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Fall out of GWR..aka SS's great lets text Halo shennaigans.

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Ah...recap GWR decided to txt Halo since he can't text DH.  That did not go well for GWR ....after he accused us stalking him and then was insulting to Halo.  That earned GWR a ceast and desist message from Halo or face further consequences. SD told Beaver that we showed her the message and my response.  Ah...rather than being a parent tell GWR to knock it the eff off..she told SD that seeing DH triggers poor little GWR.  


Uh...ok WTF....

1.  GWR didn't actually see DH.  He only saw me...  :)  I could have been there with my DD or a friend for all he knows

2.  How exactly does DH trigger GWR.  GWR threatened to kill himself if he had to see or talk to DH.  DH took that seriously and bowed out and let GWR work through stuff.  However, when GWR became beligerent to DH, DH then told him to stop and blocked him.  

3. DH was never ever abusive to the little poopsie.  

So uhm..ok there GWR.  

So Beaver called GWR and told him to watch what he sends because we would call the police.  (DAMN straight lady..I don't have to put up with little poopsies adult temper tantrum.  If it were my kid I would told them that was unacceptable and if they needed to work things out they better start by behaving as an adult and articulating their concerns/grienvances in an ADULT manner)

She then proceeded to tell GWR that yes his insult to me was funny.  UH yea once again...that's some parenting right there.  Condoning wow.

SD then had to tell them both..STOP INSULTING AND TALKING ABOUT MY FAMIILY...DH and Halo are my family so just quit.

My guess..any sight of me or DH reminds GWR of what he is missing and the fact he has made some greivous miscalculations in regards to his father.  Unable to accept that he has a hand in their estrangment he gets all fluxmoxed over "seeing" DH. 

yes...there GWR..your father is not like your mother and will NOT grovel or condone your bad behavior. 


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I've been following your posts for a few years now. She seems to be showing more of a spine since that GWR phone propositions incident  aka pimp your sibling out

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Hopefully your SD will be able to pull herself out of the quagmire of her brother and mother.

Im still hoping SD15 Backstabber sees the error(s) of her ways. Of course she is still always and forever defending her "poor mother" who has to put up with her "horrible sister"...

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I'm impressed that SD can stand up to Beaver and GWR like that. 

GWR has to keep up the charade to justify his treatment of DH. 

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that he torpedo'd his relationship with his father. 

I only hope that SD can keep it up...but as we all know Beaver will mostly likely start to buy SD's allegience or give her unlimted privileges at her  house to keep get her allegience. 


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Welcome to adulthood GWR where people start holding you accountable for your words and actions.  Beaver is just such trash!

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I could totally see overly dramatic SS becoming GWR and being "triggered" by DH. The only thing that keeps BM from going that far is that she still wants to get rid of SKids EOWE, so she can't totally cut them off from DH. 

Glad you and your DH are standing firm and letting GWR just work himself into a tizzy all by himself...