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i knew something was fishy

ex has been rather "accommodating" here in the last 6 weeks.

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Eloping without SD.

My FH and I are getting married shortly, eloping just us alone. SD9 likes me a lot. BM is passive when it comes to conflict, she is just difficult but does not really start drama.

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SS6 is unkind to the critters.

SS6 (nearly 7) has a history of being unkind to our furry companions.
We have 3 kitties and 1 dog.

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OT - Almost Settled Back Into A Routine. Thank the Lord.

I am so, so, so ready for summer to be over. I feel like everything is up in the air and has been for weeks and it's all about

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The dreaded extended summer stay arrives

Skids have their annual summer 9 days straight at Dad's coming up. Sad

I am working 5 of the days, in the past I would use paid time off, hahaha, not anymore.

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thinking of you and your hubby, and praying his surgery goes smoothly.


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Bs 10 asking questions.

So ex does not speak to his parents.

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He said yes!!

I asked So last night and he loves the idea of going to see the eclipse. I got 2 rooms hoping him and I could share and the kids could share the other but he doesn't want to put us in his kids faces.

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Maybe this is the quiet before the storm...But, I hope not...

So BM has been really quiet since she tried to manipulate my DH into taking the skids when it was supposed to be her "time" with them according to her notarized letter.

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A "friend" wanted to know...

BM2 sent DH an email saying she is mailing a check for money towards SS14's school uniform. I'll believe it when I see it.