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Of B*vers and Mosh pits...

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I'm off today due to working some ungodly hours last week....3 a.m. and then 8 p.m. and then again at 5 a.m. the next...etc.  Life of an a operations IT person.  I got a few minutes and I was reminded of this story from DH.

Last weekend we watched a live stream of our symphany orchestra's halloween concert.  This is normally something we would attend in person.  DH and I were commenting on how we missed going to concerts and festivals this year.  We usually get some sort of concert or festival in every month...with a really big one in another state  (bourbon country)  in September.  Not this year...

Now we already know I walk a little bit shy of center...I love hard rock/punk rock and alternative..and classical.  I play 4 instruments very well and love music.  DH, while he cannot play musics..loves music..and also walks a little shy of center himself.

When DH was shackled to the Beaver..he would go to concerts...either by himself or with a friend.  Beaver would never ever go...THOSE concerts were for heathens and degenerates.  Whatevs there Beaver..

In about year 3 of DH indentured servitude, after the birth of GWR...DH had really had enough of the Beaver, her spending habit and constant phone usages. Beaver's spidy sense must have gone off that DH was getting ready to walk out the door and "suddenly" she wants to go to the next concert DH is going to.  ***WHHHATTT***....DH is like are you sure...its Mudvayne...not top 40 or country.  Beaver oh yes I LOOOOOVEEE THEMMM and I want to do stuff tooooggeeetttthhhher.  DH is like>>uh huh>>oookk.  

Concert Day arrives and Beaver is concert ready in a pair open toed high heel shoes, a skirt and a sweater, a pink sweater no less.  DH asks her if she wants to change...Nope...this is what she is wearing. DH had planned to go with his friend so they got floor "seats".  Yeah.."seats" are somewhat figurative as everyone stands on the floor in order to see and dance.

DH and Beaver roll into the concert and go to the floor.  Beaver promtly plops her @ss in the folding chair and asks DH to get her a white wine spritzer.  DH is is get beer or pop..maybe a wine cooler but a white wine spritzer aint happening. Beaver opted for the beer.  DH comes back with the beers and Mudvayne starts.  This is so not top 40 and Beaver knows nothing of their songs etc.  DH is having a great time...and finally Beaver is forced to stand up because everyone is standing by this point.  DH said she stood their clutching her beer like a strand of pearls and complaining her feet hurt and her feet had spilled beer all over them. DH shrugged and said..I told you to change before we left. 

Now DH sees what is happeing in the crowd...a mosh pit has broke out next to DH and Beaver.  (big group of people that push each other around and it gets rather rowdy and at times elbows etc are thrown).  Dh tells Beaver to move.  Beaver tells him NO this is her seat she is not moving.  DH tells here need to move..there is a mosh pit.  Beaver..I AM NOT MOVING THIS IS MY CHAIR.  DH shruggs and goes ok...he takes a few steps over to get out of the way but leaves Beaver there in her high heeled pink sweater glory.

Next thing you know some huge dude with a  mowhawk comes barreling into Beaver, knocks her over and the beer she is clutching is now all over her face and hair.  Beaver is now a pink spat on the floor and this guy falls on her.  

DH comes over ( he admits he didn't hurry)....and starts to help Beaver up.  The guy to his credit, help Beaver up and apologizes and tells her she might want to move or this will happen again.  Off big dude goes to the mosh pit.

DH trying hard to stifle his laughter at Beaver, says..I told ya to move.  Beaver is now PISSED..and wants DH to go beat up the guy that knocked her down.  DH tells  her no...he told her to move and that is what happens at concerts and it was her fault for staying there.  At this point, Beaver insists that they leave....and that was the last time Beaver attended a concert with DH ever again.

I had to laugh the first time DH took me to a concert..he was trying to be all nice and explain to me what a mosh pit was and why I  might have to move.  I was like..uh duh DH, I've been in a few in my day, I'm good.   


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OMG. And here I thought it was bad when I had to explain the etiquitte of mosh pits to DS. 

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In the before covid days, I'd go to see grubby bands in upstairs rooms in bars at least once a week with DH.  Because my work sucks, I'd often have to go straight from the office in a suit and heels to stand around with a bunch of rockers.  Needless to say when things got lively, I'd take my self off to the back or to a quieter corner to the side of the stage.

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get out of the way...No shame in going right after work.....I just busted out laughing because 

THAT WAS HER CHAIR AND SHE WASN'T then...good luck with that.

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Mudvayne fan here.  I've only been to 1 concert and I ended up with a migraine from the strobe lights and sadly had to leave early.

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same issue with migraines. Unfortunate that there will be no more Mudvayne concerts... Sad

I have an issue with at 4 foot 11 inches...everyone stands up and all I see is the backsides of people.  So many plumbers many.

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Lol wow she must not be a 90's kid, everybody knew about the mosh pit! I remember we went to Lallapalooza one year and one of my friends actually joined in one while RATM was playing and she was getting tossed around. I liked to stay a safe distance away and watch them, because they were very entertaining.

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she graduated in really what rock did you grow up under.