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Sorry to be a board hog, just one quick question.

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Is it unreasonable of me to ask that FH talk to me when he texts/emails/phones BM? Whenever they have contact, is it unreasonable of me to know that???
I feel so out of the loop when I find texts/emails and no one bothered to tell me they were signing skids up for more hockey or golf lessons. I feel very sad, angry and like I don't matter at all.
I'm sorry y'all....I'm just having a really, really bad day... Sad


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I know that there are important issues where DH will have to work with/make the final decision with BM- ie medical and school- but I think it's fair for all SMs to expect to be consulted before he makes that final decision with her.

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but when it always involves 1)more of our money being spent and 2)more of our time being scheduled by BM, I feel I not only need to know I deserve to know.

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I don't need to know every single time she texts or calls my DH. However, you need to be "in the know" as far as activities etc..
I am aware of everything as far as what the boys will be doing and who is picking them up or whatever. I don't even have to ask he tells me whenever the BM calls/texts/emails and sometimes i really don't wanna know or care.

"And this too shall pass..."

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just be kept in the loop on stuff that affects us and not deal with any of her attitude breadowns. I also don't care about dealing with her dramas so maybe that's why he's taking on her stuff w/o me being involved.

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didn't want to know everytime she called DH to go off about whatever.....she was a disruption to our relationship cuz,,,,ummm...I just don't understand crazy, psycho people and cannot tolerate screaming over the phone for in our case, since DH had a high tolerance, he would handle it and not tell me...but the only reason it worked was becuz I trusted him 200%....I fear that if u can't trust yur DH, u will feel betrayed if he doesn't tell u each and every time they have contact....

"there are three sides to every story....your side, my side and the truth :)"

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fh knows bm makes me physically sick so maybe he's trying to take her crap and not tell me so I dont have another bleeding ulcer over her.