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Getting ready for kitty

Today we bought a new litter box for our new addition. I know mil will send one home with her but I want one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Kind of cool they now have flap doors.

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Compassion or giving in to control?

Quick back story/update as I have posted on here two years ago and much has changed.

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Doubting Lamby and Chippers.

Yo Lamby,

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Saw this and thought of your step son!!

Had to share!!


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Hey Steppers,

I am so close to all boxed up at the house and prepping to move. Can't wait! Going to rent the house soon now.

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Skids and Step Extended Family

We’re getting ready for SD to come back home sometime next week. DH is still trying to figure out when he can get off work and the logistics.

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Bahaha GBM complained about skids attitudes

The other day GBM came to pick up skids for the night. As soon as she pulls up DH always goes outside because we don't want her nosy rear in the house.

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SD15 trying to crash my DD's birthday party

My DD invited a few friends over for this coming weekend for pizza and swimming to celebrate her birthday. The intention was it would be just for her and her friends (no sisters or step sisters).

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Took SS on a date the other night. He says "WHY ME??..."

There are a lot of times that it is only SS and I home. My DD's go to their dad's 50% of the time, and DH still travels a lot for work. So this week, Wednesday and Thursday, it was just SS and I.

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OT - BioHo's new will

BioHo is so certain that PrincASS is going to quit the Army or get booted from boot camp that she changed her will (yes, changed as in it has already been done) to leave EVERYTHING to PrincASS.