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I like recycle/upcycle things...cause you know environment...that include Beaver's stuff

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I'm a recycler/upcycler. I figure we don't need more stuff so I will typically use things until they fall apart or I buy stuff that can be used for mutiple things.  This applies to holiday decorations.

This year for Halloween I bought all but one item from the local goodwill shop.  I will keep them and use them again in another year's display.  Its the same for Christmas decorations.  This year I redecorated my summer wreath with fall stuff I had in the basement to make a fall wreath.  I will then take that wreath and use it my dinning room for more decor.  

When DH moved in about 10 years ago he brought a few christmas decorations.  Ornaments, 2 door wreaths, a little tree and some lights.  Beaver had taken just about everything else.  I get it since the VI kept all of my handblown ornaments that I collected over the years.  

Anyway, the 2 wreaths were nice and I used them on the front door and the garage.  I didn't really think anything of it. forward to today.  I finally broke down and bought a new wreath for the front door.  The old one was kind of falling apart and I will move it to the mailbox and put the new one that has lights on it on the front door when I put up the Christmans decorations.

I was showing SD the new wreath.  SD..."oh wow that is pretty that will look really nice.  Ha..well mom will be surprised.  Every year when she has to drive to your house she complains that you are using HER wreath.  She is so salty about that you are using HER wreath.  She wants it back but since you, the whore, touched it she won't touch it.  I mean Halo its been so long Mom just needs to let go..but boy is she salty over that"

***insert jaw drop***  Uh..before my filter could kick in...."Well SD I can put it in a bag and you can give it to her."  

SD..."Nah...she wouldn't like that but it would be funny"


I asked DH about the wreaths later.  His answer..."F that bitch..she left it when she moved out.  Her loss..and besided its kind of nice to know it bugs the shit out of her "  

So for almost 10 years I have been bugging the everloving crap out of beaver unknowingly.   Good to know....


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Okay that is funny...she legit is upset about a damn Christmas really...somebody needs to move on!

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BM lost it at DH over lawn ornaments. He has a habit of collecting stuff from different countries that he'd visited and leaving them in the garden. She fought tooth and nail over them, many DH collected from solo business trips. Personally I think some of them are fugly, but I haven't thrown them out just because it makes me chuckle when I think of her texts over them. If she ever stalks his social media she can occasionally see them winking at her in the background...

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Wreath in front of the garbage truck , for Christmas,  So Beaver can see it. If she up early enough 

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North Korea left her all wood Ethan Allen childhood full size bed in the garage of their marital home.  So when she left DD6's dad for his best friend, it was like she just walked out of the house with the clothes on her back.  Up until a few years ago, it was like that was house was stuck in 2008/  Her Good House Keeping magazines from 2008 were by the bed on a night stand.  Her pictures were on the fridge.  Her fake eyelashes were in the medicene cabinet.  Her clothes and lingerie were in the dresser drawers.  Mermaid Barbie dolls were still in the bath tub.  All the food in the pantry was expired.  There were VHS tapes in the entertainment center.  The house was on a lake that had dried up and he had to wait years and years and years for the lake to fill back up before he could sell the house without a loss.  So when he did sell it, they had been divorced for many, many, many years and she never gave her key back and would pop in and take things like snorkling equipment, his vintage 1950's xmas ornaments from his parents, and a dining room table  but never her stuff.  So it pretty much fell to me to clear out all of her stuff.  IF the kids spotted a towel or a blanket that was once at the lake house at my house, dear fricking God, she would go on the war path.  Those things were HERS!  And most of the time it would be a Martha Stewart Kmart blanket that was actually mine and was just common and were in both houses.

But I took that Ethan Allen paint and chalk painted it.  It didn't have and side rails so I procured some and some hardware and upcycled it and used it for years.  Literally just this week, I took it down cause I want a queen in that room and asked him if he wanted it back.  He took a picture of it dismanted outside and sent it to her and asked if she wanted her bed back and was, "IT"S BEEN PAINTED!!!!!!!!! NO."  So some teenagers moving out on their own got it.