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Your child annoys you too!

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Funny how dh talks all this crap about me "bonding with ss14", but he does not last long around his own kid.

Drives me nuts- how he cant hear his hypocritical self.


We are at dinner table, im done, dh still eating, down comes ss, he starts babbling about whatever, welp i go clean up, put stuff away. After i do that i go upstairs. Ss is talking away a few mintues later i hear dh walking up steps as ss is just talking away. Lol. He suppsedly had a question for me- not. 


Whatever-  im supposed to have patience with this teen, even though he dosent!

Another thing that ive been calling out dh on, is his whinning about doing things ALONE. Man ive been in this kids life since he was 6, but dh just recently was telling ss14 therapist (about ss failing classes) its just so hard for him to work for 10hrs, then come home and do hw- recently a science project- its hard doing it alone!!!  Umm your not alone, before you get home who is there dealing with your adhd teen and making him get back to his hw? Nobody? The 3 year old? 

Ughhhhhh.    So sick of dhs baby attitude lately... whaa i dont know what to do...i have to go to work and you go shopping...waa. you want a break from kids? Why? Waa!!



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I totally get it. My boyfriend really doesn't like 2 out of 3 of his kids. But then gets upset if he thinks I don't like them. They are pretty unlikeable! He spends no time with them at all - he often goes out three or four of the nights during the weeks we have the skids, and leaves them alone at home. If my bios are there, I stay home, and then have to deal with all of them, but if my bios are not there, I leave, and his kids are just alone, most of the time. He takes them to dinner and they sit on their phones, the whole time. No one talks at all. He drinks. The times he went out with me and my kids and everyone put their phones away and talked, he was surprised! But his kids have nothing to say, and just fight constantly unless they are plugged in. 

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You have to wonder why some of the SOs on this site ever had kids at all. It seems as if a good percentage of men become parents assuming that their wives will do all the heavy lifting. Then they divorce, and poop gets real as these men have to deal with actually parenting on their time.

My own DH is like this. Had three children. Seldom spent large chunks of time with them, especially the girls. He simply doesn't think like a parent, and relied on me to keep him connected to his kids. He also acted helpless, and suckered me in to doing it all for him. I'm glad you can see the situation for what it is - your SO's responsibility.

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Ugh, one of my most overused comebacks when DH would say stupid crap like:  You just don't like skids

"Well YOU don't like them either 90% of the time DH!  Why the heck would I????"  I mean if my kid stole from somebody, disrespected somebody , caused constant drama and problems, I certainly would understand if that person didn't looovvveeee my kid.  And even though I think BS8 is the bestest kid around, I certainly don't think that everyone should think that of him!   I just don't get it!!

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LOL - let him REALLY do it all alone... when he asks you why you aren't helping, tell him that since he told the therapst he's doing everything alone, you figured you might as well stop the things you're doing, since they don't seem to mean anything anyway.