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BM alienating teenage daughter

I have been a lurker on this website for about a year and it has been incredibly helpful. This is my first post and please excuse me if it gets long...

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Cross fingers

My husband had his first job interview in a month + of trying to find a job and it seems to have gone very well. He should have an offer by next week.

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How Do I Talk to My DH About This?

Hey Stalkers.

So...anniversary was nice over the weekend. DH is very loving & sweet pretty much all the time. I wish I felt as happy in this marriage as he seems to...I really do.

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Update to my kids stbSM wants to be friends.

I am not keeping these blogs up long, just in case. The last time I wrote about this, I was talking about how SM wanted to sit together and chat at my bios' extracurricular activity.

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Article on family reunification camps after PAS

This camp seems like a scam with fees that are $25k + and I am not really sure what can be achieved in 3 days of camp and 90 days of no contact with the pas'ing parent.

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Controlling doctor access.

SO's son has to return to the doctor in 2 weeks which means it's during SO's summer visitation. I had to take the phone to keep SO from going ballistic and texting all sorts of not nice things.

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Graduation Day Blues - SO is finally Done-done, and not just done...

We have two girls graduating this week - one from 5th grade and one from high school. The 5th grader invited me to graduation and the high schooler did not.

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OT/ Question: If you could go back in time & create a pre-nuptials....

What would you have in your pre-nuptials agreement pertaining to your SK
Adult children will not be permitted to move into the martial home.

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We fought all weekend

Dh accused me of being immature and trying to ruin his kids trip. I am pissed that he was taking pictures with bm. By Saturday morning she had posted over 200 of their little family trip together.

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Happy I finally found people I can relate to, please give advice. TIA.

Hey everyone, I am new here and have been looking for a place/people I can vent to that can give advice because they are in a similar situation.