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Can't Sut My Yap

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Last night was another fight about pee being 26 and not having to pay to wipe his own ass.  He sleeps til 3-4 pm, which I have also done due to frustration and depresion over him still being here.  It has come to the point that I have told my husband I am ready to move out.  I fought hard to keep my house during my  divorce.  That I am more willing to give it up than continue to live in the same house as his weirdo conspiracy, gun oriented, lazy son  is the most powerful statement I can make.  

The Brady Bunch

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I loved the Brady Bunch growing up. It was a novel show about a type of family I knew nothing about and had only one friend who had a divorced, remarried and step family situation.  The Brady Bunch romanticized step families and while I still love the tv show for its nostalia, I think it has led several generations to have an incorrect idea about what step families are and what to expect from them.

Used to be Quite Active on this Site

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Step parenting and a second marriage continue to be challenging! And now, seven years after I was active on this site my own kids are teenagers, same as my husband's were when we got together. My husband's daughter, whom I named Princess on this blogs all those years ago is now almost 28. Married, two kids of her own, financially independent from us, not the state, but from us thank god.  My step son will be 26 this year and things are as bad with him as ever. He asked a year and a half ago to move back in with us to "save" up money to buy a house.

Dumpster Diving

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The good thing is, the trash bins we explore are ours. A few weeks ago, princess made an appearance at our home.
She did this, of course, while we were not home. We were at my folks' lake place with my two sons.
She knows, because she has been told for a year and a half that she is not to come to our house unless she has informed and been granted permission by her dad, my husband.
We have had salamanders as part of our family for years. They are rare and beautiful creatures, I am in awe of them. Did you know they have the ability to cross fire?

Being Hated

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I'm trying to abeit the ways I am hated by pee. It's not easy. He's now 17, he was 14, barely, when I met him and his sister, princess. I've slowly come to realize that I don't feel good about myself when I successfully disengage from his atroticious kids.
I don't desire a relationship with either of them. Nor do I desire to allow their bad character and behavior to have enough power over me to back me into a corner (disengagement).

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

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Highlights -
suspension for pee from school
pee refusing to return to school after suspension was over
pee losing his car due to smoking pot - not putting an impaired driver on the road
pee completely bombing out this trimester
my ex mother in law died, she was a true terror in my life for over ten years
my ex asking me for a job reference (he worked at my clinc) I gave them and they were glowing
my ex sueing me for child support
won the case against the state dept of revenue

A Proper Proposal

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Smile It was another of the endless chain of family parties, get togethers, those rare chances to exist freely in this world. Not everyone has a family that feels this way, I feel sad about that. Mine does. And I love it. Today was so much fun, somehow, someway, even with all that is wrong, wrong, truly deepply wrong.

Definition of Entitlement

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"I know we are working out the child support, but is it possible you can give me money now? I have been trying to get a job for months and finally have a good opportunity for a position in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately I'm havering (sp) financial troubles now."

That's a mighty tempting text to reply to. But I am not going to. This is testing my discipline.

So I'll share with you all what all my negativity toward hiim would love to say.

Tilt A Whirl

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There are some women I know that I just love, love, love. They are few and far between, they are bizarre gals and so am I.
In addition to being bizarre, they are the most genuine, loving, compassionate, genteele, honest and loving eyed human beings. Should they see you, you can rest assured you will be cared for past eternity.
Stepmom20, you're going to be fine.

There are some women who emody betrayal in its most intent ways. They do it through their eyes as well as the others give love. You know, the women who emody love.