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When to Sd16's football game last night

She invited me. She asked if I would bring Dd3. We got there a little early. I said where is Sd18? Your father? Your mother? Your grandmother ? Your stepdad?

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SS17 Out Partying NOW

SS17 over an hour pas curfew. He's with loser friends in the next City over, hanging out 8n the Ghetto. Google South Sacramento if you're curious. t curfew, DH sleeping.

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OMG - I think I just started WWIII

I logged onto FB. I ended up in DH's account - since I post stuff for him all the time.

First thing up was a meme from SS32 about how if you want something get off your ass and earn it.

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Another low for SS, DH's head in the sand

I gave DH two birthday celebrations. One was yesterday since that was his actual birthday. I made his favorite dinner and his favorite cake.

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The 17 yr old strikes again.....

Plans to go out with SO and another couple tonight. Not supposed to have skids this weekend.

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A happy thought

Jut because I know I get super overwhelmed sometimes... And I'm sure the majority of you do too! So I have a happy moment to share.

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OT-and it just continues-vent

So the apartment that we lived in for two years has been through 5 management companies since we signed our first lease.

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Sd told dd that dh wasn't dd's dad

My name is Kennedy but my friends call me Kenny. I'm here because I searched I hate my sd and this website came up. I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

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BM's call ruined the everyones night.

I came home last night with new shoes for the 3 older kids. DS11 needed a new pair of play shoes. The store had these really neat ones on clearance for $11 each.

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BM involved in a Hit and Run

So I was poking around on Clerk of Courts site and found out BM has a court date for a Hit and Run accident. It's a criminal misdemeanor.