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Spending time with bs10 and ss17.

Today b.s. and I are having a date with his older brother at the arcade and lunch. Such a great young man.

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bm is unbelievabe

Check this out - my SO's 2 teen daughters just got their first paychecks - they only work 2 days a week and get paid once a month. They each cleared $150.

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How to deal with feeling left out :/

This is my first post on this forum - i'm not really sure where to start.

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Funny story

Funny story my dad told me I'd forgotten about.

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Insurance fraud

When DH got divorced, he told his ex wife, who was self-employed at the time, that should could stay on his health insurance (to be nice, as he said).

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OT - Banterama

Growing up, I was a tomboy and a jock. I didn't go to parties, didn't drink, and was never part of a clique (unless jocks are a clique).

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SD12 is in for a RUDE awakening

I figured I'd have a few more years before I hit the disengagement button with SD12. Alas, it is not to be. Over hockey, art, and lunchboxes of all things.

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New to this whole thing

Hello...I have been living with my boyfriend for a few months. He has two daughters 11 and 12.

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SD's court date

According to BM and SD's counselors and psychiatrist, SD has mental issues. She has ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and some type of mood disorder. She is totally out of control for BM.

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At my wits end and could use some support

Ok so here is my situation maybe someone can shed some light on it and see if I'm off base. My wife and I married 4 year ago been together 5.