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Anyone with a kid that can’t/won’t ride anything?

My SS8stb9 is getting left behind in the neighborhood. Getting him to go outside and play is like pulling teeth as it is but all he can really do is walk and swing a play sword around.

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Not your family.

Kids talk. We don't pry because they will ALWAYS talk about what confuses them.

Last week I talked about how BM was trying to control who saw the kids on SO's time.

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He can't get divorced

I posted years ago but I can't remember my log in information or the email I had back then. Dh and I aren't married but we live together like spouses for 4 yrs now. We've been together for 6 yr.

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Stepdaughter teen has terrible hygiene issues and I need advice

Stepdaughter is a sweet girl who I get on with well. Her hygiene is terrible. Her mother has not educated her and I'm struggling with it.

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First Time

I have been living with my boyfriend and part time with his two sons for a few years now. We have recently hit a bad spot which I fear we may not be able to cure.

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Back to Court

The lawyer filed for custody modification on 10/10. BM got served on 10/12. SS16 has been with us full time since July.

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Always will be mom's husband

So DH always makes the comment--he even made it this morning before all this--that my kids refer to him as mom's husband and not step dad. DH is kind to my kids but he doesn't make them a priority.

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Ot- joint Xmas gift

So my son and my husband love sports memorabilia and they loved Kirby Puckett. They both want a signed ball...they are more money than I spend singly on each of them.

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OT - Forn Friday

'Forn' is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. This morning, I have a hankering for cinnamon rolls.

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U.S. and U.K. Take Note:


Sound advice to combat the modern phenomena of being servants to your children!