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Week 2 of the group home

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SD, age 16, has managed to stay at the new group home for 2 weeks now.  I am impressed. I still do not believe that she will make it long term at this place.  She hasn't called BM or DH for at all this week and only contacted them a few times last week.  She keeps any calls that she makes very short.

The last call DH received from SD, she told him that she liked the new place. Yes, she will like it as long as she is getting HER way.  Once she realizes that she has rules to follow or someone upsets her, she will be done with the place.

OT - Toxic T'ursday

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We’ve all had the misfortune of toxic people in our lives. They can appear in the form of coworkers, friends, and family members. You need to either eliminate these people from your live or learn how to deal with them effectively.

Toxic people are not caring, supportive, or interested in what’s important or best for you. Here are several ways that toxic behavior can manifest:


SD Free for almost two weeks!

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BM did something for once that I actually appreciate!  She arranged her vacation so that SD will not be at our house for 12-13 days. I really need this break!  SD got picked up yesterday morning and will not be back at our house until July 30th (sometime in the evening most likely).  I never thought I would say but thank you so much BM! lol.  Her vacation with SD overlaps with the weekend when SD is at our house and DH works night shifts so I pretty much deal with SD all by myself.  These next 12 days will be so relaxing for me.


So over this flipping skid

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So some very exciting news, my BS17 is flying in tomorrow for a 10 day visit!!!

When he visits, he stays in SS's room and sleeps on the bottom bunk bed.  Sooooooooooooooo this means I've been in SS's room making sure it isn't a sh*t hole before my son arrives.  THAT has lead to the discover of *drum roll*:

GBM interfering on DH's time

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SD told us a few days ago that her ear has been hurting and was saying it was the outside. I said maybe it's a pimple or that she slept on it wrong. She told me that's also what BM said. Yesterday before DH took her to camp, he asked if it was hurting too much and she said no. She had a doctor's appointment at 3pm to look at it and said she'd stay at camp until then. 

Made sure all the windows & exterior doors were locked before leaving for work this AM...

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I really don't like living like this but I don't trust SD17/Runaway..

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I've always said "Desperate people do desperate things..."..

Runaway Update #3,827..I am SO over this situation..

Going on a guilt trip trying not to get hit by the

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I get a call early this morning (still grogy didnt look to see who it was just answered)

I say hello and no response i say hello again and i hear heavy breathing then skid sobbing  (kmommy! Please please come home i miss you i miss my brothers daddy is sorry we love you!  Then more sobbing )

Insurance and DH found a job...

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So DH found a job and starts work today however, I will be laid off in September. Skids are on my insurance and DH's new job doesn't provide medical insurance. Does anyone know if BM has to put the skids medical insurance if her employer provides it and DH will have to pay her extra with CS? CO states that DH has to pay $400 a month for medical support. DH said that he is going to talk to his lawyer. Has anyone if heard of continuing an insurance policy even it it's through an employer?


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it took 9 hours to get to our case. Everyone was tired. When BM first got there she had her sister, mom, and husband with her... The judge made our lawyer try and settle... BM said absolutely not because we’re keeping the kids from her. Then magically thesistwr left. (It was to not be questioned about saying she shouldn’t have the girls... because when we left? She was hanging in the car:..)

Disney MIL causes Drama with BM1(long rant)

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So it turns out that Disney MIL (Gma to the skids -- DH mom who he does not get along with) is making a will.  It also turns out DMIL has had dementia for quite awhile(amongst other obvious but undiagnosed mental/ personality disorders).