil cape, and the red lightening bolts?

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Do you have a favorite dinner?

My wife complemented me when we were out with friends on cooking dinner but she said I am repetitive with my meals. Would you like to help a father out and post what you like to make?

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Fathers day brunch...with surprise guests

DH wanted to forgo our traditional fathers day plans this year and spend the day at the skids golf club instead.

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Changing our plans again!

When will this man learn? I called my man and invited him to dinner to make up for yesterday and he tells me sure but he's gonna have the boy again.