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O/T Evil Sister in Law, reverse PSA

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My Sister in Law is the perfect example of a evil SM. she has caused so much turmoil in our family that I cut all communications off with my brother. My brother was stupid and listened to every word this bitch said, even my brother's kids from his first marriage followed her like lost sheep. I have had no contact with them for over 14 years,

Keeping responses in my Head.

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Sundays are generally a chore day for us, laundry, trash, general cleaning, and getting ready for the week ahead, yesterday was no different.  GSS was in an ok mood for most of the day, GSD however was in self-centered princess mode most of the day and kept loosing privileges throughout the day.

I have been working on not responding when DW speaks about SD20 in any capacity, all my responses stay in my head, with the occasional “oh” or “ok” or the old stand by “ a huh”.

By the pricing of my thumbs....

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Something wicked this way comes....

DH has reconnected with adult SD22. I have remained pretty much disengaged. We did help her out with a plane ticket when the fecal matter hit the air exchange, and she was truly grateful.

We sent her a box full of different items that we knew she'd like for her birthday. I did buy some of them, and it was nice to get a real thank you that was genuine. DH did get her a laptop, though not the one he originally planned.

Another vent

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DH wimped out about taking SD’s skirts away, though after 5 hours of arguing with her, he did get her to try on pants.  I was a tad bit ticked because I had to take our kids out of the house for those 5 hours and entertain them because her nasty attitude isn’t something I want them to emulate, all for basically nothing.  But whatever. At the end of the 5 hours, he’s  totally happy and pumped that she has admitted that she understands why I don’t want to have anything to do with her, because she constantly belittles me.

update - we did NOT get to see SS

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So DH and I decided to bite the bullet and spend the money to go see SS11 (5 hrs away) on the off chance that he would change his mind about seeing us.  DH called BM mutliple times Friday and Saturday and SS refused to speak to him and apparently kept saying he didn't want to see or talk to DH.  While we were on the road, DH told BM that we were already on our way and would be stopping by to see SS no matter what.  He said he would not force SS to come with us, but we were going to at least go by her house to see him and talk to him.  BM tried to say that DH must have done something to SS a

And the craziness continues

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SO's son will be starting kindergarten next month. I guess BM received the list of school supplies needed, and asked SO to purchase everything on the list. He told her he couldn't buy everything, but he would split it 50/50 with her. Well, she did not like this response because she then sent a three page rant to SO. To sum it all up, she basically said: "NO, I'll just buy everything on my own. Just like I buy everything else...the house for him, food, clothes, daycare, health insurance, the after school program...." and it continued.


I think SD22 just met Karma...

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SD22 is an extended version of BioHo (her mother): arrogant, narcissistic, smarmy know-it-all (who happens to be a sex goddess!). SD22 knows it all so well, that she and her half-sister, SD25, frequently get into screamfests and don't speak for months at a time.

SD22 just found out she does NOT know it all. She failed the test for her job.

"It's so unfair!!! That test is harder than the tests I took in school!!! They should make it EASIER!!!"