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What now

Everything was fine until BM didn't get her way and threw a hissy fit.

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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

I think I lost 5 pounds overnight...

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Well it's March!!

So this was the month I was supposed to give dh to so we could start working on an ours baby. The month is almost over and..........

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am i being too sensitive?

i'm not sure if this is even an issue, or just something that's grating my nerves because i'm stressed about other things, so i figured i'd throw it out there for some feedback.

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Ding Ding Ding!

Who picked a quiet BM is a shady BM?

Last night I accidentally answered the phone to BM. It was 8:30pm and DH was out and I thought it was him with an emergency.

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To go or not to go?

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Just when you think all is well...

Your spouse gets served. Ex parte hearing on Friday. She's accusing him of abuse this time, because it's classic BM PAS. I guess she's still pissed she lost the last court case. Wish us luck.

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Not being THAT BM...

I have a cousin who just split from her ex about a year ago this July. She has been struggling to "play" nice. With the guy.

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New stepmom here

Hi everyone, let me just start out by saying I am so thankful to have found this forum.

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BM Entitlement

Um, Wow.