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I feel like I could have predicted this...and may have predicted this already in previous blogs/comments....SD didn't make the softball team.  I'm honestly not surprised.  Any time SD has to actually try out to make a team she doesn't make it (at least so far).  I am sure that BM is shocked.  I mean she had her on that "super competitive recreational team" with kids 4 years younger than her.  How did that not help her game?!?!

I'm just waiting to hear the excuses.  DH texted her and asked her about it and that is the only reason we know she didn't make it.  I guess everything he texted her was met with a short "no" response so she is obviously upset.  I do feel bad for her on that.  I mean she hasn't really had to work for anything so far so she hasn't learned that hard work and practice will get you results.  Not excuses.

I wonder if BM will contact the coach's boss and try to get her on the team like she did with cheer after they were "mean" to SD and SD didn't make it.  I think BM's name should have been Karen!  Would be a way more fitting name for her!  Sorry to any real Karen's that are offended by this! 


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What, but she was excelling on the underage team. Just proves because you can buy your kids way onto a team does not mean they will be talented by extension.

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Exactly!  BM set SD up for failure IMO.  But I'm sure during SD's visit this week there will be a long list of why it wasn't her fault that she didn't make the team. 

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ROFL This is hilarious!  I mean...she might be able too...or she would just cheat.  SD cheats at pretty much any game we play at home or tries to change rules to her advantage. 

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How embarrassing though, if she didn't make a team with first-graders that had no try-outs? Or likely, she'd get hit with a ball in the first game and break her kneecap or something.

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Ok I finally looked up what a "Karen" is. I have been avoiding it because name-calling is just stupid.

So apparently OP's BM does fit the original description of a "Karen." Unfortunately the word is being overused and misused by anyone and everyone now to describe any white woman who doesn't kowtow to someone else's agenda. I'm not impressed. There is also a male version: "Keith."

When will racism just stop already?

Why can't we just call obnoxious people Obnoxious?

I've known quite a few Karens in my life and they have all been nice people (and no, my name isn't Karen lol. My name starts with "M").

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Sorry to offend you.  I still think it is funny.  Probably b/c my own mother and MIL are actually named Karen and well it fits them!  I thought the male version would be Kyle though.

I don't really look at it as racism.  I just think of it as a funny expression for an annoying person.  I think people are taking it to seriously!  But I will just call BM an obnoxious person as I'm really not trying to hurt other people's feelings! 


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The male version of Karen is actually Todd.

And neither one has anything to do with racism.  Please don't bring that to the board.

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Really, Todd?!?! LOL, I'm still going with Kyle Yes 3

I don't think it is racist either.  I mean no one has ever said that calling someone a "Debbie Downer" or "Negative Nancy" is racist.  I just think it is a funny expression.  Just like calling my kid a "sleepy head Fred" even though it isn't his is just silly!

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Yeah, Karens aren't white, they are just bitchy and entitled.  I like the Karen term, personally.  I think the male version is yet to be settled on, per Reddit.  I've heard Kyle, Ken and now Keith and Todd.

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Hahaha, well just wait until all the Todd's, Kyle's, Keith's and whoever else unit against these associations!

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Ok Kitten. 1. I don't get offended. I'm just tired of racism. It's tiresome and it just needs to stop.

2. The definition of a "Karen" specifically refers to a white woman, not just a woman... so yes. It absolutely IS racist. That's a fact.

Simpleton, feel free to use whatever terms you enjoy using.

I definitely do my share of offending others. I really just don't care though. Everyone is offended by everything, so being offended by anything has completely lost any meaning... at least for me. I know others feel differently and that's ok. Just like it's ok for me to not care.


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I agree, everyone is offended by everything it seems! 

Reminds me of a funny meme I saw on FB which will likely offend some but it had a payday candy bar and said "PAYDAY is changing it's name because it is offensive to those who don't work...."

I'm getting offended by everyone being offended! LOL! 

Honestly though I do try my best to be respectful of others.  For me the most offensive word is retard.  I hate when people use that word. 

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Oh boy! That payday meme sounds funny.

I would totally accidentally offend you in person. My siblings and I called each other names growing up and one of them was "retard." So sometimes it still slips from my lips in immature-type family situations.

I guess there are things that offend me, like if I do someone a favor and they don't say "thank you." That's one. Smile

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I found it hilarious!  It just shows though that everyone is so easily offended over EVERYTHING!

