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Hello! I am new to the forum and happy to have found this. I just need some advice from other step parents. I am divorced with two boys (14 and 11).

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Just pondering on this....

This is just a random thing that has been going on in my family for years and I have stayed out of it but I was just curious if it will ever end.

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Need advice SS8 constantly getting sore throat!

Ok. So SS8 literally has had swollen tonsils about 6 or 7 times in the last year. Every time goes to the doctor gets a strep test and comes back positive.

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I told bm enough

I called bm yesterday and I told her I have had enough of her dh just dropping the kids off whenever he feels like it.

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Bs at his dad's for the week.

So Bs is at his dad's for the week he left last night. The house is pretty quiet. I am doing what any good bm should do. Tonight I worked late, let DH make dinner and drank 2 glasses of cabernet.

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Move away case

BM, moved out of area after court granted, school district orders. How far can a parent move away from the area without impacting school or judges orders.

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Fed up with DH and his so-called "parenting".

The kids have been in school for 3 days now.

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2 SD's now live 3 states away.

OSD48 finally moved away with her screaming monkey (kid)! Now there is peace in StepLand! Life is getting better, now I just need to win the lottery and I'm set. Good luck to those in the SD's way!

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OT - Eclipse

Who has plans to watch the eclipse today? The next one, in 2024, will be in the opposite direction, making an 'X' across the U.S.

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Believing the Lies

How can DH be so smart yet continue to fall for the lies? SD17 spews nothing but lies. I don't think that she knows how to tell the truth anymore.