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OT Try not to smile/ laugh

I was bored last night after DH went to bed so I hopped on YouTube for some entertainment. This was one of my favorites:

And this one:

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Update. Decision made !!!

Hello everyone.... life is just moving along for me. I just got promoted at work and am thrilled with that!!

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Crazy BM alert

This father is in for one hell of a ride. With a mother like that, thst poor little girl is going to be one confused, self hating kid.

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I'm back!

December was a hoppin month for us.

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There is hope... for all you SM with SD

On a happy note -- for 12 years of my marriage - which my stepdaughter was 12 when i came into the picture and let me tell you I have been through hell and back with that one.

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1st Annual Pussy Cat Pageant

We are organizing our 1st Annual Pussy Cat Pageant. All kitties are eligible regardless of color, age, gender, breeding, past or pending motherhood, and origin.

Categories will include:

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My Own Kid Is A Miniwife--How To Stop?


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O/T Fuzzy Umpkins Photos

Several people have asked to see photos of fur-lined pussy cat. I finally got around to signing up for Imgur. Smiling

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He's off Driving Miss Daisy again

To driving school--how ironic. He will be driving her along the bus route she could take if she wasn't so enabled. I hope she can manage to pass this class.

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Been a very long time - but I need help

Long story short - my stepson is 31 - i have been in pic since he was 18. he is a drug addict and has been since i have known him. Been a long hard road since day 1 - here is my issue today.