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Let's Hear it For Self-Righteousness

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Wow, I read over the writings I have deposited on this site. I feel like a silly, self-righteous bitch.

I've been seething in negativity, and I wonder why shitty things are happening in my life.

I have clients ranging from young women in their twenties to men who feel old in their fifties.

I saw a client today as part of the duet as his marriage, which is how I always see them. I had asked him, what do you want to feel, what do you want to think when the two of you are in your 80s and rocking on the porch. Now you cynics of therapy might be thinking to yourselves, "Ah, the miracle question."

I was taught how to do that, ask the miracle question, in grad school.

The miracle question has nothing to do with anything, it is fantasy. So I go from self righteous to arrogant.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do I like myself right now? Not much. 3 I think.


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^^^^this. Rotten stepkids are an open wound. Keep your head up, youre not self-righteous. Not to say there arent a couple on here that are, but your fine.

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I agree!! I love the fork analogy!! I probably come over as self righteous all the time. But then how else is there to deal with this other than to rant about it in a negative way??

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It's really hard not to be irritated by a skid who is a total pain in the ass. YSD makes every event painful. So even when she's not up to something, she gets under my skin now.

If there was some other house guest who came every other weekend and once a week and treated my home and everyone in it like shit, I would stop the visits. But with a skid we just have to endure and leave the room. Painful to say the least.

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OMG, I just posted a blog about how I feel rather ridiculous for making such a big deal about SD15 crap. What kind of person am I to hate a 15 year old? What kind of person am I do knock my DH for being a caring, kind and generous person? Blah.. not liking myself much today either. Sad

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I think that ANYONE who gets shit on for no reason is going to complain and vent about it. Maybe even sound self-righteous.

But I would much rather be considered self-righteous than a doormat to assholes!