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Interesting CS order

My male cousin and his wife are going through a divorce. He fought her for 50/50 of the kids. She was ordered to pay HIM CS.

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Update on SS9

The doctors are working are figuring out what is going on with SS. They ordered a lot of testing last week, and gave him a prescription today. He's been doing better at school since the court hearing.

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DH has stuck to his guns (shocker)

SD17 snuck out almost 2 weeks ago. DH took her car away and her phone & he hasn't given in yet. I'm totally shocked, but this really rocked him.

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Running from the law?

A little back story.

November 2015 SS got OVI- not alcohol but weed. (though I am guessing it may have been other drugs).

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I want SS to move out ie- go back to his moms

SS is 17 and is turning 18 in February. He hasnt been attending regular school since he was 12. He chooses when he wants to go.

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When In-laws visit... Is this rude or not a big deal?

I realize the way things work in my family isn't always the norm, so I'm curious if this is acceptable or rude...

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More drama....

Late last night, SO got a text from BM....their 17 yr old is back in the psych ward that she was in last summer.

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Stress Coping!

So I know we can be a stressed out bunch with all the chaos swirling around us. So off topic and friendly... What are the things you do to cope with stress?

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Acne and cavities

I can't understand how a 15 year old girl is not interested in taking care of her face and teeth. When sd15 lived with us and started getting acne, we got her on a Pro-active program.

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O/T = to own or to rent and other financial decisions

This is not aimed at any one but a blog got me thinking...

Why is it so important to own your own house? How do you decide which is the better route to follow, owning or renting?