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Where the hell is her mother???

I'm not sure how much more of this I can tolerate. Sd and her twins are ruining our life. It's constant noise and crying with their stuff everywhere.

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So, I have a question - being new to the group I was told yesterday in my post to read about disengaging. I found it very interesting.

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In a nutshell

Hey. I'm new here..been married for over 22 years, raised my two children, been somewhat involved with two step-daughter's. Cannot stand the BM.

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Just getting Started

Well, I've never done this before, not sure where to start. I guess I should start at the begining with some background. the truth of the matter is, I met my husband because he worked with my ex.

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feeling bitchy today

My DH does not like dogs in the bed. Before I met him I used to sleep with two dogs (30 and 40 pounds) in a twin bed. My current dog really prefers to sleep in his dog bed so all is well.

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Tired and Ranting

This is just a long rant. Sorry.

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The eclipse trip didn't go as I expected

We got there Saturday afternoon and checked into the hotel at 3. His kids claimed one room and ds and I went to the other.

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OT god he's a drama queen

My DH works long hours, and has to be up at 345 am to get to work in time.... he is 45 years old. My father is 76 years old, gets up at 4am every day to walk his dogs, then works his 10 hours.

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DH's mom got remarried this weekend and I was the maid of honor. It was really great except that BM came Sad.

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First post blues

I guess I shouldn't really do this when I'm in a bad mood, 36 weeks pregnant, stressed to the highest degree about money and my dog's health... but hear I am.