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we went to the custody hearing today. She didn’t show up since she’s obviously in rehab. The lawyer made sure dh told what day she went into rehab since it was after the 30 days were up. 

Gave the judge everything we had on her. And DH now has full custody and got awarded the right to change ss last name to his. 

BM found out and she is absolutely livid. She’s already saying that she’s going to get it overturned. But the judge in that county doesn’t change custody lightly so there is no way she will be able to. Especially since me and DH are solid. 

OT - Anyone else miss the 'Recent Comments' on the side of the blog?

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So...sorry to be a blog hog. Just wanted to say that I really miss the recent comments feature that used to be in the left sidebar. It was a great way to keep up with what people were talking about. Now I feel way more disconnected somehow. 

Anyone else? 

And...YSD Ate My Lunch. I Want to Scream.

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It's going to sound so, so petty...but I am super angry right now because I just came home from work to discover YSD ate my lunch. Hapless DH was all like...Oh. Were there not anymore for us? She was supposed to call you to ask...didn't she? Um. 1.) I was at work and didn't have time to answer my phone, which had died anyway and, 2.) Is it really that difficult to look in the fridge and see how much food there is? YSD needs to call me to ask if there's any more? 


When will it end?

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After all the problems we have had with SS15 it just gets worse.

If you remember his BFF father was arrested for shooting a gun near school.  Said father was depressed and most likely was trying to commit suicide so he is now in the psychiatric hospital and Dave hasn't been able to talk to him.  He has been talking to SS15 and getting things off his chest so SO agreed to have Dave come spend the night with us.  SS19 is also home for the week.

Very much off topic

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Sorry but I'm sitting here at work in tears and need to vent.  I just read the story about the dog that died after the owner was forced by the airline to put it in the overhead bin.  A 3 hour flight!!   I love animals (more than people believe me) and this hurts me to my soul.  How could anyone be so cruel.  Tell you what......if it were me and I had to take that dog would've been out of there once we were airborne.  And I would've dared that flight attendent to come at me!  I am so outraged right now. 

Jeanette update

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Pretty uneventful - lol!

We mostly talked about how I am back to feeling that DH doesn't have my back and is doing a piss poor job of parenting Smile

Jeanette told him two things - making excuses for your kids is a good way to cripple them AND not having your wife's back will not end well for him.

Informed in laws that the wedding is postponed

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I informed the inlaws that the wedding is postponed and that I bought a home. His dad sent an email to him saying that he’s disappointed “however he wholly has the well-being of DH and skids as his priority”. Ok I know where I stand. But I understand his position. His stepmom messaged me some info about professional conferences in my field and that she hopes we are all doing well. To me this means she is moving forward, hopes we’re still together, and wants to maintain a relationship with me. His mom came over with a flyer for a parenting seminar for DH and said she would go with him.

o/t - still have issues with the site

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but they are looking into it, seems like the link between earth and Mars is not as advance as what we want it to be,

at least I can pm and blog, and read a bit lol...

missed you all....

oh Twins are up for adoption, any takers.... but I will move over night and never let you know where to I moved....
They are very destructive age now and jeeze the back chat, as if they know I'm step mum and not bio mum......typical...

but I'm kidding myself, will never get rid of the Twins, those puppy eyes gets me time and time again....

BM is getting a foster kid

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DH has been sharing a little more communication with me because we are prepping for round three in court. 

This morning he got a message (Subject: Vacation) letting him know BM will be taking SS7 on two vacations. There are no dates or actual information (other than vauge destinations) in the message just that "Since you refused to allow me to take him on a spring break vacation I'm taking him on these two other vacations."