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The excuses are starting to surface...

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Last night was DH's night to have SD. When they first arrive she starts talking to us and is going on about how she is starting to not like softball because her coach is "mean" and all about winning and being competitive.  Um...I thought that was the whole point of sports was to try to win and do your best but I guess not if you've grown up in the everyone gets a trophy society!  I guess her "mean" coach won't let her pitch and according to SD pitching is the only part of softball she is good at and so she is mad that the coach won't let her. 

How can the coach not see her talent?  She walked 2 players in her last game!  Obviously she is a star pitcher! 

Gah, it is going to be another long year jammed packed with sports that BM sticks SD in that she isn't that great at and it is always the coaches fault....or maybe we should take bets on when she will be injured.  She hasn't had an injury for a while (probably b/c we've been calling her out on her exaggerated injuries).  I honestly hope she doesn't get hurt b/c even though she isn't great at sports at least it means less visitation time in my home. 


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It has to be maddening to watch this circus.  Your SD's parents are setting her up for a life of not being able to be honest with herself and others and not being able to accept her personal (and perfectly fine) limitations.  I'm sure she loves the attention of the fake injuries but I think she's also unable to tell her mom that she just doesn't want to play the sport.

I hope you stocked up on wine.

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Right!?!? It is a real $hit show and a disservice to SD.  I agree it is perfectly fine to not be the best at everything and not enjoy all sports.  I didn't play sports as a child because I was terrible at them! LOL!  I was into arts and girl scouts! 

I have thought for a long time that SD's fake injuries are more about getting out of a sport BM forced her into rather than telling BM she doesn't want to do the sport.  I do know she also eats up the attention which has just made the issue worse!

LOL, I'll be stocking up soon!

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Ugh, my SS was like this. He was a decent athlete, but he made no effort.  DH used to cringe at watching him play soccer - he'd pretend to be running really hard and fake gasping for air.  If he'd tried, he could have been a good player. Then BM would tell him he did a WONDERFUL JOB, which he did NOT. (That is, if she was even paying attention). 

And nothing was EVER his fault. The coach's, or some other teammate's fault ...

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Yep, sounds just like SD's "sports induced asthma" where she only has "attacks" when BM is there and never at our home or when DH is there.  Oh and you already know that SD is the bestest, most special, super gifted player at everything and does amazing!

Nothing is ever SD's fault either.  She forgot her competition cheer try out dance and didn't make the team....because the coaches were "mean" and only picked "popular girls" and it wasn't fair.  I guess by popular she means the ones that know the cheer and practiced harder?!?! Ugh!

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The younger the child the less competitive the league(team). As the kids age leagues become more competitive. Some leagues are more competitive than others, but competition is a given if you play for a few years.

My injury guess is a fall while trying to catch a ball in the left/right field. 

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Exactly, as you get older and progress it becomes more competitive.  SD has never made a team that she had to try out for so I'm sure the team she is on now isn't even nearly as competitive as the one she had to try out for and didn't make it.  I believe this is her 2nd- 3rd year of softball. 

That is a good guess on injuries.  I'll go ahead and make my guess too....I'm thinking shoulder injury.  That would prevent her from being able to pitch or bat....most effective use of an injury.

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maybe she will twist an ankle running or sliding to base. Oh wait would she even get on base ? Would she even get that far?Haha 

But of course the coach is mean...thats her go to when she isnt told she is a superstar, which is pretty much every sport she has tried. Maybe sports isnt for her, but with BM pushing she will have no choice. In that way I feel sorry for your SD. But the rest she is downright annoying.

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Hahaha, well she would have to hit the ball at bat and I've never heard DH brag about her hitting any homeruns or outfield injury is more likely ;) 

Yep, same story every time and I also find it annoying that she decided that she didn't like softball now because she doesn't get to pitch.  Booh freaking who!!!!  You aren't the best so now you have to PRACTICE and play in other positions not "I didn't get my way and the coach is just mean and I wanna quit."  Sports are definitely not for SD but yeah she will either have to continue playing because of BM or actually stand up to BM and tell her she doesn't want to.  I do feel sorry for her there though b/c I know that BM would flip out about that and still force it.  I do feel like my SD is the most annoying child I've encountered but I'm pretty jaded as well.

