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so new guy had me ugly cry (in a good way)

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My weekend ended up being an adult weekend- ( my son ended up being sick) so i went up to my guys house.

So he went and got a tree, but its been sitting because he had no tree stand, so i went with and then helped him set-up his tree.

Ok a little back story:  when i moved in with my EX and had our first christmas together- we went and got a real tree. Well the house we were renting the old woman that lived there had glued  a suction cup with hook on it to the  glass on the storm door.  SO i used it, i mean it was there!

So our first tree- to get it in the tree stand we had to cut off a bunch of branches- i made a little door decoration out of it-it was not circled like a wreath but i made it look cute- the ex comes home, looks at it, and says "really we can go get a you can take that down." so im hurt but whatever. well then it becomes something EVERY year. "better get a wreath too"  "look i picked up this for the door no need to make anything" ya know crappy downing things.

So im with the new guy-   while we were out looking he was getting upset because alot of the fake wreaths he saw were ugly (i agreed lol) so he was like maybe he will wait and go get a real one- then do a fake one nextyear- my girlfriend  also makes wreathes and door decrative things- so i told him we could talk to her about it- she has just recently started in it, but she has made some really nice ones (she does more halloween ones, but the 2 christmas ones she made came out really nice) so he was like ya he will wait.

we get back he had to cut off a ton of branches to get it to fit in- so when he went up to get his box of decorations, i took the twisty ties from the lights and started makin a wreath- i hung it on the door- he comes down and sees it  Grabs me up and say "omg i love your mind that is awesome- i was going to throw those out back, you are so creative- now i dont need to get one!"then his eyes get all big and he is like "ya now i think there are some dollar store bulbs in this box" and as he turns away i just start crying like an idiot.

then he is like omg... you all right ?  then he is like ready to apologize  even though he has no idea why im ugly crying right now.

I was just so ready for a negative comment that i was totally blind sided with his sweetness...  sigh im a mess..


i stopped crying - explained alittle- then we finished decorating his home made wreath. lol

it looked pretty darn cute!!




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let me say it again. Awwwww. This made me smile so big!!!

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right - just so many emotions!! im trying so hard to take this nice guy in!  like why was i so quick to get with jerks? where has this guy been hiding? lol   but yeah im pretty sure this guy is going to make me cry again but not in a bad or mean way! what a weird change.