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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

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Highlights -
suspension for pee from school
pee refusing to return to school after suspension was over
pee losing his car due to smoking pot - not putting an impaired driver on the road
pee completely bombing out this trimester
my ex mother in law died, she was a true terror in my life for over ten years
my ex asking me for a job reference (he worked at my clinc) I gave them and they were glowing
my ex sueing me for child support
won the case against the state dept of revenue
my sister's 100 year old beautiful, beautiful barn burned down with her animals in it - electrical short
Oh how I could go on.
Why is life this way? I have people ask me this and I have answers for them. I don't do as well with myself.
court today against the state, the state's attorney general's office. No offense to any state workers out there, but what an entitled group of teat suckers. They don't give a shit about anything real. The very people they purport to protect they dehumanize. They make me sick.


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I'm sorry to hear about the animals!!!

Why would your XH sue for child support? Do you not have your kids? I'd laugh myself silly if my XH tried that...