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Shoulder sounds like a winner. It's a double if it's the shoulder fir your dominate hand as that would get you out of some schoolwork too.

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Oh, there you go, SD is probably googling all the injuries right now and which ones she can milk the longest without any actual visable signs/symptoms.   Getting out of schoolwork is a total plus! 

When she was younger she would fake injuries so she could use the wheelchair at school and use the elevator and have longer between classes Sad

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Is this the same specialized underage team that the too old SD is playing on? Maybe the coach is getting flak from the other parents for allowing an over aged kid on their advanced team.

My money is on SD having another injury so she can get out of playing softball anymore.

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You mean "highly competitive 9 year old recreactional team"?! LOL! BM calling that a highly competitive team was a huge stretch and SD was 4 years older than them!  It is not the same coach/league.  That was through some recreational place and this team is through her school.  I do imagine that the coach for her team now expects girls with more talent since they are all older.

I you just have to provide your guess on what the injury will be this time.  LOL!  I already called dibs on shoulder injury another poster called falling while in the outfield.  Time to start placing bets!

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I'm thinking her dormant concussion will reappear when a fly ball that misses her by two miles wings past her.

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I feel like this is a strong possibility seeing as it was a VERY SEVERE concussion that caused her to use a walker and stutter until indoor soccer was over.....magical!

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Hahaha, well chances are less likely now that the coach is "mean" and she doesn't get the position she wants.  She doesn't want to play anymore Sorry 2

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I think the stress of the unsympathetic coach might lead to very debilitating migraines.   Or does she prefer something visible?

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Oh no, this is actual perfect.  She realized when you claim to have "breaks/etc" people expect proof via x-rays/etc.  Hence her last injury being a concussion.  She could still claim the symptoms even if there was no actual visible proof.  Migraines would totally be up her alley!

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I have to laugh at thus because I don't know how many times I heard that overly dramatic SS should be made the quarterback of the team because he had a "good arm", even though he a) was always the slowest one on the field. I could always tell which one he was by looking for the player who was slow trotting; b) he never, and I mean never, knew what was going on, on the field; c) was too timid to even be playing football. He played a lot of defense and offensive line and again, I could always tell which one he was by watching for the player who stood on the fringes until any tackle was finished before jumping into the fray. It used to make DH upset that his kids were not athletic and were also lazy, but I think now he's accepted it. BM on the other hand still acts as if they are both all-stars. Last year, for basketball, they were both on one of 4 non-competitive "C" teams, even though they were 1-2 years older than kids on varsity and JV. She would still sing their praises for every basket scored in a game in emails sent to the entire family as if they were next in line to be drafted by the NBA.

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Bad Sounds very familiar and unfortunately my DH is delusional enough to also think SD is "really good." I'm sure that any coach that works with SD is annoyed because she has this over inflated ego about her abilities thanks to BM and DH's delusions.  SD has never been on an actual competitive team.  She complained that the coach is all about COMPETING in a SPORT!!! WTF?! 

Oh and the 1 and only softball game I went to of SD's was b/c it was her bday.  It was so embarassing and I won't ever go again.  She was the only child not in the dug out with the coach other kids.  Off goofing off and throwing a softball and she threw the softball onto the field where the players were playing and hit one of the players "accidentally".  BM finally made her go into the dugout and behave and then she had a "asthma" attack that was more like "attention/anxiety" when she had to bat. 

Screw that $hit$show!

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SD11 is just like this. It's never her fault. Someone is always mean. The referees were terrible. Something hurts. The list goes on. In any sport SD has done in the past DH (a guilty Disney dad) has always been her coach but if she ends up playing this year the coaching position is already taken. I soooo hope they get to play just to see her get a taste of someone being real with her and not supporting her constant offloading of fault. Although I'm sure that'll end up making me want to rip my hair out too. Sigh 

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It is really disgusting after this pattern goes on for so long.  Like HELLO!!! Common denominator every time is SD!!!!  Oh and BM has "coached" every sport that SD has been in also and acts like she is amazing so she has also been coddled and spoiled by BM.  The teams she didn't make were the ones that BM couldn't be the coach for b/c they had real coaches that had actually played the sport before!  DH here is also a guilty wanna be Disney dad so it is like the worst combination!  Oh and when she has a real coach that gives it to her real you will be experiencing this very blog! LOL!