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Article on family reunification camps after PAS

This camp seems like a scam with fees that are $25k + and I am not really sure what can be achieved in 3 days of camp and 90 days of no contact with the pas'ing parent.

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Controlling doctor access.

SO's son has to return to the doctor in 2 weeks which means it's during SO's summer visitation. I had to take the phone to keep SO from going ballistic and texting all sorts of not nice things.

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Graduation Day Blues - SO is finally Done-done, and not just done...

We have two girls graduating this week - one from 5th grade and one from high school. The 5th grader invited me to graduation and the high schooler did not.

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OT/ Question: If you could go back in time & create a pre-nuptials....

What would you have in your pre-nuptials agreement pertaining to your SK
Adult children will not be permitted to move into the martial home.

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We fought all weekend

Dh accused me of being immature and trying to ruin his kids trip. I am pissed that he was taking pictures with bm. By Saturday morning she had posted over 200 of their little family trip together.

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Happy I finally found people I can relate to, please give advice. TIA.

Hey everyone, I am new here and have been looking for a place/people I can vent to that can give advice because they are in a similar situation.

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Hello Everyone!

I was on this site about a year ago and deleted my account because I thought I didn't need it anymore, but it turns out, no one understands stepfamily life if they have never actually been a step pare

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Update - spoke to DH about race

DH and I haven't been in contact much since Friday's therapy appointment. He did a swim race yesterday and I wished him luck. I had swimming practice in open water and he returned the well wishes.

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Poll: age for cell phones

My nephew, 8, has a cell phone. I got a cell phone in 6th grade at 11. SD11 is in middle school and all of her friends have phones. Her grades are A's and B's right now.

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Step life is making me lose my hair.....sigh

So my hair is been falling out lately. It's been about two weeks or three weeks since it started. It's not in patches but all over. Everything I'm researching says it stress.