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How to handle?

This weekend we will be heading to States for my BS for wrestling.

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I'm a free woman!

My divorce is final and I am free of step hell. My girlfriends and I have rented a party bus and we are going to paint the town red come Friday night.

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OT - Woman Wednesday

Happy Hump Day, STalkers!

I suffer from the Black Dog of Depression biting me in the arse. Music is my medicine. Ways music help during the dark days:

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I love learning about MY life on Facebook

So yes, DH did tell me that SD "wanted to" come home for the summer. Found out later, it's because she "wants" one of our cars that DH told her she could have.

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Spririt Dolls/Vessels

Has anyone heard of a spirit doll/vessel? Do you believe that a spirit can attach itself to a doll or an object? If so has anyone had experience with this?

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Cray Cray Bm kidnapping story

I don't know if any of you have seen the flyers on your facebook wall about missing Luna Simons_millsap.

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Never give an inch

SS31 has a history of violence, drug and alcohol abuse with severe rage issues. He has zero education or skills. A total POS that I wanted nothing to do with. He was often homeless and jobless.

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OT/ My dad died, I hate everything.....

so my dad broke his leg in November. Five days after surgery, the hospital staff dropped him.

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OT - Needy DH Vetn

I've been down with bronchitis since Friday. Feverish, in bed, weak, doc prescribed several things and I'm *quarantined* from working with the public for at least another week.

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Just got back from a week in Florida with DH

And I am so ready to move there. He has family there, and I am ready to get the hell out of California. If I didn't have to share my DD's we would be gone.