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1st SD weekend in a while...

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This past weekend was the first weekend we had SD in a while due to Easter and Spring Break.  She went on spring break with a friend for a week.  She bragged and bragged about her upcoming vacation and how much money BM was going to give her for weeks prior.  Oddly she didn't mention anything about the vacation when she returned.  I know they were supposed to stay an extra day and go to some theme park but that didn't end up happening either.  Again, I don't know why and I didn't pry.  I also overheard SO talking to her in the middle of the week (after she returned and was back to school) a

Since we eat unhealthy at THIS house....

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It was our weekend to have SD which I always dread because of her little snide comments such as my title and SO seems to be oblivious to the fact that she is making digs at me...cause she is so innocent and all and doesn't say it with an attitude!  I know such a stupid little comment shouldn't get to me (especially since I know SD wanted it to).  SD all of the sudden has been on this healthy eating kick.  I don't know if it is because her mom's new bf is on a special diet b/c of heart problems or if she is getting made fun of at school for being chubby.  Anyways, the other day she said that

SD and Crafts

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Do any of you have a skid that makes crafts all the time?  My SD (10 almost 11) does.  I actually think it is great that she enjoys crafts and art and stuff like that but I don't really want to keep her masterpieces because I'm not that impressed.  I know that sounds really mean but she makes some really weird stuff.  When she draws a picture or something like that I will hang it on the fridge like I do with my boys.  I also plan on framing one of her pieces of artwork from school and hanging it in our dining area.  I am going to do it with one of my son's pictures as well.  However not all


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For those of you that read and responded to my last blog, thank you!  Now here is a quick update.  SO and I did indeed go on our date and he missed SD's "last sockhop" for our date.  Of course he got freaking text updates all night long *nea* I still have mixed feelings about it though because he felt the need to tell me this, "I just told SD that I had to help my cousin fix his car, I didn't want her feeling bad thinking I didn't want to go to her last sock hop" - UGH, I really don't think he will EVER get it at this point.  I told him, well that is nice that you are more worried about ups

Extracurricular Activities

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I know that there are other blogs talking about this but I need to make a blog right now before I blow a gasket. BM has been really nice lately since she has a new us extra time with SD (which I don't want and it is only so she has alone time with her new bf). I warned SO that once she didn't get her way she would flip out and go back to the BM we have known much longer than this fake facade she is putting up for the new bf!


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I am really curious about other's opinions on this scenario...Okay, here it goes. We buy bottled water at the house for everyone to drink. SO gets really irritated by 1/2 drank water bottles laying around and no one claiming them because it is a waste. I obviously agree. We started making the kids write their initials on the bottles because of course they never admit which one did it. We seem to go through water really fast when SD is there.

Constant Staring

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I am just wondering if anyone else has this issue with their skids because I am not exactly sure how to handle it and I find it a bit disturbing. You know how you can feel someone staring at you and so you look and there they are just staring away?!?! My SD (10) has been doing this with me for at least the past year. She is one that LOVES attention and is constantly trying to be the center of attention and I am probably one of the only people that ignores this behavior because I do not want to feed into it.

BM has a new BF

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About a year ago BM broke up with the guy she was living with and kicked him and his 2 kids out. Over the summer she started dating someone new. She has always been high conflict and problematic in anything dealing with SD. Only BM's parents were "approved" to watch SD. No way would she leave her alone with me. Anyways, here recently since she started dating this new victim she has decided that SO can have more time with SD (whenever it is convenient for BM and she has plans with her new bf).