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Blown Away, again.

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Wow, just wow.

So, to begin with, today really I effed up. I sent a text meant ONLY for SO to his daughter Munchkin SD12 by accident, and she showed her mother, immediately after I dropped her off for the evening. In the text I called her mother a Golden Uterus (she acts very entitled). She has no idea what that meant, or I dont even know. Its easy to google it and figure it out.

The sh!t hit the fan.

SS13 and my dog

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Oh boy, steppers.  I'm at a complete loss and need your wisdom.
SS13 is autistic.  We hired a nanny for the summer to watch him.  SD15 is also home, but she has no authority over her little brother, he doesn't listen to her at all.  It's also not fair for her to give up her summer to babysit her little brother.


Happy Father's Day...NOT

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BM's biodaughter calls DH dad.  She is 21 or 22.  She has a son and the son calls dh grandpa.   I see a pattern, she only calls him when she NEEDS  (AKA  wants) something.

She gave her son, age 4,  a birthday party Saturday before Father's Day.  She invited dh to go.  I try to stay away from her so I do not go to birthday parties or anything else she plans.  She is full of drama.

Update to BM not following court order at all

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She never fully responded to my SOs three things (basically asking her to follow the CO and the law), so she decided to leave a Voicemail(she called from her boyfriends phone) saying "i guess you decided you aren't going to let me have them so I guess that is that" and then sent an email friday morning basically saying the same thing.