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DH still not standing all the way up to MIL

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This is pretty much and add on to last weeks blog about MIL. FIL stopped by today and right before he left said he and MIL would like SD to stay at their house next weekend. MIL has been probing DH for more info about SDs behavioral issues and he hasn't given her the info she wants, so it's not s coincidence they are asking to have her this weekend. DH is still planning on letting her go. I know dang well MIL is going to be trying to get info out of SD and taking the opportunity to try to "fix" SD (aka undermine DH).

Feeling lost

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I am not an open person, I suppress my emotions and frustrations, but right now I feel lost.

My husband has raised his son since he was 6 months old (he is now 16). My step son was 7 when I met him. My husband and I dated for 7 years before we got married and moved in together, which happened last year. The birth mom hasnt been in the picture way before I ever came along. My husband and i had a long distance relationship while dating..... he lived 2 hours away so all we ever had were weekends. 

Off topic: wedding shower

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One of my favourite relatives is marrying, again.

i am invited to the wedding shower. It is on the other side of the continent. I don’t know anyone going and no one from my relative’s side is attending.

Two months after that shower is the wedding so I’ll be traveling to attend the wedding.

would you attend the wedding shower?

I moved out. Heart Broken

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Things between Dh and I have been tense for a while. He drove the skids to Bm's and came back because I asked him to come back, so we can have a much needed conversation. 

I told him that I'm glad that he's being there for his skids and bm, but when do I get my husband back? I feel as if I don't have a husband anymore and I would really to have MY husband back. Before he could even respond, I picked up my phone and showed him my last post, and all of your comments. 


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Do any steptalkers snowbird?

live in one home half the other and a second home the other half the year?

or rv? (I remember reading one StepTalk who did this)

or take a month or two holiday or visit to family and friends?

if you did, or remember reading about someone who did,

Does it help? Eg some time and space away from step hell, maybe in a place and with people that are very life giving for you, everyone looks forward to seeing each other again or it’s a fresh start

Here we go again

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This just doesn’t stop. Now CPS is investigating us. It seems while my SD10 was in the mental hospital (bc she wanted to kill me and a few other people she don’t like) she was diagnosis bipolar. I’ve heard that a child under a certain age can’t be diagnosed with this but the Doctor said she felt 100 percent sure SD10 has it .....  so she’s labeled now. 

What would your reaction be? What’s for dinner?!!

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You got up early in the morning to go to work and you return home after being gone for over 12 hours. It’s Friday and I pop open a beer. My H is sitting next to me and has a beer with me. The damm SS who is 30 f... years old comes home from work and opens a beer.

after asking his Dad how was his day at work, that’s fffff SS has the nerve to ask “what’s for dinner tonight “? 


Steam and heat heat was coming out the top of my head. All kinds of words were swirling in my mind!*bomb*


what would your reaction be like????


And so the weekend begins...

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Yayy another weekend with SO's daughter! I pulled in the driverway the same moment my SO did just now. He had dropped X off after school and had ran out for about 30 minutes to run a couple errands. I was gettign back from a dr.'s appt. (And the store to stock u[ on wine for the weekend!) Smile Anywasy we barely got a peck in before she had to come out! I will never get used to, or enjoy her constant presense on the weekends she is here!