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Consistency between homes

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I didn’t get any responses that I hoped I would when I joined this thing but it’s partly my fault because I wasn’t clear about what I’d like to accomplish. 

There are things that aren’t done perfectly in our home, but damn do I try. My husband tries too. But in dealing with a kid that has certain issues like my SS, lack of consistency is something that makes everything way harder than it has to be. 

Now, unfortunately, since everyone on here mostly has step kids, it isn’t always as simple as “the mother knows best” and that’s just a fact. 


Just How DID

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The Girhippo get YSS 15.5 relieved of summer school after failing 3 major subjects?  The clan went on a 3 week holiday at the Outer Banks with the Gir's old married couple friends when she was married to Chef.  OSS stb 22, SD stb 20 (both somehow got out of work for 3 weeks) and YSS went happily skipping along with "the fam."

SKs finally seeing "the truth"

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Does this ever happen?

I have a coworker who knows a bit about my situation, and he told me about two of his adult kids who refuse to see/speak to him because of PAS from their mother growing up.  He didn't tell me ages or specifics about their situation, just that they are both adults and that he hasn't seen or spoken to either of them in years.

Time for....Cooooookieeees! OT

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One of my favorite things to do is bake, it releases so much stress and really helps me keep my mind at got me thinking about how much i miss my babka and summers i used to spend with her...anywho today i decided to make her famous kolaczki cookies (with my own moder twist of course) 


1 jar of your favorite jam or preserves (for this recipe i used home made blueberry preserves)

½ cup granulated sugar

2 sticks (1 cup) butter, room temperature

1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, room temperature

1 Tbs lemon zest 

Holy crow, BM

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You have not seen your children for three weeks.

I know your time is more important than anyone else's, but do you think that after being an hour late and keeping them waiting, you could possibly get your pompous ass here? You are excited to see your children, right?

Oh wait- that's right- you have many important things to do before you get back to single mothering again. 

Ooh posting on this site worked magic today. She just arrived! *dance4*


Preparing For Labor Day Weekend....

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I have deleted many of my older blogs, as I am paranoid that information will get pieced together, ect, ect - so some brief (as I can be) history. I've been with FDH for two years now. We have had issues with FSD13 (was 11 at the time) from the start. FDH and BM were never together - FSD had a possible three dads and carrys BM last night. FSD has a history of chasing off two other women.

Update to Life

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Well I have moved to a new job and that has been really good. The people are great and I was going to be moving into new territory and promoting into something new....until my dad had a massive heart attack. We are very lucky he is still here with us, but he has a long road of recovery ahead of him and I chose to opt for the easier job that will allow me alot more freedom and time off if need be. Not ideal, but at the same time I realize for me that the job is just that and I would rather have more freedom to be with my dad.