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Working from home - SD drama from afar

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I have been working from home and my DH was terminated just prior to all the coronavirus closures.  Anyways, he is up my BUTT, like worse than the children so I haven't had a chance to be on steptalk much.  I can't risk him finding these blogs and being all upset even though I have told him all of these things about his precious and BM already!  Today I am working from the office briefly.  It is nice because I am the only one here and my office is peaceful and quite! Smile

Go figure...

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As some of you may recall from a previous blog we recently got a new (rescue) puppy.  This was during SD's MRSA and concussion shit show so I didn't allow SD to play with the new puppy.  You know as a precaution due to her infectious disease and her SEVERE concussion.  Well about 3-4 days ago BM had to have her dog put down which is only sad b/c of the dog.  I don't care about BM's feelings. Last night SD had her first visit with us in over a week because I was sick.  Of course BM will keep SD if any of us are sick but send her if she is sick.  

OT- My boss the idiot

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I live in OH.  All schools are online.  Restaurants and bars are closed.  Last week my idiot boss was considering letting additional people come work from our facility if the base closed down.  I work in govt contracting.  That was his first idiot thought.  News/president/health officials/bascially everyone "no crowds over 100, limit social contact" = to my idiot boss "lets bring more people into the office"  WTF?!?!

Milking it surprised....

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DH just informed me that he isn't getting SD tonight (his scheduled night to get her) because she returned to school today but only made it a 1/2 day and now she has a headache!  I took this opportunity to point out to DH that it obviously isn't just BM over exaggerating and that SD is also milking this system.  SD was 100% fine at our house this past weekend.  No headache.  On her phone the entire time.  Was able to dye her hair and talk to friends non stop.....but now that she is back to school symptoms have returned....WOW!

Guilty daddeeee = huge turn off!

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I know this is my 2nd blog of the day.  Sorry, I just can't with DH today!  He just told me he has to pick SD up from therapy tomorrow for his visit with her and was like, "I wonder how much longer this therapy is gonna last", well it has been ongoing for 7 years now and no changes with SD or BM so I would guess it will be ongoing forever for SD.  

Munchausen Monologues

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Sorry to be a bit of a blog hog today but I had to share a new update to this crap show.

Apparently DH told SD that when she comes over this weekend she would just be resting and not doing anything because of her injury and SD responded, "why did she say I was doing bad? I'm confused I'm walking really well now.  And my mom is being a tad dramatic about this injury the whole time anyways".  


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BM is having a flip out about DH "not putting SD first" because SD had a staph outbreak and DH made her not want to come over (b/c we treat her like she is contagious...b/c she is), then the concussion, now it is his weekend and he wants to spend time with his friends (the only time he gets off is the weekends we have SD)." According to BM DH is crushing their kid and he should put her first.  Also BM is pissed she has to rearrange her free time that she gets every other weekend, lol!  SD is still not cleared to return to school on Monday and she can't be left alone with this concussion.  A

Quick Update

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DH got SD Friday night as mentioned in my previous post.  I kid you not she shows up with a damn walker and ear plugs (which she forgot at my house).  Then DH tells me that SD can't take tests at school or anything for a month!  WTH!?!? I guess this concussion is way worse than I thought *dash1* I honestly cannot believe that DH really believes that SD has a concussion this severe.  I know I'm not a doctor but her symptoms - stuttering and can't walk - both looked very exaggerated and well fake!  

Making up time...

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Well DH is making up time with SD tonight.  Yippeee! Sad I've really enjoyed the break from her.  According to him SD is really messed up with this concussion.  Stuttering and can't walk on her own.  Why insist on coming over then?  Why not wait until she feels better?  If she can't walk and talk it won't be much of a quality visit.