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OT - Need information from US ladies

Championship in Ice hockey is August in San Jose USA, California....

10 days and only 4 games.....

Now coming from Mars.... ROE is about 1USD : NAD 14.00,
Accommodation is at Country Inns

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Marathon IEP's make my mind ache

SS11's IEP meeting was yesterday and -excuse me whike i get bragadocious for a sec but we have worjed our tail feathers off with this kid-despite stellar grades and great behavior SS is doing extended

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O/T Self Care: appearance edition

I've been feeling a little blah and unsexy for... well... several months.

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O/T - Clear Jeans

The blog on skid fashion made me think of this. Have you seen these stupid "clear jeans" selling for $100? WTF??? I guess some people really do have more money than sense.....

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Skid Fashion

My YSD went to school this morning in high-waisted black velvet pants with a long-sleeved grey T-shirt tucked in. The T-shirt bunched up all around her unflattering.

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What about the BM's that can't function

In light of the posts about BM's dumping kids on the weekends

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Just wondering how many of you step moms been to counseling about your skids. The last time I went to counseling was 2010 and yes it was about my DH and SD.

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small complaint about something that hasn't even happened (yet)

So and I are hosting a BBQ in a few weekends. Kid friendly until 7pm.

It falls on a weekend where I have my kids. (SO always has his on weekends)

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OT - Woeful Woman Wednesday

I'm on a steep, head-on downslide about to collide with the Black Dog. At this point, I feel cursed and am wondering if it will EVER end.

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O/T worst smell ever

I need a laugh spill it ladies, what's the worst thing you ever smelled (pregnancy does not qualify - everything smells bad)