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Dating and remarriage

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I met my DH soon after I began dating. Adult dating... now that's another blog in itself huh? He was awesome. Very successful, divorced 4 years (I had been divorced just under one year) he was funny, responsible, caring, all the things I knew a husband should be. If I had a wishlist of 'must haves'.. I honeslty wouldn't have even thought of some of the qualities to add to that list that he possessed because the odds of finding it would be astronomical. His 3 kids were close to my kids ages except one of them was 6 or 7 at the time.

OT - Throwback Thursday

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Happy Thursday, STalkers! How about some memories of yesteryear and family Christmas when you were young?

Christmas tree: real or fake? Due to one sibling's allergies, we had a fake tree.

When did the tree go up/come down? Up the day after Thanksgiving. Down the day after Christmas. It looked naked without anything underneath.


Husband's Facebook

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If you looks at my husband's Facebook you'd think he is a single dad who is dedicated to his work and his daughter. You'd never know that he is married if it wasn't for me sharing photos of the two of us. Is anyone else's spouse like this? It drive me nuts like he he proud of all these other things but it's like I don't exist! If he takes photos of me and SD he just keeps them, he only shares photos that are of him and her or her alone. 

Yesterday Vs Today

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Yesterday the court requests for not just my husbands financials, but mine, and my employees, as well came in.  Three years ago when we went to court she owed us child support, but we agreed to waive that, pay her 100 a month, and pay all medical because we wanted the kids safe and it gave us primary custody.  Now that we are going to court AGAIN (because of her pedophile boyfriend who she conveniently broke up with AGAIN), and we own our own business, she wants to see how much she can potentially get.  Now, we have always been honest, and she has always lied about income.

They got their Christmas wish- dh and I are over

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We just couldn't save our marriage. His kids didn't want to us to get back together and they've succeeded. 

I would have always have a black mark on my back  because I did not want ss13 to move into our house. And his older two siblings wouldn't let me anywhere near him after I lost my cool for a brief moment. 

He filed 3 days ago .......


Blended family problem

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I'm going to start with a bit of my husband and his ex's history! When I met my husband he was moved out of the family home with his 3 children as his ex was using opioids and prostituting. The ministry became involved we had the children up until she blamed him for all her problems and they were taken away from us as well and placed with his parents! And let me add that they started their family at 15 years old, had a terrible relationship and did not raise those children properly.