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The Laundry War

The laundry piles up quickly at our house.
I've asked DH repeatedly to help out with the laundry, he will promise to pitch in and then does not.

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The Predictable Future

To preface this, this is meant to be mostly light-hearted with a bit of SM schadenfreude. My DH is pretty good parent.

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Looking for a friend

Hello everyone , I am I young step mother having some doubts and looking for someone to talk to about my problems with my fiancé and his family. .

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O/T: prayer requests

My sisters and my female first cousins and I are in a text group.

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Overpaid on CS/ no longer slave to the weekend skids

Remember how DH has to pay BM an additional $22 per day if he doesn't take his 8 day parent time? BM was treating the 8 days per month as mandatory.

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Updates on my rollercoaster life!

Welp good news first- moms club has new members- someold members left- so there has been a shift in the mom circles!!

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Counseling tonight - wish me luck

DH and I go to see the counselor tonight. We talked on Sunday about his request that I pay him 1/2 the mortgage payments from the proceeds of the sale of my house later this year.'s picture


My soon to be stepdaughter, constantly is talking about the happenings with her mom to her dad. It is not any particular topic. She tells her dad when her mom is sick, etc.

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O/T- Neighbors kids are breaking into homes!!

The other day, I read a story here on ST where a woman's home was vandalized and the cops did not take fingerprints. Many users called BS on her story simply because of this.

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Guess who just won $730!!!!!

Me!!!!! On Secret sound contest !!! I guessed electric toothbrush and just won!!!! And I just also won four tickets to Wild Adventures in Valdosta Ga!!! On a lunch time drawing !!!