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One step Closer to full blown StepMOM!

Hi I was debating about posting this because of the criticisms that I will likely receive. This past weekend I had one of the most exciting weekends of my life.

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OT - Friday Faves

Happy Friday, Stalkers!! These are a few of my favorite things (are you now singing that Sound of Music tune?):

Color: Royal purple

Flower: Stargazer lily

Gemstone: Sapphire

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Grandbaby update O/T

So, DD25 had a growth scan on Wednesday...babygirl is still in the 3rd percentile, but she is now 17 ounces Smiling

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How to Handle the feeling of Obligation?

Every time I do or buy something for my bio son, my step daughter expects the same or more. I am tired of buying double, paying for double lessons etc.

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Vacation time woot woot!!

We are taking the crew to a bunch of different springs in Fl starting tomorrow. We are hitting up my favorite, Blue Springs then Deleon Spings and Kelly Springs.

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OT - DH Interview Update

A few people have asked, so I wanted to post an update on DH's interviews.

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Tears of anger or laughter?

SD8 hasn't been doing her homework at her mom's house, and her grades are suffering.

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Trying hard not to get frustrated

Got into it with OSS yesterday. I asked DH what happened to the stuff on the table and he said that he had no idea. So I ask the skids and OSS says he took it.

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Entitled Children Article. Great Thursday reading.

"Whatever" (sigh)
"Fine" (roll of the eyes)
“You HAVE to take me."
“I’m bored! There’s never anything to do in this house!”
“I only want brand names.”

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OT - Daycare Drama, What would you do?

DD was moved up from the infant room into a toddlers room a little over 3 months ago, but the room had kids all the way up to just over 3 years old.