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O/T My Purebred Cat Has An Affinity for Insulation

Chef is now insulating the 2 story garage. Problem is that my younger male cat luuurves him some insulation. He practically died from it when he was no more than 2 years old.

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OT- Getting BD to pay half of dental cost

My son is 12 and has not had any contact with his dad in 4 years. Dad still has joint custody and pay his child support that is garnished. My son now needs a baby tooth pulled and a retainer.

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SD13 strikes again

SD13 is going to ruin my marriage. So is DH if he doesn't step up and control his kid.

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Parenting partnerships and BM's trashy chic decor.

The several days we had the skids for spring break was so tiring and downright bad. It is wonderful having a quiet house again.

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BM took SD to see a Therapist

For those who follow my posts, you might remember that BM and DH are supposed to inform each other of dr appointments for SD. DH follows this part of the CO, BM does not.

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DH has "hunch" OSD might be respectful to me on a beach vacation....hey sign me up!

Let's just bang my head on the wall some more. I love it and live for it.

DH is on his way home from visiting his perfect daughter. This is the daughter who:

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Dh took ss to his parents house Friday night to set the record straight. Dh's stepdad welcomed them in and they sat down to talk.

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If YSD asks for graduation money one more time...

Awhile ago YSD sent DH a text and said that she needed $100 from him for her graduation stuff, that the total was $200. DH gave her the $100.

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Another Vent

We went a nice local nursery and to the annual Art festival on Saturday.

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Intervention Failed (Or, Dickmatization Complete and Irreversible)

I think I am done with Ann. We've been friends for years, we work together, I love her, but I can't deal with it anymore. She can go down like the rest of us on here.