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Happy "Feed Everyone Day".... I mean "Father's Day"!

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So Father's Day this  year was on a non-skid weekend. Yay.  DH had to pick up ss at 9am.  We had just gone grocery shopping at Aldi on Friday and got a big pack of boneless skinless chicken for $11, some hotdogs, brats, chips, etc.  I paid $50, dh paid $80.  i was relieved because the chicken alone (once washed and split) would last us at least a week. 

May I be petty for a moment? Thank you.

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Can I be petty?  I have some pettiness just bubbling up inside and figure why not take it here.

I've been trying and succeeding at being relatively tolerant and positive about BM and the kid because my SO is (mostly) worth the tolerance, but BM did a few things recently that are worthy of posting.

She is seeing more clearly now that SO and I are serious... so she is freaking out a bit.  Really ramping up the relationship with the new guy, crying before drop offs and getting the kid upset about leaving her, etc.  

What are WE doing for Father's Day?

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Asked MSS16.

Then I asked MSS and YSS what THEY planned for Father's Day because DH isn't my dad. 

He hemmed and hawed but they did zip zero nada for good old Dad. The Dad who gave you life, spent every weekend and evenings driving you to baseball tornaments since you were 5 and cleaned up your poopy diapers and puke. 

OSS graced us with his presence for a few hours. No presents or card for Dad if course because that would require having to think about someone else. All he did was talk about himself. Mememememe. I I I I I 

I hate my step kids

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 Let’s just start off from the beginning. I knew my now husband two years ago I came over for game night with my significant other at the time and he was with his wife and children. I have a daughter of my own and we were invited over for a game night. I was attracted to my husband and he was me but we never voiced it. My significant other and I broke up. And not too long after my husband and his Now ex-wife were legally separated and starting to get divorced. We became friends for about a year. And then we dated and got married and everything was great.


It Hit the Fan

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Well, I am posting again with an update and to be honest, I need to vent as well.  We had my DH's children this past week.  It all came to a head yesterday.  He has been sensing that I was not as happy as I am when his kids are not around.  And yes, I have to take responsibility for keeping some things pent up over the past few weeks, maybe months.  In any case, it came out yesterday.  We had his kids for a week.  I was home with them all week; my husband went to work and was home in the evenings.  The kids woke up all hours of the morning and when they came out, not even a good morning.  N

How I became a fulltime stepmom.

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My DH went to pick up the kids last Christmas for a week (picked them up on 12/21).  The skids come with a plastic tote each (total of 4 kids).  Something I found very odd because they have never been allowed to bring anything but the clothing on their backs.  My DH has always had to have clothing for them for when they visit.  Each tote had a bow on it and the skids said they were Christmas gifts.  Odd right?


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... for the obigatory letter from school stating that skid has not returned all his materials back to school and therefore will not be getting his final grades released. 

Oh and the letter assigning YSS (happened for SD and OSS every single year as well) to summer school.  This will be YSS 15.5's 9th straight year of summer school.  Or as I like to call it "snacks and socializing for six weeks" which somehow makes up for being truant and tardy all of the regular school year.

I can practically set my Samsung Gear S3 watch by it .

(insert eye roll emoji)

Fathers Day for the PASed Dad

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I know others out there have this problem... did your SO even get wished a Happy Fathers Day this year? It broke my heart watching him carrying around his phone all day (not something he normally does) to only get nothing from the brat. 

Not much else to say. Just venting. What did we expect? She started this and shes a budding narcissist.