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SD is exactly like BM

SD (15) and DH do not get along at all. SD has picked up all of BM’s worst traits and all of the things that made DH and BM completely incompatible.

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What happened to the lady with 7 kids?

Does anyone know? I went looking for the post to see what happened and can't find it.

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Weekend trip update and PMS rant.

BM drops off skids Friday and DH tells her about our trip to the city. To my surprise, she was completely fine with it.

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SD6 got a puppy!

Spoke to sd6 today and she got a puppy. I think it's just more of a distraction to keep her mind off of her dad. Whatever it takes to keep her "on track" and not crying.

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Am I being used??

Smiling I am a new step mom and add grandma to that. My children are still in school. My step children are adults. I I have started keeping 3 of the grandkids back in September.

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I seriously fucked up this weekend

Chalk it up to being at the end of my rope for too long.
Chalk it up to being short on the prozac.

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Should I put my foot down or shut up??

Hello everyone, First time here, I am married three years, together for nine. I have two daughters 17 and 15. My husband also has two daughters, 17 and 15. All great girls.

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I read a thing on parenting recently that piqued my interest and now I can't find it. But I do recall the basic message.

The premise of the article is something along the lines below.

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Next Weekend

When SD calls DH to hang out with her friend, DH will, more than likely, pathetically, pick SD up for a sleepover with her new BFF (DH's friend's daughter).

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Yes, I am the wicked Step Mother

DH moved SS in last weekend. I have been doing my very best to avoid SS. He is in bed when I leave for work. He is out of the house when I get home from work.