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Entitled Children Article. Great Thursday reading.

"Whatever" (sigh)
"Fine" (roll of the eyes)
“You HAVE to take me."
“I’m bored! There’s never anything to do in this house!”
“I only want brand names.”

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OT - Daycare Drama, What would you do?

DD was moved up from the infant room into a toddlers room a little over 3 months ago, but the room had kids all the way up to just over 3 years old.

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lol, two steps forward, one step back

I made pizza last night... and it was set to be ready between 6 and 6:30pm...

SO gets back later than usual, around 5, with SS.

I tell SO dinner will be ready between 6 and 6:30

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Heartbroken for a friend! Neglectful skids let her sweet pup die

My heart is in tatters for a sweet friend of mine. She lives in the next state and recently has been sick and had to stay in the hospital for several days in this state.

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Everyone Deserves Respect: Great SO moment.

Well, after thinking it through and getting myself worked up internally again, I decided to take the bull by horns last night hehe. Evil

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Tomorrow morning ds and I take our trip!

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OT - Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for:

* DH
* Mr. P
* Muscle relaxers
* Paid time off

I'm headed home to deal with back spasms after tripping up the stairs. Sad

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Does anyone know?

Has anyone had experience with a manipulative child? If so what are the signs to look for? How should you and your DH handle the situation?

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OT: Would you consider/enter a plural marriage?

Just read an article about a new reality show Rockland Ranch....

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Divorce/Custody Advice Needed - For a Friend

A friend from mine in high school reached out to me very distraught. He married another girl from our high school a few years ago.