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Starting to notice a pattern....

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It seems like all of SD's "bestfriends" are BM's friend's kids.  I know it is normal to hang out with other kids b/c your parents are friends with theirs.  I made friends that way as a child and that is kind of why this thought just hit me the today.  SD was talking to DH and I was half a$$ed listening because I don't really enjoy anything she ever talks about.  I was hoping to hear how her soccer practice went but unfortunately that isn't what she was blabbing about.  Anyways, she came out to show DH some text she had received from BM and sat there and explained that the text was from anot

Another new sport...

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Well go figure BM found another new sport to enroll SD in that she likely won't excel at.  BM has now registered SD in indoor soccer and claims the only indoor soccer she could enroll SD in is in a town 45 minutes away from ours....but you know it isn't BM's fault we moved so she doesn't care if it is an is in "SD's best interest" as usual.  Oh and of course BM is going to help coaching even though BM herself has never played soccer and neither has SD.  From what I understand indoor soccer includes a lot of running.  I'm sure this will definitely cause SD's "sports induce

Results are in...

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SD is not ADHD.  BM called DH yesterday to discuss the results of her super expensive ($2k) special testing.  I'm sure that BM and SD are disappointed that they can't blame SD's poor performance in school on ADHD or learning disabilities.  BM kept talking about how much she spent on this testing.  I'm sure she is going to try to get us to pay for some of it.  However, she sent DH an e-mail that she had sent this doctor that did the testing stating that she would pay anything not covered by ins.  She is the one that chose to send her to this "special" dr that her insurance didn't cover and o

SD & homework & BM craziness

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Wednesday was our night to have SD.  It was the first night DH has had visitation in months that SD didn't have some practice/game or therapy appointment to attend so SD was actually doing her homework.  If you read my last post BM has decided that at 12 SD is now learning disabled and has ADD b/c she hasn't been doing homework and her grades are reflecting that.

Here we go....

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I knew at some point BM would switch up therapists b/c the current therapist was meeting with DH every other visit and the therapist I'm sure started catching on to the real problem....BM!  Anyways, DH just forwarded me texts from BM.  Now BM wants to know if our secondary insurance covers pediatric psychology b/c hers doesn't.  Funny not that long ago she was complaining about my insurance being crappy and worthless.  I have a federal employee health benefit plan.  It isn't crap.  It is the best insurance I have ever had.

SD ECAs and general update

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Well I haven't blogged in a while but I'm still around reading and commenting.  Anyways, I thought I would make this shocking update.  At least it is shocking to me.  SD managed to make it through her field hockey season injury free.  She still has softball so we shall see.  I'm not sure how it happened.  Maybe she got tired of people calling her out on her fake injuries for attention.  Maybe because she only played like 5 minutes in each game (or not at all) or maybe because she actually liked it and didn't want to get out of it like she did cheer....IDK but it is a miracle! LOL!  

It never ends :(

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We called the cops on stupid BM this weekend.  She decided to try to punish DH for his "shitty attitude"....his response to her shitty attitude is the just of it.  We were supposed to meet to get SD at 10:30.  He confirmed the same neutral location we always use b/c when she is being spiteful (and has been lately) she uses the agreement which states her parents home.  Anyways, she states "neutral place, you're lucky I went to church today"....and of course stupid DH says, "and you're lucky I give her back an hour early" b/c we have been doing that as well "for SD's sake" obvi

So it begins...

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I knew this was going to happen.  DH now goes to every other therapist appointment with SD.  The therapist is now seeing DH's side as well as BM's made up side of things.  Well go figure BM is now telling DH he has to rearrange his next appointment b/c she signed SD up for field hockey.  You know sports obviously trump parenting time and mental health issues if you are a GUBM trying to control your ex husband still....right!?!?!?! 

I also predict she will either switch therapist soon or decide SD doesn't need the therapist anymore.

Over the drama

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Last night BM informed DH that SD had bypassed her parental locks on social media by going to the website for IG instead and she created a IG account.  She found all these private messages that SD (12) initiated with older men and women talking about how she is pansexual and talking about BJs and telling these people her name, location, age, etc.  I'm not surprised.  When she had musically before I found a video of her provocatively dancing.  The girl has been desperate for attention since I met her.  The fake injuries, the faking taking meds to stay worse and now this comes to light.  I th


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If your child or skid had MRSA would you take them around other families/children/babies while they still had open sores?!?! Just curious what others think about this.....