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BM's mugshot

It's a doozy! Or should I say boozy! It's for a DWI.

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Name calling

My SO and SD live 4 blocks from BM...for now until we find a house We were driving the other day in the car and BM and her son happen to pull up next to us.

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BM says....

I really think BM is gonna eff up her kids in the long run.

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The house is ready to list - see pictures

Updated: (all the picture uploaded in a jumble and I don't see a way to organize them).

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I had a terrible day, unrelated to my SSs today, but was pushed over the edge when I walked into our family room and saw all of their gaming gear sitting all over the floor.

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Eight Years Ago Today

YSS PASed out over a home cooked meal. After a period of blaming me for the PAS, continued peaceful bliss ensued.

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WOW he can dress himself *enter eyeroll and vent.*

Well BM just called SO bragging about how the boy whose almost 5 is starting to dress himself and we need to make sure to let him.

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Please tell me there is an end ...

At what age did your stepchild(ren) quit visiting you every other weekend? (Or whatever court ordered visitation you have in place?)

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Raising an incompetent child - DH does everything for his child

My DH caters to my 13 year olds' EVERY need when she is visiting. It drives me absolutely insane.

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Last weekend part two - Baptism and BS

On Sunday, my granddaughter was baptised Smiling

The baptism was fine, and it was fun explaining to my non-Catholic husband what was going on during mass and at the baptismal font Smiling