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OSD continues to punish DH....think he is starting to get it now

A few days ago DH contacted OSD about wanting to visit during the gkids spring break, and inquired when it would be. He then cleared the dates with me, and I thought everything was set.

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Just a rant because I have anxiety...

So OSS tells BM everything down to even our finances. We don't talk about anything personal in front of OSS. He cannot be trusted to be left alone in our house at all either.

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Great father crap husband

After my last entry we reconciled and have tried to patch things up which meant me disengaging from the sds.

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Is this a resonable request?

FH and BM have 50/50 custody of their son 10, with a 3/4/4/3 arrangement, which means we have FSS every single weekend, whatever, I'm use to that, and it's probably for the best.

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Entry one: a difficult place to start

This is my first entry, and I encourage as many responses as possible. Let me just start by saying I am new to this. I am 24, my partner is 34 and his son is 5 years old.

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I had endocorporeal septoplasty and scopic sinus surgery Wednesday last week.

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In other news...

I made the last payment on my puppy today and I'm so happy!

She's an Australian Shepherd from an amazing breeder and we are raising her to be a therapy dog to visit hospitals and nursing homes.

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SS7 is in 1st grade and his homework takes 10 minutes MAX.

Yet, he often has to do double the homework on our nights because he and BM "forget" to do it on her nights.

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So I’m realizing my issues aren’t with my SD but with her father

So after my first blog I am realizing that the problem isn’t with my 13 year old SD but with my DH.Examples of how clingy to his daughter he has been tonight: after dinner I was cleaning off the table

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My Ex and his wife in Australia

I know things weren't good but it has turned to tragic.