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I want to smack BM

Drop off Sunday was 1pm.
The kids were told to come back from the park at 12:30pm.
There was a poop accident on the way home from the park, requiring a big cleanup.

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Another Request for Money. Of Course.

Most recent BM request for money.

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Advice please

My husband is home which means visitation will resume very soon. We are seeing a psychologist on Friday with the intention of setting out the way forward of reintroducing Chucky in to our home.

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Anyone else hidding out in the bedroom to escape the skids?

SD13 got her about a hour ago and I am already bidding out in the bedroom to escape. It sucks that she just can't be more pleasant to be around.

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Thank You Steptalkers, you ROCK!

So I don't have an exact "Disengagement" anniversary date but I made the decision & begun my disengagement from SS17 during the 2016 Winter holidays.

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Three weeks in- progress made but where are we going?

It is more than three weeks since I started my blog and my disengagement and I'm amazed and slightly bemused by what has happened.

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Tired of trying

I have been taking care of my stepson since he was 1 1/2 years old now he is 12 years of age, I have a 8 year old daughter with his mom.

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Me again, just an annoyed rant...

Maybe I'm being childish. You all can tell me if you'd like

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Please help- I'm so stuck

I found this site while looking for somewhere- anywhere- to turn. I've tried talking to friends or family, but no one seems to come close to understanding my situation.

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SD13 makes the rules..again

DH was supposed to pick up Sd tomorrow afternoon because he is taking her to the orthodontist Monday morning.