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Another year another absence...

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BM1 was informed over a month ago that today was SS12’s IEP meeting. 


She once again swore up and down she was going to be there and once again, no call no show. 


She he also promised SO that she had made a deposit into the CS portal (also a big fat lie) 


she did uodate her profile picture and her status as a Sales Associate at T-Mobile. I didn’t know they sold a$$ there but whatevs....



Is it wrong to want ONE thing with DH that doesn't involve SS?

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I already have a feeling everyone is going to say "this is your fault; you knew he had a kid".  If that is going to be your response, please move along.  Trust me.  I know he had a kid.  What I didn't know was how "leechy" dh and ss would become the older ss got.  It creeps me out.  Plus, I'm tired and I had a $hitty birthday.  Let me vent, please. 

1st Hill completed

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So as of Friday, we got all of SS insurance stuff straightened out.  His SSI is fixed, his insurance is fixed.  EVERYTHING is fixed!!!!  We can now get him into see the PCP to catch up on his Well child checkups and get him into school.  I am so excited!!! I haven't dealt with social security much before so this was all new to me and DH.  We had already scheduled his checkup for May 2th and were just going to bite the bullet and find the money to take him out of pocket just so we could get his therapy started sooner.  So now he should be able to start everything in about 2 weeks!

almost meltdown

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Yesterday I walked into the room to another argument between SS17 and his Mom.  He brought home a few bags of chips "from a friend's house where the other kid's Mom gave them to him".  Chances are high that he actually recovered them from the garbage at the local grocery store, since the sell by date was today.  Mom told SS17 to take them back, that we didn't need them (we have a cupboard full of junkfood including chips).  He instantly got angry and started raising his voice to her- which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up EVERY TIME.  He said "I tried to do something nice for

BM's grotesque mother

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Former BM's mother hated my ex, so I never dealt with him having any sort of loving relationship with her side of the family.

My SO, on the other hand, is somewhat close with BM's parents.  Well, not close anymore, but friendly.  They're pretty young, since BM is still an infant herself, and they would hang out with my SO back when he was attempting to make it work with her for the sake of the oops child.

OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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What do you do when you're to pooped to move and need energy? Caffeine? 5-hour energy drinks? Electric cattle prod?

Caffeine has NO effect on me. If I'm tired or falling asleep, I need sugar. Please pass the donuts! They're great with hot, black coffee!!

P.S. I've dropped a couple of pounds thanks to "emotional diarrhea". *crazy*


Seriously I dont think she has anything better to do

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Ok last blog I said that MIL waited til FDH was at work to call and insist she could pick up the kids. So that went over like a ton of bricks. She showed up on Saturday morning wanting more clothes for the kids because "they were staying with her all weekend." Not a question a statement. FDH was already gone to work so I couldn't ask if he had given permission for this or not (which I later found out he had not) and I was running late to get to work myself so I did not have time to argue that we would be getting them that evening.