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3 hours to court

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Since we aren't in the state, we are being teleconfrenced in. I am a wreck... like want to puke. 

I never would have thought a simple standard out of state parenting plan would wind up in court 4 times over the last year and cost 30K and counting.  I need prayers, I need faith that the judge will do what is right, I need a drink! 

OT - Not sure we are going to make it

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SO and I believe in different things. He is a Christian but does not associate with any specific branch of Christianity, instead studying the Bible on his own. For simplicity sake, I classify myself as an atheist but am open to the possibility that something may be out there. SO is a black and white thinker, whereas I'm a "there's a lot of grey in the world" type of thinker and the possibilities of what is out there is endless.

Who else feels resentful?

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It's funny because I looked up the definition to resentful and the first item listed was 'bitterness'. That is probably a better word to use! 

I would like to preface this with the following - yes I did know what I was getting into (to a degree) and yes I did know he had children. What I did not know was just how horrendous his ex would act and to the extent she would go to PAS said kids. 

With that said, I can't help but feel bitterness. Extreme bitterness. 

New here and need to vent

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I find myself becoming so angry over the smallest things. I’m currently on mat leave and 16 weeks pp so it could be hormones lol so bare with me. Two SS 9 and 12. Both have adjusted well to me being in the picture as it’s been a few years but now that I’m home all day and have the stress from the baby I find myself getting so irritated with the older SS. He is very irresponsible ( a 12 year old can pick up after himself and should learn to do things after being asked/told repeatedly). I express my concerns to hubby but he brushes them off and I feel I’m not taken seriously.


VENT - BM changed her name BACK to DH's...

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...and by proxy, MINE!

For over a decade, she has been Mrs. NDH's Name. However, once the boys started complaining about being called by his last name (which was conveniently around the time she got a BF and kicked out her DH, hmm...), she decided she needed to change it back. Ya know. "For the kids".

The chickens have come home to roost...

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A few of you may know that I have been one of many “SMs “ (was not married) that has escaped my situation. 

There’s been a great exodus out of stepland in the past year.

Now on to these chickens...


Still in touch with XSO, he has told me of his most recent troubles...


Apparently SS26 (whom lives & works with XSO) was in detox for 5 days.