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Just when I think ToxicTroll can't go lower, she does

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I keep saying this! But wow.

I heard from DH last night that a friend of ToxicTroll's (she got him his job in his current field but he is not actuall friends with her any longer and is not invited to anything), saw a Facebook post from her, saying that "she won her child support case and now will win her workers comp case, whoot whoot! congratulations to me!!!"


"Will dealings with BM ever get better?"

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No, grasshopper, not if your BM is a narcissist. 

If your troubles with BM are entirely becaue of a silly misunderstanding, you're probably not even reading this, because chances are that you were NOT searching for a site to come vent to make sense of the insanity!

So TEN YEARS LATER, I have stopped feeding into her nonsense....STOPPED thinking that I could make things better if I just emailed her ONE MORE TIME....STOPPED reacting to her insanity. I have had no direct contact with her for the better part of a year. 

Rollercoaster of life

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It has been a very busy week since I last was even able to get on the site, work has kept me quite busy and home as well.

DW is doing well with SD26 not being allowed at our home, there have two visits with her outside of the house in neutral places and no complaints from DW, either she is totally onboard or she is keeping her comments to herself.

Looking to just share my horror story and get some empathy

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Ive been married for 7 years, both second marriage.  We dated for 5-6 years before marrying I have NO children.  My husband has two. A son who is 21 and is slightly asburger and a daughter 32 and she married with two kids.  I hate his kids.  I tried for years to make a relationship but his ex wife (who never remarried no ever even dated after divorce that’s how insane she is) manipulated them so bad and still does.  All the manipulation has been used on my husband so he feels sorry for his loser kids.  His son lives with his mother.


Should I send it?

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Backstory: When we were in SS's state in May I talked to BM. It was a really good talk. It was all how we were going to co-parent. Blah, blah, blah- all horse sh!t.

I reached out and texted yesterday saying that when we talked in May you said you would be willing to have me be the buffer and work on coparenting when she is irritated with DH. So, please call or text so we can get this resolved and SS and DH can see each other week after next. -- Of course no response.


Here is what I want to send and DH approved:


Bless your heart BM, this sure has backfired

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I think BM's manipulation, poison attitude and high conflict ways may have backfired. I think she believed the more she manipulated the kids, the more she created drama and acted like a saint, and the more she called him a horrible father and brought up  how "he used to be" she could control everything. I think her BS has finally taking a toll. DH does not care. He does not care if they are here. If they are there.  He keeps saying he just wants to be happy, and me and dd4 are what make him happy.