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Knew this was coming....

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In one of my previous blogs I think we all joked/made bets on SD's next injury.  I think we all guessed wrong but can't remember.  Anyways, here is the update on her current "injury"...but at least this year she made it to the final game, that is an improvement.  If anyone guessed "sports induced asthma attack" in the previous blog you are a winner! LOL!  SD had a softball double header on Tues night (her last games) and apparently in the last game she had a really bad asthma attack so BM took her to use their nebulizer at BM's home.  We don't have one because BM is custodial parent and has her most of the time.  There is a reason I am mentioning this.  I guess the nebulizer didn't work and SD was still freaking out so BM to her to the ER.  Not sure what they did at the ER I imagine a breathing treatment and told her to follow up with her regular dr.  On Wed BM tells DH that SD NEEDS him to take her to get a COVID test b/c her regular dr told her to get one and BM NEEDS DH to come along for the COVID tests b/c SD is freaking out, won't take it and won't go in the building and goes on about how she NEVER asks him to be there for SD but SD really needs him to step up this time.  Typical BM garbage.  SD is 13 and there is no reason he needs to go with her and BM and hold her hand or force her to go get the test. 

I suggested he tell her that if she can't handle her duties as the full time custodial parent (which she wanted) that maybe they should revisit who has custody, lol, obviously we are not going to go try to fight for full custody over something so dumb, just turning it back around on her like she tries to do all the time.  Oh and I should mention she was off work and wanted him to take off 2 hours early and go do this.  DH doesn't have PTO yet at this job.  Plus if she does actually have COVID then it would be re exposing DH and then him bringing it back to our family.  I doubt she does but just saying!   

Well as I figured this text really got under BM's skin and she went into one of her ramblings, "if you file then I will file too, and btw you didn't take her to the ER on Tuesday, I did, and it was at 7pm, still your visitation time, so it should have been you, blah blah blah".  Which DH just ignored and she sent another rambling message he also ignored.  This is why I mentioned above we don't have a nebulizer.  Supposedly she rushed SD from the game to their home with the nebulizer (maybe about a 10 min drive) she left the game at approx 6:30pm...but somehow magically did a breathing treatment at home (she would have got there at approx 6:40) and was walking thru the doors of the ER by 7pm.....pretty sure that isn't accurate and honestly it really doesn't matter.  If BM had said we should take her to the ER right now and bypassed the nebulizer DH would have.  Now she is just creating drama as usual and yes I know we played into it a bit but it was so predictable and ridiculous.  I'm still amused. 


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SD's team was losing...   Pumpkinhead used to do a "soccer flop" in football when his team was losing badly.

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Hahaha, you must be a psychic!  Yes, her team was also indeed losing.  I'm pretty sure they lost most of the games this year but DH also never knows the score when I ask him...he did state they were losing badly this time though.

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I think he needs a telescopic pole that extends to six feet and use it to keep BM a safe distance away from him.  Lol.     

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Right!?!?  BM just needs to let it go already!  She is engaged now.  Move along with your life!

Also, I'm secretly hoping they do quarantine for 2 weeks.  That would be great!

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Hahaha, I'm sure they do! 

Oh, I forgot to mention that last weekend SD DID NOT have softball practice but the competitive team did.  BM tried to tell SD and DH that she had to go practice with the competitive team....turns out she didn't but BM wanted her to go b/c she thinks SD "needs the exercise"....ugh! 

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Oh jeez, she is determined to give this kid a complex and make her as unlikeable as possible, isn't she?

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My thoughts exactly.  SD is already insecure and BM just continues to contribute to it with this crap!  I honestly feel bad for SD even though she annoys me!  

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They exhaust me as well and yeah...I'm with you....I think the MRSA is gone....but who knows with those 2!