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you me and 37000 others..yep that's stalking a GWR aka SS tale

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****insert sarcasm here*

In the time of Covid but before the great lock down DH and I purchased tickets to a concert in a distant land. This distant land was a city 3 hours away from our fair city.  During the great lockdown of 2020 this concert was postponed to 2021.  Time for said concert has now come........oh happy day...

Now somewhere in 2020 SD mentioned that Beaver was going to take her to the same concert. Dh and I paid no mind to this as Beaver says a lot of things and never does a damn thing. So...we continued with our life.  Low and behold Beaver actually did purchase tickets to said concert and asked DH after the great lockdown was lifted if it was ok to take SD to the rescheduled concert since SD would not get back till after the appointed transfer time. DH said ok that was fine just have SD back by 4 p.m. instead of the ordered 8 a.m.

Again DH and I went on with our lives.  We didn't tell SD that we would be at the same concert in the distant land as we didn't want SD to hear a raft of crap from Beaver nor did we want SD to feel like she had to spend time with us as well as Beaver.  We did text SD when she was at the concert to see where she was sitting...1 we were curious and 2 we wanted to stay as far away from them as possible.   SD sent her location and she was in the upper deck levels (aka the bleeders) and we were 3 rows back from the floor. chance of meeting Beaver or SD.  We did see Beaver and SD in the stands from where we were sitting ....and guess what....GWR aka SS was also there.  SD thought Beaver was just taking her to the concert..but alas she was wrong. 

Made it through the concert without seeing them..found out their hotel was right next to our hotel..while it was close at least it wasn't the same hotel.  Crisis averted for the second time.

Concert was up the next day..packed up and headed out.  We traveled about half way and decided to stop for some breakfast at the old country store.  Its a tradition for us....road trip equals breakfast at the old country store.  All is well..we eat and then DH goes to the bathroom before we hit the road.  I'm waiting outside for him and just as I was headed to the car.....INTRUDER ALERT INTRUDER ALERT....SD, GWR aka SS and Beaver walk right by me.  As in I could have reached out and touched SD they were that close.  OH SHIZNIT....I said nothing and continued on to the car.  I also texted DH and gave him a heads up on the Beaver sighting and to hurry up we need to GO.  I did not want a show down at the old country store.

We hightailed out of there. ......

SD gets dropped off to the house and whew SD had awhole lot to say. She was sorry she didn't say hi..but she didn't want to start crap.  Yep...same same there SD.  Apparently us being there pisssed GWR the eff off.  He went off on how we were stalking them and we had to have found out they were going to the old country store and drove from home to stalk them.  SD had to tell him..uh yea more likely DH and Halo had tickets to the concert since DH and Halo go to alot of concerts.  GWR then went off that we are stalking him and Beaver and that he is going to get a gun and kill us.  Or that he will hire someone to kill us.  I'm a C U next year and that I deserver to die and that I need to get a life.  SD had to tell him to quit talking shiznit about her family and that we weren't stalking him or Beaver and that they didn't even know we were there till the restaurant.

Well old GWR must have been stewing over this sighting the whole night because the next morning I got the following text message.

"Why are you obsessed with stalking us. That's weird find a new hobby.  IK you're bored as shit but find something better to do.  You have two kids but you choose to stalk the ones that aren't yours and you stalk your husband's ex.  You're so weird *laughing smilie face*  Also with how much money u two make you need a damn nose job  **insert many laughing smilie faces*"

GWR has to text me as DH has him blocked everywhere.    DH was mortified that GWR sent anything to me and wanted to send Beaver a message to tell GWR to cease and desist.  I told him not bother as that is what both GWR and Beaver want....for DH to end radio silence so they go at him for not paying CS for GWR and for cancelling medical insurance.  They wanted an excuse to tell DH was a crappy father and person he is.  DH decided to maintain radio silence. the village idiot has stalked and threatened me for years....I have a black belt in dealing with crazy.  This is just minor bump in the road for me.

My response to GWR was..

"DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN IN ANY FORM OF COMMUNICATION.  Any further contact will be considered harassment and will be dealt with accordingly."

But yes attending a concert with 37,000 other people and daring to eat breakfast at restaurant a full hour before them is stalking.   Yes we did show SD the message and my response just so she has the facts before she goes back to Beaver's on Friday and so she knows what the truth is.  We also showed her where we purchased the tickets the day the concert was accounced back in 2020.  We wanted SD to know from our perspective before she heads to Beaver's and hears how we stalked them and how I was rude to GWR when he sent an innocent message to me.

I'm guessing that adulting is becoming hard for poor widdle GWR and he has no one to take his frustrations out on.  One thing is for sure that will NOT be me.


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Who is stalking who here?

I would have sent a screen shot (to include pricing just to rub it in her face that you can afford good seats) of when you bought tickets over a year ago and said that you were at the restaurant first- remember? 

Who is really obsessed with the ex? 

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Were you by any chance seen in or near your brand new car? Because I'm sure that would have been another reason for that outrageous text tantrum,  especially since CS ended on SS. Immature and narcissistic doesn't even begin to describe it...

How old is SS? What does his nickname stand for?

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and I'm guessing Sd also told them about the new car.

SS is 19 and the knickname is for Great White Rapper since he fancies himself the next great white rapper. (He is neither musical nor can does he have any command of the english language so this is merely a pipe dream).


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GWR is astonishingly dumb.

But I don't like his "gansta" threats of violence.  I assume he's as the british would say "all mouth and no trousers" or you would be doing something about his stupidity.

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but we have cameras all over our house and friends on the state police so good luck to him.  Although if he sends me anything resembling a threat he will be meeting with the authorities and he is no longer "just a disgruntled teenager"...but an adult.

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I thought you were too wise to his ways to be caught out but wanted to make sure for my peace of mind.

Lolz on the adult thing.

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Hope you guys had a great time at the concert, honestly I think it would appear more Beaver is stalking you guys.  As for GWR mama must be so proud of her budding cyber punk criminal.  Its just a matter of time before he threatens the wrong person and they either beat the crap out of him or go to the police.  

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it was for bands that she has never shown interest in.  DH and I on the other hand its right up our alley so to speak.  We had already seen all three bands more than once before.  As I told DH..oh look there goes Beaver trying to be me again.  She tries desperately to immitate me....(hair, piercings, etc...although no tattoos as of yet...but hey there is still time).

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I'm so curious is it the Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Weezer concert?  BD is going to that one next week with my SIL and her daughter and i'm super jelouse, but she only had one extra ticket and I know BD has wanted to see Fall Out Boy forever!

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it was a really concert.  Weezer is a little big borning since they don't move around the stage alot.  Fallout Boy is always good (we've seen them 2 other times)...and Green Day was GREAT.  I've seen  Green Day a few times...the first being before they were a huge name.  That was a few (try many) years ago.  The opener The Interpreters was also really good. The lead singer reminds me of Joan Jett.

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Eww. How f'n stupid.. and to write a text like that too you.. he sounds sooooo dumb!! He should be embarrassed! 

When he is still living at mommy's when he is in his 30s with nothing maybe he will regret that text he sent to halo in 2021.