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Goose egg!

Today was the court date.

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Getting back to me

Hi All,

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All the drama

BM gave DH a prescription for SS7s meds for him to fill so she didn't have to give him meds this month.

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Happy New Years - update and upwards

I havent been here for a while - holidays, work, and all the other stuff. I really missed all the stories and learning, and also, felt that somehow perhaps I can help support others.

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SS and GF in car accident

So I look on FB and SS's GF had posted about them being in an accident last night. It was a rollover and she went out the back windshield because she wasn't wearing her seat belt.

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Really Hating that DH Knocked Up BM

I mean, not recently. The story isn't THAT interesting.

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We're starting a visitation schedule...

BM has been pretty good of late. She's seen ss a handful of times recently...

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OT: Believe in ESP?

Do you believe in ESP and do you ever get it?

I definitely believe in it because I get it! My Grandma (my mom's mom) also had it.

Some examples:

I knew when my BF was in labor.

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OT - bourbon balls

I have the WORST craving for bourbon balls. NOT the icky kind made with crushed Nilla Wafers or Oreos - blech!!! I'm talking about RAL bourbon balls.

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Feeling guilty that I hate the weekends my SD is here

I don't really know how to begin this.