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Another issue

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Im not even sure how to write everything down, im so irritated and angry with my dh.

First off ss14 has been horrible at school ALL last semester. 

He ended on a 3 E almost 4 E report card.

So now clean slate, he is turning in work- only been a week.

Dh mother asked to get him. No prob, he has been doing good, left cell on table- dh wanted him to have it- baseball at 11am.

O/T Tattoos

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My son went through an episode in his life when he wanted a tattoo because his friends were getting them; he was determined to ‘belong’ to that cool group.

Back then (early 90's,) and lately, tattoos seem to be the order of the day. I despise the idea of despoiling one’s body, forevermore, because of a youthful penchant for ‘following the crowd’.

What would you do?

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Two weeks ago: SS7 tells BM (because she lets him think he is her equal and has the authority to tell her no) that he’s not going with her for her weekend. BM blames DH. She rages on the phone with him later and tells him that the only way he will get any of “her” time is when a judge tells her she has to....

Last week: Bm is telling her other kids stepmom not to bring Spawn around us or my BS even though we see them and they play together when he’s with BM there at least once a week at tball practice for SS7. 

Let's have a few laughs about Mini-Wife Syndrome.

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I admit I have been a bit overwhelmed with SS14's school issues and such, but for the past few weeks we've had them I thought I all but destroyed mini-wife behavior. As I was puttering around the house today cleaning, I had to laugh at myself because I have been slightly overlooking the fact that it had returned. I mean, honestly, it may never go away. After another poster asked which gender is harder to stepparent, it seemed many agree girls are harder for mostly manipulative, mini-wife behavior.

OT Fur baby prayers needed

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SO had to take poochy to the vet last night.  He started to "piddle" around the house even after being outside.  The last time he was out we noticed his leg was lifted but nothing coming out.

Poor guy is filled with kidney stones.  They are operating this morning to remove the stones, remove his gahoonas and cut his urethra so if they come back he can pass them easily.

Waiting anxiously. 



Dentist and braces

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If the CO states 50/50 custody can the CP just make the decision of getting braces for a kid without discussing it with the NCP first? Also is the NCP allowed to get a second opinion before the CP takes the kid to get braces? The CO states that each party has to confer with the other party before making decisions but DH will have to file contempt charges before anything can be done about it. So I guess BM can pretty much do whatever she wants and DH will just have to pay no matter what. Are braces considered cosmetic?

Working is being used against us

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We got the response from BM for our hearing next week. Her #1 complaint for SS13 to not be able to come out to the east coast from the mid-west is that we work. Since BM doesn't believe in holding a job (for the last 10 years) she doesn't think that SS should come see us where "he will be left alone all day". 

OT - Forn Friday

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'Forn' is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Cool, crisp lettuce. The crunch of celery. Sweet strawberries. The tang of cheese…

We’re moving into warmer temps and fewer clothes. I don’t know about you, but warmer weather means I want lighter foods. I loooooooooooooove salad. And I’m not talking about a side salad. When I eat a salad, it’s my main course.


DH got served last night

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So if you've been following my story recently, you'll know that BM witheld SD10's most recent scheduled visit two weeks ago based on a false accusation of physical abuse against my husband. SD is scheduled to come today as well but we can assume BM will withold her again because she has filed a court date for Tuesday. She wants to suspend visitation until my husband undergoes anger management counselling and until SD can go for counselling.