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update on sd and her twins

Someone asked for an update on my other post. Dh brought sd and her twins home to our house.

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Is it odd...

That BM named her cat the same name we gave our dog? She knows it's our dogs name. We have had him for 3 years. She got the cat about a year ago... strange, right?

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Selfishness on steroids!

Sorry to blog hog.

When I think DH couldn't be more of an asshole he surprises me once more.

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Improving low self esteem?

After nearly 33 years on this earth, the most of which with poor self esteem, is this possible to improve?

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They need help.

So I've written about SO's children struggling with behavioral issues in the past but it's getting worse.

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Are stepmoms supposed to put up and shut up?

My husband always tells me my two cents are not needed and I need not concern myself when it comes to him his 20 year old daughter and ex wife. We have gotten into a lot of arguments over this.

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Any further ideas?

SD caused huge family divide at age 17 by spreading lie about her dad and I. Took a long time for dad to catch on, but the truth came out and we are estranged from his family.

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Reaction to disengagement?

I had a bachelorette party Saturday. I haven't had a night out like that in awhile. I didn't know any of the women, as it was an old high school friend's party who I do not see often.

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I must be in an alternate universe

I'm sorry to be so needy but your support is helping. He left to work before I got out of bed.