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Deleted call history...what do you think?

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I have been wavering between leaving fh and staying over the last couple months. FH has been working hard to make things right between us. He sincerely seems to have changed or 'understand' how his behavior has affected me and has helped make our life very unhappy at times. He really has been different with me--not in a fakey 'I'm trying to sucker you into staying' way--but more of like he truly has been changing and changing for the better.

Poll question for everyone: Is BM family acceptable in YOUR home???

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Here's a quick question for y'all.
I live in the house fh shared with bm...she's still on the mortgage but he has title(don't even get me started lol).
Anyways, they lived there for 13 years.
I gave up my condo to live with him and we got engaged.
The Bm hates me, has sent threatening emails, etc...has made my life miserable--I won't even go to functions where she is at because she makes me physically sick.
So knowing this, fh golfed at a charity event for his ex bro in law, which really made me mad.

I got my mother's day gift and it was better than I could have imagined

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I have been fighting with fh lately alot. The golf deal from my earlier blog, and the fact that he doesn't listen to me, and rearranges the schedule w/o consulting me. It's been a pretty ugly week. We don't fight around the skids though.
FH has been really hard on them too. He yells at them alot and they don't mind him, but that's nothing new. I still stick up for them when he isn't fair or parenting in a bad way (like switching up rules unfairly w/o telling them).

Question for all the sport-familes(hockey, soccer, baseball, etc)

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What is normal? Do step and bio parents attend sport functions (i.e. planning party at coach’s house)???
I just don’t know how this all works. The skids hockey coach is planning a party-thing at his house the 28th. It’s so all the new parents can meet the old and kind of lay out a guide for the coming season.
I’m upset because bm will be there…and to say we don’t get along is a vast understatement… My dilemma is how do I handle this “correctly”? So I'm asking you all...the Miss Manners of Step Parenting. lol

FH is having a breakdown

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FH completely lost it last night. He freaked out about the skids and their irresponsibility and how demanding they are. He went off to work after a complete screaming tirade about them and a little about me, but then apologized to me, but kept up on them about how ungrateful they are and the whole thing.... He completely lost the plot.

Sorry to be a board hog, just one quick question.

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Is it unreasonable of me to ask that FH talk to me when he texts/emails/phones BM? Whenever they have contact, is it unreasonable of me to know that???
I feel so out of the loop when I find texts/emails and no one bothered to tell me they were signing skids up for more hockey or golf lessons. I feel very sad, angry and like I don't matter at all.
I'm sorry y'all....I'm just having a really, really bad day... Sad

The weekend--truth, misery, and where will we be going from here.

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I’ll keep this as short as possible. The 1-year anniversary of my bro’s death was Sun. Me and fh went to my mom’s Sat because of his crappy kid schedule that bitchmonster flips around whenever she sees fit—and of course fh doesn’t dare change it back to suit OUR schedule. So I went down myself to my moms Sun also so she would feel supported through her grief.

Charity golf and the bm--still not settled.

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If you've read an earlier blog I posted about fh participating in a golf event created by his ex bro in law. He has parkinsons and the golf outing was a way to raise money for research. ExBroInLaw was the reason it was started here. There's always a hundred or so golfers and then there's a dinner after. BM's family will be there all six-gazillion of them. FH is supposed to go w/his own broInLaw(fh's sister's hubby) and his dad and some other guy.

OT(but kinda not) do you refi a house??????

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I need advice from anyone since I haven't been down this road before.
FH divorced the evil bitchmonster and in the divorce decree she got one house, he got another but they are both on the mortgage for both houses (I think--I know for sure she's on our mortgage, because she works for a bank and we get a lower rate).
There was some sort of home equity loan as they were divorcing--they both took it out but she used it...whatever that means. So she owes $10,000 still on it.