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ex stepson is going to be a negative influance

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My friend informed lastnight that when my daughter got off the bus on monday that she was saying " I dont care" to everything.  The girlfriend im staying with, watches my daughter,  in the afternoons for me- her son does wrestling so sometimes  its like Hi- bye situations lol.  Last night before we head down to the basement apartment- one of her kids yelled it- which reminded her.   My daughter isnt an i dont care kid, she usually says I dont know.   She said she got her off the bus and asked her if she wanted her to hold the backpack- she said i dont care- then she asked her some questions

ya he was upset

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So a few ups and a few downs- super long so read if ya have time! lol

After New years i tried to talk to him a few times and he made the phone calls short - i expected that the way he was sulking- so i figured id give him a few nights then on friday or saturday we could really talk- no kid weekend.

well he sends me an email- and I was a little irritated by it but was not mad till the end. What he wrote really got me.

Some TMI- just saying

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ok so my new guy took me to new york for our break!

I think it was to soon for a trip like that, with someone new.  1) I am not a huge crowd person 2) im not a huge travel person 3) i missed my kids 4) there is this air you try to keep with a new relationship, so its hard to be mean/ upset infrontof someone you are still getting used to.


so new guy had me ugly cry (in a good way)

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My weekend ended up being an adult weekend- ( my son ended up being sick) so i went up to my guys house.

So he went and got a tree, but its been sitting because he had no tree stand, so i went with and then helped him set-up his tree.

Ok a little back story:  when i moved in with my EX and had our first christmas together- we went and got a real tree. Well the house we were renting the old woman that lived there had glued  a suction cup with hook on it to the  glass on the storm door.  SO i used it, i mean it was there!

Well I'm moving.

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Well I'm starting to get past the crying.  My friend is so excited for me to be at her house, that she really bombarded me with events! She is like yeah now you can do this, this, go here, come to this...I just started crying, I said I know you want me to go but I feel like One- I cant make a decision, two over whelmed with all the dates, and three I feel like I cant go because someone will be mad!  She understood and backed off a bit.

Well i think im ready

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To finally make a plan and leave.  Ive been looking at divorce websites all weekend.

Worst days ever, and same fight cycles, i just dont think i can tolerate it any longer.

So much happened the last few days.

His attitude has been horrible, his new word is psycho, and he has been on me about my clothes, decisions everything.

I cant explain everything, but here is the time line:

Another issue

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Im not even sure how to write everything down, im so irritated and angry with my dh.

First off ss14 has been horrible at school ALL last semester. 

He ended on a 3 E almost 4 E report card.

So now clean slate, he is turning in work- only been a week.

Dh mother asked to get him. No prob, he has been doing good, left cell on table- dh wanted him to have it- baseball at 11am.

Welp: im in a new teen eating phase!

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Ss14 has decided to start stuffing his face in the kitchen, and not over the sink, or counter tops.

This has been going on for about 2weeks. I was trying not to say anything to him, but two times he left a food mess so i started in on him.

I could careless that he does it, but i hate that he is so oblivious to the mess he leaves, and calling him back down is worse than telling him to go sit down.

Your child annoys you too!

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Funny how dh talks all this crap about me "bonding with ss14", but he does not last long around his own kid.

Drives me nuts- how he cant hear his hypocritical self.


We are at dinner table, im done, dh still eating, down comes ss, he starts babbling about whatever, welp i go clean up, put stuff away. After i do that i go upstairs. Ss is talking away a few mintues later i hear dh walking up steps as ss is just talking away. Lol. He suppsedly had a question for me- not. 


Whatever-  im supposed to have patience with this teen, even though he dosent!