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Petty but idc

So, for the now third time in a row, I've had to rinse my tub out thoroughly bc SDrama17 can't be bothered after her shower to rinse her goddamn body hair out of the tub after she shaves. Barf!

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Let's play a round of NickName The Skids!

Alright, it's the moment of truth. Big decision time. Gotta figure out these nick names for this two juvenile roommates of mine. And then we'll put it to a vote, shall we?!

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Nope nope nope. Peri has declared Wine'o'clock!

In the middle of a funeral for DH's best friends grandma DH received a text from BM.

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O/T-Interview for new job

I have been looking for a new job for nearly a year. Our general manager retired and the new guy that took over is terrible.

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New to the site... not to SM life.

This is my...ahem....second attempt at SM life.

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Let's try it another way

Half the time I can't tell if I'm coming or going with this whole StepSkid life. SO and I have had many, many issues over the years, and 95% are from having SD14 with us.

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Week of Apologies

I normally don't get apologized to so this is a good feeling!

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Did I go to far?

Friday dh took my car to get the tires rotated and then picked dd and sd up from school. I like my car clean I am constantly on sd for leaving her stuff in it.

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Another topic from BM and BMHs email

This is part of BM and BMH original email regarding the iPad and 3ds issue.

"She is still waking up at night, so when she's all good in that aspect then she can have the iPad back for calls.

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$250 fine and back in the stores - Winona update

SD17, caught stealing MAKEUP SPONGES from JcPenny and banned from the chain for 1 year. The fine is $250, to be split between the two parents.