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High School Graduation

I admit I teared up over this. Makes me shake my head even more at some of the teenagers we read about on here who are just too damn lazy to graduate.

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O/T - Gestational Diabetes - Recipe Recommendations

I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Does anyone have any lower carb dinner recipe suggestions? I've been looking online a bit and didn't see much I liked.

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Oh the Irony

So the ex signed on to be an assistant coach, has made a huge deal about it.

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Ran by the my bikes.

Yesterday, DH texted in the morning to tell me my bikes were ready for pickup and my mail and "some of my other stuff" was in a bag on the counter. I was curious as to what the "other stuff" was.

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Child Support Has Ended!

No, not my DH paying it, but me receiving it from my ex. BS will turn 21 next week, and I got the final payment in the mail yesterday.

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I've been reading some blogs and forum posts. And my head is about to explode.

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O/T but a common O/T Sex Drive

Bless My poor DH's Heart.

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OT - Question about filing a Motion for Contempt due to non payment of Child Support

My exH, the father of my twins 12 stb13, has not paid a dime since January 3, 2017. Prior to that he barely paid a total of 1 month in a six month span.

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True or False... Words from My Shrink

Not sure if my shrink was speaking exclusively to the motives and/or behavior of my husband but last night he said:

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OT Power Outtage

So last night just before dinner the power goes out. I cooked my favorite Tuscan Garlic Chicken and I was over the moon it had just finished as the power started surging.