You are here money MonEEEY.....oh Beaver must need money

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Ah nothing says hello weekend like a message from the Beaver.  **insert eyeroll**


I didn't get to claim GWR last because he aged out at 17.  Therefore, I am claiming SD this year.   You got the first year that GWR wasn't claimed and I get the second year, so this is my year.



MMkkk...there Beaver.  

DH's response

Please provide proof that you didn't claim GWR last since he was 17 and you were/are still receiving child support for him as a dependant.


Beaver's response

I will talk to my attorney on what I need to prove and get back to you.  The law is GWR aged out at 17.



DH's response,

Please do contract your attorney and provide proof that you did not claim GWR last year.  You were and still are receiving Child Support for GWR and he didn't turn 18 till March of 2020.  Therefore he would be a dependant.  Just because you say you didn't claim him last doesn't mean that you didn't

DH. Beaver must need money to be filing her taxes this early in the game  She is queen of procrastention on everything...including she is currently riding around with expired tags on her new to her car.  SMH

Now we could just believe her but she and GWR were also the two that tried to defraud welfare and claim that GWR qualified for free lunch  until we alerted the school that GWR still lived with Beaver and that Beaver received in excess of $1000 per month in cs for SD and GWR.  So these two, Beaver and GWR are shady as f.  So yea prove it...

Only three more years to go.....three more.....


In other news...we bid on condo number 7....sigh.



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How does he "age out"? Can't you claim any of your kids as a dependent as long as they live at home with you? I'm quite sure BM still does, and SS is 21.

OK, I googled it. She can claim him as a Qualifying Child if he's under 19 at the end of the year; or up to 24 if he's a full-time student; and you can claim someone of any age if their income is below $4300 for the year (my SS21).

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I think she's confused between claiming a dependent and the child tax credit. Or, she's not confused but just hopes that your DH is stupid.

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That's it. It's still about money though and she's pretending like she's not getting anything for SS after she "aged out" which isn't true.

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Lol at "just because you claimed you didn't doesn't mean you didn't." Reminds me of the time BM sent pictures of checks she had supposedly written out as proof of payment after giving DH a list of her supposed expenses. One of the checks was written out to the wrong name, so couldn't possibly be cashed. Also, BM was incensed to even be asked for proof.

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Since the personal exemption went away, kids who are too old for the Child Credit aren't nearly as valuable from a tax perspective. But I'll bet Beaver claimed GWR as a dependent in order to file as Head of Household.

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She didn't get the $600.00 for GWR. DS turned 18 in 2020 as well. 17 year olds in 2019 didn't qualify for Covid funds. Since she claimed him as a dependent GWR didn't get it either. :-) 

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If Beaver clames kid on her taxes she will not make that much money and will of gotten 
The first $1200. The second $600. And future $2000. 

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SO stupidly let's BM claim skids. Ya know, not contribuating a single penny into them...... 

Last year he claimed 2 and her 1. So a few months ago he said he was going to talk to her about him claiming 2 again this year.... he has retracted this statement now. I shook my head at him in disgust. 

He will probably owe taxes this year because of that.. dummy. 

So BM gets stimulus for skids aka just extra money in her pocket. Clearly didn't offer SO a penny of it. She pushed them out so she's entitled right?!! 

SO doesn't get full amount (stimulus) anyways because of his salary but, he also took a significant pay cut because of COVID.

He says it's in their "agreement" (they have never followed any order) I don't think it is.. I wanted to bust it out to check... not worth it though. Claiming skids is winding down anyways.. 

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BM has claimed SKs every year even though SO had custody including when she was living out of state married to some guy she met on the internet.