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OT - Worst Date

What's the absolute WORST date you've had? Mine was a blind date and I still shudder at the thought!!

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So far.....So good.

It's been more than a month since I sold my house and took up permanent residence with DH in our home. Things have been peaceful and wonderfully boring.

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Where did downsouthinTX? Go?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering....I didn't agree with her much.
She always thought she was the best BM since sliced bread was created.

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Skids should rule the world.

Because they know everything. About everything.

Painting the bedroom blue? No, green is better.
Having a dinner party and serving chocolate cake for dessert? No, banana pudding is better.

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OT: Slow cooker (and other) recipes & Food Prep Tips

Anyone care to share their favorite slow cooker/ crock pot recipes? Either ones that you prep and do same days or even some of the ones you prep ahead of time and freeze and then thaw before you use.

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OT - Vacations!

S*** happened. I don't wanna talk about it. So I won't... But what I would like is to hear about affordable vacations Smiling Because this stressed person wants to go on one soon!!!

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MIL driving me insane with requests DH can't handle it

So after telling us a few days ago she had the "all clear" regarding her cancer surgery, Now MIL just called me at work because DH not answering.

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Update to college rant!

Quick recap: SDalmost18 lives in another state. We typically see her at Christmas and over the summer.

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Tired Of Dealing with Husband and his Babymama

This would be my first time on here and saw there are some people in my same situation. I’m a divorced mother of one and was for about 5 years.

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New here and learning

Hello everyone. I am new here and have been reading blogs and posts for a few weeks now until I finally became courageous enough to join the site.