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Feeling Resentment

So things are moving on quite well for my bio son. He has met a wonderful girl and it seems like she may be the one. So this weekend my DH and I met with my son, his girlfriend and her family.

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My SO actually understood my side of things involving the current situation.

Last week, I had some issues with my boyfriend asking me to watch his 2 kids for 3 weeks in June and possibly again in July+ August depending on how things go.

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"Ryan's Roses"

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dealing with BM during wedding

Question for those of you who did not advise your children's other bioparent of your upcoming wedding - how did you handle it all?'s picture

PAS from the child viewpoint.

I don't know if this has already been posted but it's fascinating. Seeing what PAS is like from the child's view.

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PAS Ends In Murder of Biodad

Ten words ten words ten words ten words ten words

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Human Garbage at it's best...

So DH got a FedEx letter from BM stating that he needs to provide a notarized travel letter for each one kid stating that she can take them the Mexico.

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OT-Worried about future SIL.

I know I have vented about my future in-laws on here plenty. Things have gotten so much better now that we are in our house. They seem to be respecting our wishes.

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This made me LOL

Okay I'm really trying hard to be disengaged and I am going to keep working on that. But this made me LOL. Like really Puzzled Puzzled .

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How sweet

It was raining hard earlier... SO took out a big umbrella to take with us when we dropped kid off.