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Maybe I had too much wine...but

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after a brief conversation with DH regarding SD18 (and No I did not engage with DH concerning her, just listened..) DH mentioned the possibility of at some point SD18 returning to our home as he knows he doesn't get the full story from GMA as to how SD18 is doing in their home and so forth. 

OT - Tone-Up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! It’s that day of the week again…

Are you already enjoying colorful leaves and cooler temps? I am (yippee!!!). Don’t let that stop you from being active outdoors. In fact, get the entire family involved in some alfresco fun!

Buy a Bike

Why it’s good: New models arrive in the stores as the summer riding season wraps up. You’re more likely to get a good deal when stores are trying to get rid of old inventory. Biking as a family is a great way to connect with nature and each other.


Divorce hearing one month away

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The divorce hearing is one month from today. Not a peep from stbX. He might be really busy now that his medicine cabinet is overflowing. LOL I have 2 friends who have agreed to go with me. I'll only take one - the other is backup. I'm ready. The final decree should arrive no later than a month afterwards, so I can end the year no longer in step hell.

My back is in good shape (knock on wood). I'm due to start swimming soon.

DS22 is close to 2 months working at his job. 1 more month and he'll be past the probationary period. His dr. changed his meds and he's much calmer now.

Son of a Biscuit!

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Last night we finally got the IEP from SS14's school that we had requested weeks ago. Couple of fun things:

1) BM's boyfriend is listed as DAD.

2) BM states that SS has been medically diagnosed with Dyslexia 

  • Nope. She had him tested and he came back being fine. We have that report from 2015

3)BM states that SS has Elhors-Danlos

  • Nope again. We have those results too.

4) BM states that SS has POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and needs a special diet and can pass out at school

Long Rant

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  I am starting to get burned out. My DH and I have a farm, 3 teenagers, 1 grandchild, and my inlaws.  My DH is in the military and also has a "civilian" job. I run the house and farm during the day and every other week I watch sd16's baby until she gets out of school at 4pm. The teenagers are very adept at helping to run the farm so it's not a big deal if we have to go out of town for a short time occasionally. Recently , we had a weekend anniversary trip and everything was ok. This week, my DH had to go to D.C.

Update - Big Career Change

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I want to thank everyone who gave me advice on my last blog about my career change.  I decided to stay at my old company.  When I told the owners of the company that I was going to leave they fired the office bitch and gave me her position, matched the new company's salary offer plus a few grand a year (more than doubling my income), a company car plus all car expenses (gas, maintenance, repairs), and complete control over the functions of the company.   It's been 5 days.