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Bm moving back to town

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Bm moved away for her job and left sd with dh. She knew dh would fight the move and he would win. She needed this job/promotion whatever for her career/financial life. I get it and so does dh. He's been real lenient with visitations and holidays so sd can see her mom. Bm is a total b word but she has told us how much she appricates our making it easy to see sd. Anyways, she told dh she got the transfer to move back and she would like 50/50. She had full custody before with dh having 2 weekends a month. He wants to make sure it doesn't go back to that.

ANOTHER reason I hate BM volume 2

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As I'm chilling at home on my day off I get this text from BM:

""Hello lady. So it's SD12's dance tonight and she told her teacher she would take pictures for the yearbook. May we come get her phone from you for her to use tonight"

So what is it??!! Last week it was no cell phone for SD PERIOD and now she can use it 1 week later? I'm not the crazy one here! I am literally shaking right now. She's especially crazy if she thinks I want to text her back and see her stupid twunt face today.

The lingering effects of a miserable marriage?

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I went to the salon for a cut and color and my stylist pointed out a bald spot in the back, hidden mostly, and called over the owner and he said it looks like alopecia areata, asked me if I have been "stressed."

I told them the divorce was hugely stressful and tried to blink away the tears until I got in the car.  Then I googled... bad idea.  Stories of women getting multiple bald spots and even some losing all of their hair.

Disengage? ME? Really? No....I've been raising this boy. Not anymore.

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The straw that broke the camel's back.

SS15 who will be 16 this coming week has the maturity of a 10 year old; the hormonal temperment of a teenager; and the difficulties that come with an Aspberger's Syndrome kiddo. He has spent this entire school year Fing around and is failing several subjects. I made it clear, that I am not paying for another year of private school (and the school he is going to is wonderful...he just doesn't give a flying flip and doesn't do a damn thing in class anymore) if this is his attitude.

His father, my DH, is furious with me. 



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Thanks everyone for your comments on my previous blog! I totally agree with what you guys were saying and helped me to go have a nice, relaxing date night! 

SS came over on Friday and is staying the weekend. I got the chance to sit down with him by myself and talk about what's been going on. Ends up BM is full of crap (who knew lol) and he told me he doesn't come over as much because of vegetables and SS11. I told him both those things are things that he needs to live with. 

Forming an exit plan

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Yeh it’s been coming a while but I think yesterday just kind of took the cake 

I don’t really help out with the steps - they are not interested in talking to me or being involved with me so that’s the end of that. Not going to break my backside for them. Partner keeps trying to force family activities on us to create some sort of bond- hasn’t happened so far. 

DH gave me full reigns

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We had a heated convo this evening. I basically told him that SD is not as perfect as he thinks she is and that I have no power in discipling her if he doesn't back me up. He told me that I need to discipline her 100% as if she were mine and I refuse..

Sd12 resents her "stepdad" (BM will never marry her babydaddy) and I do not want to experience what I've read on this site unnecessarily.