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Update after years away

So, I haven't been on here in quite some time. The skids are now 18 (sd) and 14 (ss) and we have a 2 year-old bs. I'm happy to announce that things have been great around here.

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Mmm wings.

SO took me out for wings....dunno if you all have Wild Wings in the states.... over 100 different flavors of wings...

That is all... lol

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Omg ss9 peed on the floor again

I'm at a complete loss.

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Summer vacation blues

SD10 arrives tomorrow. Everyone in the house is excited. They are also completely oblivious to the storm that I am positive is coming.

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Today's my birthday. Woopidy Doo!

On my bday I don't expect much. However, it's lovely that everything I do all year makes a bit of fucking difference and is definitely overlooked.

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Old times

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DH sucks at making plans!

Is it seriously that hard to figure out a visitation schedule!! DH can run his department at work, but can't seem to communicate enough with BM to figure out where SD15 is staying this week.

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How do you keep betrayal out of your eyes?

My step daughters baby shower is tommorow. I still intend to go after all I am helping to throw it. How do I pretend nothing happened?

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Half birthday opinions

DH and I have had a camper in a small family oriented seasonal campground for the last 5 years and we are there every weekend May through September.