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how many steps are there not doing it when skids are around and why

before we get into trouble for blog stealing...

another step gave her view,
Fruity is un decided lol....

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O/T - credit card numbers

I can't find that blog about the SD with her Dad's credit card details....

i owe some people an update lol......

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OMG - Super Ninja Lice!

BM's response to the doctor's all clear: the lice went away on their own or these are super ninja lice who went from a random kid at school's backpack to SD/SS's backpack.

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Has anyone gone to the level of fighting an appeal? I'm not sure what to expect but it's beginning to be beyond ridiculous.

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Questions to SM's, How would you feel?

My kids SM's dad passed away a few days ago. My kids are kinda close to her and her parents. My youngest and oldest child will be going to his funeral.

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O/T Low Carb Recipes to Replace My Alcohol

Bad news first: Right after Christmas, I was informed that my triglycerides were UNGODLY high. I was advised to cut carbs, and not just down, but out.

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Countdown to Friday

not sure how many of you are up to speed on our goings on bm/skid wise.

i am in the practice of posting blogs, then deleting for privacy purposes.

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Things are looking Good.

So there are lots of stories on here that are not always positive and I get it trust me. I have some positive notes.

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Guess how much my raise was, you are SO going to want my job!!!!

Evil Evil Evil $7.00 per bi-weekly pay period. Yep! Lucky me! Last year it was $13.00, and this year they say I improved, so it wasn't me......

Is anyone jealous? Sticking out tongue

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If my eyes could roll up any further into my head I might summon a demon!

So I work a very boring job, which leaves a lot of time in the day to do other things, like visit with you fine people on STALK, or do stupid things like browse social media until I want to roll my ey