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The Wedding Gift Grab

Got a wedding invite from a relative who lives across the country and with whom I have minimal, and I do mean minimal, relationship.

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IDGAF or Nosy? Where do you fall on the step spectrum?

Do you like to know skid/bm details?

Today DH and is the skid thing without me. I will want to know who went, how it went, where he sat, if her linebacker mother said hello to him...

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Court Mediation with BM

So BM agreed to court mediation to review CS after our lawyer requested to go back to court and she can't afford it.

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O/T Funky Friday / EFF OFF if you want

So what ever you want to get out there today.... we can have it here..

scream shout drink kill and dance..... may day may day it's almost pay day !!!!

EFF of to the bitch who jinxed Aniki Evil

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I guess DH has had some time to think...

DH must have spent yesterday thinking about the skids situation. Which is actually a surprise because normally he just acts like everything is peachy keen Smiling

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Forcing CP to have a psych evaluation?

Does anyone know if you can force a CP to have a psych evaluation? If so, can it be filed with the court or is it going to cost money and have to get a lawyer?

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How did this happen?

Last night my husband told me he wasn't in love with me anymore.

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Good morning, I hate you...

This morning while SO and I were in bed, enjoying our morning coffee, Winona SD18, decided to argue with Dad-dee about leaving lights on (she did) and leaving TV on (she more than likely did).

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Update on the Treadmill and GDBP

First of all, thanks everyone for your responses. They were super helpful.

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SO's work-life balance sucks

Had a conversation with my SO last night that left me thinking "what the f***." He works mostly normal hours as is, but he skips his lunch break everyday so that he can work more.