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Disengagement - Spreading the Good Word - update on Winona SD17 (Shoplifter)

She has no remorse. She tells her father, that she "didn't do anything". Right. she never does anything. Then tells her mother that she "did it for adrenalin." .

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What I have learned after 5 years of being CUSTODIAL StepMom

A mother/parent who loves her/his children will phone them on days other than just holidays.

A mother/parent who loves her/his children will provide some sort of support or nurturing to her son.

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How much does your DH pay in CS?

I was reading AJanies blog and a few posters said their DHs were paying ridiculous amounts of support. I'm curious, what is ridiculous?

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OT - Frugal Side dishes for 6 people

Hello Steptalkers! I thought I might ask for suggestions here since so many of us have larger groups of people to feed on frugal meals that will cover 6 people. I have $30 for one month of meals.

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Engagement Party in the Lion's Den

Good Morning to my new favourite people.

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Bm wants child support

We kept the kids while she was hurt and recovering for about a month and now we are back to 50/50 custody. Do you think she will get child support? She isn't working due to her accident.

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So depressed today

I've been posting a lot lately, sorry if I am getting annoying. I am in need of a vent right now. I just had a terrible fight with DH and I have an entire day of work looming ahead.

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What I have learned after 16 years of being a non-custodial SM

A mother who loves her children doesn’t use them as an ATM card.

A mother who loves her children doesn’t use them to dig for information about the other parent.

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Leadership Academy Thoughts

So, SS10 got nominated by his teacher to go to a STEM leadership academy. I am glad for him and I know his parents are proud.

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O/T Warning IVF and babymaking talk 3.0

So I went to the doctors on Monday to get another HCG test. They were hoping for 435 or higher. MY HCG was 781.