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O/T cat advice

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DH's sister, mid 70s lives alone and has no children, is having medical issues to the point where she may not be able to live alone much longer. We all hate it -- she has been strong and independent her whole life.

DH and another sibling are taking care of everything for her and will help with decisions, logistics, all of that. Of course SD knows what needs to be done more than anyone else. But that's not my issue today.

OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! It's been....interesting this week. Trying to shoo 'annoying' out the window. 

Eff off to:

  • People who think you are too stupid to follow instructions. Hey, poophead! I can do this 53 times and the result is the same: it doesn't work!!!!
  • Cold sores due to stress. My lip looks like I went 4 rounds with Rocky.
  • Skid weekend and I haven't yet made plans to be out of the house. I'm exhausted and those cold sores might not be solely due to stress.
  • A YUGE eff off to my soon-to-be-ex insurance company. 

need to vent, 1st blog ever so need to fill you all in on a lot

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I am not legally a stepmom but have been with and lived with my boyfriend for over 10 yrs. His son recently came to live with us in june 2018, after his mother called and said come get him I want him out of here now. He was stealing from his mom and grandma and lying and smoking pot, he is 15yrs. old. Same stuff going on here, lying, stealing, smoking pot skipping classes. He does do good things as well he does have straight A's in school.


Report Cards this week

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Report cards came out Wednesday. As usual, DH never remembers this. We discussed it last week and of course by this week it was well forgotten. I told myself I wouldn't be the one (again) to remind him. So yesterday DH said something to me about getting an email from the school..he said he immediately thought it was concerning SD18 failing a class but then saw it was an email regarding my BS17 and dual enrollment for next semester.

The Storm has passed. Better days lie ahead?

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My previous blog entry was driven by my anxiety of picking up SD from BM, being on a last minute hunting trip with the fiance's family and what to do/not do over the course of our time together. 

First I have to say thank you to all replies to my blogs. I truly love seeing various point of views. As for the hunting trip... it was fantastic! I was able to be myself and the entire trip was filled with laughter and stories of their past as a family, as well as their asking about mine.


Yep. I'm an a**

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DH has been telling me multiple times in the past three days that SS has his sh*t together. A few days ago it was a surprised DH that said "He's taking a shower unprompted!" to which I rolled my eyes. Then he's said that he's doing his homework instead of lying about it and I've ignored DH's comments.

Stepdaddy expects SS12 to be punished at our house

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As you all know I have been complaining for awhile about Bm1 and her crazy. Today DH told me he was mad about a situation.

We had SS12 over the weekend. 

At the beginning of the weekend BM told DH that SS is to not play any video games at our house because he did not do the dishes at Bm house. (?)

 He is GREAT at doing chores at our house.So we let him play for a bit when he was at our house. 


Adult step son lives with us and don’t pay rent!

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I’m losing patience. Urgh! Need to vent!!!


Step son who is 30 years old and his son who is 12 lives with us. He has a decent paying job. Works overtime. He DOES NOT pay rent or help with the utilities. He buys food for himself and his son. He doesn’t clean up after himself. He and his son rarely does any housekeeping. He lets his 12 year old son smoke cigarettes. He comes home from work and asks his dad what’s for dinner! I thought to myself you gotta be kidding me.