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Skiing lessons vs basketball...continued

Yesterday, BM sends DH an email informing him that both kids are playing basketball and giving him the dates of the games.

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BM is such a gem

I’m for the most part disengaged, so I try to keep myself out-of-the-know when skid is with BM during the school year.

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I guess I need you guys to kick me in the pants

So exSD16, DD3's half sister, has been texting me. She told me when she got in the car accident. She told me she was on academic probation.

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Nope, sorry, not gonna happen.

Hallowe'en - we have plans to take the kids out. This will be the last year my son does it - he's tall and patchy-hair-faced so this is it for him.

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Needy Skids!

Does anyone else have skids that are SUPER needy towards their non-custodial parent?

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DH not listed as a guardian

DH was in an IEP meeting for SS10 with BM and the principal and other teachers yesterday.

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somehow it's always my fault

BM deliberately scheduled ss school conferences without talking to DH and made them for 10a.m. today. This means dh has to miss half a day of work.

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SS9 talking kinda like baby talk...HELP?

Ok. Just need some opinions. No I do not care more than my SO.

SS9 has for some reason these last two months has been talking kinda like a baby. We have no clue why.


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If the world as we know it ends, I get to live with bm if I want dh

Counseling isn't going as well as I wanted it to.

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Twin SD5 Bday

This year is DH's year to spend with his children on their birthdays. The order specifies that he gets them from 5pm-8pm.