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Update - Holy Crap

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Well SD called SO last night to inform him that she made the competitive cheer team this year.  I was honestly pretty surprised but I am happy at the same time.  This means that SD will be busy all the time going to these cheer competitions and SO already told her and BM prior to her trying out that we couldn't afford the out of town competitions/etc.  Therefore, BM will be stuck taking her to all these damn competitions and we will have less SD time....seems like a win/win for me! LOL

Does Anyone's Kid/Skid Bring them Joy??

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My own DD and 2 Skids do not ever bring an ounce of joy into my or DH's lives.

If I am having a good day, there is always a good chance one of them will ruin it.

If I am having a bad day, they will 100% make it worse.

Never once - not a single solitary time - have either DD or skids attempted to try to cheer me up or help me out when I am having a bad day. Not once in their lives: 15, 13, and 9.

As a child, I was always a happy-go-lucky little girl. I literally skipped everywhere I went, and it was ridiculously difficult for anyone to bring my spirits down.


Left Upset with DH

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I left for work upset with DH for being upset that I asked if SS18 had paid his phone bill yet. Every time I ask (and I know I need to stop asking), DH says "I need to remind SS" and today it was, "I'll get the money fom him" like it's a job he needs to do for SS. It's due on the 1st, and what is today?


Constant Struggle......

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Seeking advice.....My boyfriends 9 year old princess is so jealous and disrespectful towards me.  I have been in her life for 3 years and I'm not going anywhere, but she seems to think that the more she pushes and plays me against her dad I will walk away.  Some days I get so exhausted trying to ignore her antics I feel I just can't any more.  When all is finally calm for the night most times I retreat to the bedroom and just cry in frustration.  


My First For Work Out of Town Conference!!

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I will be attending my first out of town work conference (Chef-free) in Charleston South Carolina on the 25h through 28th! Any of you Charleston Stalkers want to meet up?

In other news, YSS stb 16 has six assignments incomplete as of the first nine days of school. These are homework/classwork assignments. He's failed 4 already!

Escape ideas?

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Looking for some ideas for an escape from the family home when the kids are here. I especially want to avoid the meals. That is when the tension is the worst and I would love to avoid the inane conversations. 

Idealy, I would love to have my own apartment that I can escape to, but it really is usually just 4 days a month and it would not go over well with FH. 

Or maybe some ideas to make family meals more tolerable?


It doesn’t get any better when they’re adults

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For starter, I just want to say how nice it is to have a place to vent and not be judged. Everyone assumes blended families are perfect and happy like in the movies. If not, then the only other option is the you have to be the wicked stepmother. So here is my story...



What do I do?

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Tonight I finally had enough and left my husband. I'm not even sure I should go back! My husband's daughters from his previous marriage are just so nasty to me and my small children whom I share with their dad. They have no respect for women. Not even their own mother. And my husband does nothing but make me feel like the bad guy! He tells me I'm the adult and I'm in charge of the relationship I have with his daughters. But I can't! Most of our fighting has only ever been because of the way they treat me.