LOL, I hear people say "retard" all the time and it bothers me yet basically every other word out of my mouth is a cuss word so I try not to be to judgemental.  I'm sure I have called my brothers a retard before when I was younger too.  My mom worked with mentally handicapped people for years and after visitng her facilities and caring for individuals it really became offensive to me when people used it as an insult.  My DH and kids still say it and it drives me bonkers!

Ha, yes, I get offended when people lack manners as well....everyone has their triggers I guess!  I generally try to be respectful of others whether I agree with it or not.

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How can that be. ??? The injured list must have already been full.  Wink

I'm sure SD will spin the reasons as to why. 

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I guess they had enough bench warmers?!?  LOL!  I'm very interested to see the spin they put on it this time.  At least DH was realistic with her and texted her that she just needed to practice more and practice harder.  I'm sure she loved that advice!

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Oh, Jeebus on a pogo stick!  This kid is obviously not athletically inclined.  At least no athletics BM wants her in.  If BM is afraid of SD getting fat, quit feeding her take-out and fatty foods every day.  

The girl is just one looooonnnnnggggg trainwreck.

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Right!?!? I think what BM is doing is actually bad for SD.  I'm sure SD it has to be affecting her self esteem in some way.  Plus BM tells her that she has to be in sports so she doesn't get fat!  I've always said that if she doesn't want her to be fat that she shouldn't reward her eating with a treat after every meal but as the SM I can't just barge in and try to actually help!  I definitely don't want to be the reason SD has body image issues....but I can assure you that BM is the reason she struggles with that right now. 

SD is a trainwreck and in some ways I really feel badly for her becuase of her mother's antics....but then SD will do something super manipulative and my sympathy for her fades! 

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You are correct, weight management is mostly diet.  Exercise can help but unless you are doing a whole lot of it, it's not going to move the needle if you aren't watching what you eat.  It takes a lot of work to burn 500 calories and doesn't take much to eat it all back.

It's a shame that SD isn't choosing activies that she enjoys and might actually master instead of her mother railroading her into sports for her own stupid reasons.  Don't get me wrong, sports can be great for kids, but not if they don't enjoy them and/or just aren't inclined.  SD could still be healthy and exercise without all this drama.

But yeah, there isn't shit you can do about that, Simpleton. 

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Yes, all of this!!!!  She doesn't have healthy lifestyle habits so shoving her in sports she really doesn't like to keep her from "getting fat" isn't helping her in any way.  Probably just giving poor SD more depression/issues! 

SD actually likes ice skating and is surprisingly good at it but since it isn't year round BM finds all these "filler" sports to shove her in and make her play.  I do agree that sports are great when the kid is actually into them.  SD could definitely exercise and do other things for her weight if BM wasn't such an idiot.

Yep, not my circus so I just sit and watch in horror most days! LOL!

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Oh great! LOL!  Just like the animal torturer!  What a lovely trait, right?!?!

I feel like if you feel the need to cheat/change rules to your advantage while playing games for fun you really are a deceitful person.  Just not a good trait. 

Sometimes I lose board games first so I don't have to play with her anymore. 

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Hmmm...I'm thinking it's going to be "the coach didn't like her/is mean".  

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Yeah, that is my guess also, that was the excuse when she didn't make competitive cheer.  Not the fact that she didn't remember the routine.  They just picked all the "popular girls" and "it wasn't fair" because those girls were also already on other cheer teams Bad


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Cheer is actually pretty demanding and requires specific skills.  These days, cheerleaders do so much tumbling and so many tricks that you have to be both fit and possess some flexibility/balance, as well as being able to remember complex routines.   It's more than being popular or pretty.

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Exactly, SD did gymnastics for a long time (which caused many of her "injuries") so I think that both SD and BM thought that just b/c SD could do a backflip and some other gymnastics that she would automatically make the team with her "skills".....but you have to know the dance!  Especially in competitive cheer.  Judges look at EVERYTHING!  I'm sure that the girls that made the team really practiced hard and put in the work for years! 

Also, side note, b/c it makes me giggle a bit.  DH's BF's daughter started gymnastics a few years ago and SD would always try to "coach/teach" her things.  It drove BF's wife crazy especially since SD's teachings were not what the coaches were teaching her daughter.  Now their daughter is AMAZING at gymnastics and does really well in competitions and SD can barely do a back flip on the trampoline anymore let alone the ground.