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Sorry I've been MIA lately

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Having DD15 in town, we've been swamped busy and they're actually keeping me somewhat busy at work since I'm now doing the work of 2 of the people that were laid off a couple weeks ago.

Hope everyone's been doing alright.

Went to Warped Tour on Sunday! Had SUCH a blast. I'm still recovering though. It's alllllll day outside listening to heavy hardcore music and getting slammed into by crazy kids. Mosh pits, circle pits, deathwalls...yeah I'm getting too old for this shit! But to see DD15's face when we got her pic taken with her favorite bands and she got to see them perform live makes it all worth it!

"L" has completely moved in with FIL and they're just "happier than ever". He called DH last night asking when we were going to come over next. Even DD15 says he's nuts.

No word from BM or stepdevil14 since DH sent her the email stating he wasn't signing for stepdevil to get a passport to Mexico. I'm actually surprised we haven't heard from her attorney. Oh well. I'm sure she's plotting something.

Anyhow, what did I miss? Anything good? Fill me in!


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No word from BM or stepdevil14 since DH sent her the email stating he wasn't signing for stepdevil to get a passport to Mexico.
I am very surprised!! I figured she would go into crazy mode. BOTH of them.

My SS went to a Warped tour a few weeks ago. He had a blast.

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Willow - I know right? I figured for sure they'd go bananas. The silence is killing me though. Wondering what she's up to you know?

Warped is awesome. Weather was great, only in the low 80's and overcast. I posted a bunch of pics on FB. Got to meet I See Stars and their lead guy - OMG HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!

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DD15 said "so is L living with granddaddy now?" And DH and I were like "we don't know and we stopped caring!" She said "Well, he kinda went a little crazy there didn't he?" LMAO Yes, yes he did!

Did you see all my pics from Warped Tour?

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Did you see the pic of Devin Oliver from I See Stars? OMFG I'm STILL having nasty dreams of that boy. Holy Hell he's so damn hot. DD was like "Mom, we KNOW he's attractive, quit acting like a little school girl". LMAO My 15 yr old telling me to stop crushing on a younger man. So funny!

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Isn't he though? OMFG I never wanted to taste someone so badly in my life! }:)

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Lavender - I seriously wanted to just TOUCH this man (with my tongue, and every other part of me). He's just so OMFG mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Give BM time, she has a while before she really needs to go get that passport or she could have forged DH's signature and is trying to get it anyway. Smile

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Yeah I'm curious realitycheck - but since DH put stepdevil14 on the passport watch list, she's gonna be in for a shock if she goes to apply for one!

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As soon as she gets that notice of SDevil being on the list she will let loose an atom bomb of maliciousness. I am just waiting for your post on that. I hope the system doesn't break down and works in this case. Smile

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I am certain BM will rear her ugly head soon! Either that or they snuck in to Mexico and you will get a call from boarder patrol.

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LMAO BS! That's funny cuz DH would be like "I don't have a clue who you're talking about! Keep them!"

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Yeah hypo - who knows. Could've just been a ploy to get stepdevil14 further enmeshed with mommy dearest. "See, stepdevil, daddy is so mean I would've taken you on a lovely trip to Mexico but HE won't sign!"

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So wish I could afford warp tour tickets but my vacation is the same time so it is was one or the other..... glad you had fun!

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Justanotherday - she got to meet Crown the Empire, I See Stars (OMG Devin Oliver is smokin hot and *I* am in lust with him), some new band called "Action Item", and someone else I seriously can't remember.

Her favorite bands are Dayshell (who we'll be seeing on the 27th), Breathe Carolina (we'll be seeing on the 19th), Bring Me The Horizon (saw at Warped), Pierce the Veil, All Time Low...I could go on!

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Glad you guys are having fun so far! I know you were really looking forward to Warped Tour Biggrin

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LOL that's funny hypo! It wasn't bad at all. Sure, exhausting, but not bad. Smile

Enjoy the pool - I wish I could join you!

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Thanks Rising - yeah he's already got her on the list so she's not going anywhere regardless of what BM pulls.

So far, no word from either of them!