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I feel like I could have predicted this...and may have predicted this already in previous blogs/comments....SD didn't make the softball team.  I'm honestly not surprised.  Any time SD has to actually try out to make a team she doesn't make it (at least so far).  I am sure that BM is shocked.  I mean she had her on that "super competitive recreational team" with kids 4 years younger than her.  How did that not help her game?!?!

Stupidity continues!

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Shocking, I know!  My DH is still being STUPID!  Imagine that!  He just couldn't understand why I wasn't amused about the whole "my ex is getting proposed to" story and how I wasn't just as happy as him that she is finally moving on!  WTH!?!?! Man he might actually be mentally challenged and I'm not saying that to make fun of people with disabilities.  I'm just so wowed by his ignorance. 

Why are men so stupid?!?!

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Y'all don't really need to answer that.  I just need to vent.  Maybe I'm being petty, maybe not, IDK, but this was irritating to me. 

My DH just texted me with screenshots from SD.  Apparently SD is all excited that BM's bf is going to propose to BM and asked SD to help plan the proposal.  So SD's texts are all about this upcoming proposal and SD said that she told BM's bf to do it at this local nature place (that is pretty popular) at the bridge.  To which DH replies to SD "you might want to tell bf to do it somewhere else because that is where I proposed to your mom at". 

Update to my last blog

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Thank you all for your advice and sharing your experiences.  I knew I was right to be leary of SD's sudden interest (and enlightenment) in possibly moving in with daddy to escape the wrath of BM.  Her big sob story and how "evil" BM was occured on Thursday.  By the time SD showed up Friday for her visit and BM had returned her prized possession (her iphone) and there was ZERO talk/mention of BM being mean or wanting to move in with daddy. 

Delusional DH

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SD came for her visitation last night.  Apparently she has been butting heads with BM all week and earlier in the week told BM to shut up which resulted in BM taking her phone for a week.  SD went into this long drawn out story about what has been going on at BM's house and how she knows that she shouldn't have told her to shut up b/c it was disrespectful but she's had enough of BM and how BM treats her.

MIL must be smoking crack

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MIL sends DH a message last night BEGGING to take our YDS camping with her for a week.  I was thinking I was about to have to fight with DH b/c there is no way in HELL I would ever consider that happening.  Luckily, DH was not an idiot and before I even responded he was like, "wtf?!?! No, why would she even ask us this".  We have many valid reasons to say no to this:

1) COVID - idiot MIL has acted like COVID didn't exist this entire pandemic

2) I don't trust MIL's driving (she has diabetes and has passed out on occasion)

Crazy BM...

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This time I'm referring to my own mother.  I love her because she is my mother but OMG she is driving me crazy lately.  She lives 3 hours away (her choice) and complains that we don't visit while complaining about COVID and being safe.  For a while she kept posting stuff on my fb wall and when I asked her to please stop and just privately message me if she wanted to share something she said, "I'm just being a mom".  I went ahead and changed my fb settings too so she couldn't do it.  The other day I shared a "funny" meme and she is the type to ruin it and did and is still commenting on it da


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It feels like it has been a really long week.  I'm so happy that Friday is here!  I'm also happy because DH was supposed to get SD to make up for a day earlier in the week and now he doesn't think he is going to get her!  Yay!  Yes, I'm an evil stepmom that was not looking forward to another #blessed visit with SD!  She has been a royal PITA lately so I'm happy to not have to deal with her tonight.  I'm always worn out by Friday and just want to relax.  She simply isn't someone that is relaxing to be around!  I guess I'm an evil mom too b/c my ODS is going to his dad's house tonight and I'm

Holiday weekend with Skid

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Am I the only one that dreads having their skid with them on holiday weekends?  I love 4th of July but over the years SD and BM have made it one of my least favorite holidays.  This is one of the "shared" holidays in BM and DH's CO.  Halloween is the other "shared" holiday.  Meaning that my dumb@$$ husband signed a CO stating they would spend these holidays together with SD *bad*.  The first few years I went along with it and of course BM always convinced DH we had to go to her city for it.  However, with YDS and ODS I decided screw this.  That is