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O/T - Question about toxic relationships

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Okay, over time I have finally come to realize that I myself am in a toxic relationship with my DH.  This is hard to admit because I love him and I wanted things to work but I'm starting to realize that I don't think it will.  I actually have a few questions:

1) Can people really change if they have some narc traits?  Are they capable of changing?

2) How can you leave someone that doesn't want to leave?  I mean I know you just do it but are there any tips on how to make it less dramatic and painful?

Knew this was coming....

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In one of my previous blogs I think we all joked/made bets on SD's next injury.  I think we all guessed wrong but can't remember.  Anyways, here is the update on her current "injury"...but at least this year she made it to the final game, that is an improvement.  If anyone guessed "sports induced asthma attack" in the previous blog you are a winner!

Just checking in

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I haven't made a blog or update or even been on ST in a while so here is my update/checking in.  I don't really have much exciting to report other than I have been trying to disengage even more from SD and MIL than before.  SD is still super annoying and attention hungry on her visits.  She is 13 at what age do skids stop desperately seeking attention and self entertain?!?!

The excuses are starting to surface...

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Last night was DH's night to have SD. When they first arrive she starts talking to us and is going on about how she is starting to not like softball because her coach is "mean" and all about winning and being competitive.  Um...I thought that was the whole point of sports was to try to win and do your best but I guess not if you've grown up in the everyone gets a trophy society!  I guess her "mean" coach won't let her pitch and according to SD pitching is the only part of softball she is good at and so she is mad that the coach won't let her. 

O/T - Big Ol' Babies

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I have to know, am I the only one with a DH that is a complete man child when he is "sick"?!?!?!  I STG I am so over being married right now!  At approx 8am my overgrown man baby started complaining that his "intestines hurt".  This is a complaint he has frequently which probably has to do with his awful diet but that won't ever change.  Anyways, I am also annoyed that he says his intestines hurt, trying to make "I have a tummy ache" sound more severe or something...IDK!  Well when he started his whining I told him to take a pepto and/or anti-diarhea pill (we have both at home) and he doesn


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You all are about to see me on a new episode of Snapped if my DH asks me one more time to go to MIL's for dinner just because she is pressuring him to come visit.  I HATE visiting MIL.  When she invites us for dinner just the invite gives me anxiety.  She lives in a small apt that she smokes in which I find super gross and I am leery of her cooking!


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I feel like I could have predicted this...and may have predicted this already in previous blogs/comments....SD didn't make the softball team.  I'm honestly not surprised.  Any time SD has to actually try out to make a team she doesn't make it (at least so far).  I am sure that BM is shocked.  I mean she had her on that "super competitive recreational team" with kids 4 years younger than her.  How did that not help her game?!?!

Stupidity continues!

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Shocking, I know!  My DH is still being STUPID!  Imagine that!  He just couldn't understand why I wasn't amused about the whole "my ex is getting proposed to" story and how I wasn't just as happy as him that she is finally moving on!  WTH!?!?! Man he might actually be mentally challenged and I'm not saying that to make fun of people with disabilities.  I'm just so wowed by his ignorance. 

Why are men so stupid?!?!

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Y'all don't really need to answer that.  I just need to vent.  Maybe I'm being petty, maybe not, IDK, but this was irritating to me. 

My DH just texted me with screenshots from SD.  Apparently SD is all excited that BM's bf is going to propose to BM and asked SD to help plan the proposal.  So SD's texts are all about this upcoming proposal and SD said that she told BM's bf to do it at this local nature place (that is pretty popular) at the bridge.  To which DH replies to SD "you might want to tell bf to do it somewhere else because that is where I proposed to your mom at".