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Happy New Year...Hello 2021

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Helllooooo 2021...lets hope you are better than 2020.  I would like to get out of the house now.  Smile

Ah..the Holiday are OVER...decorations are put away and now we look forward to a new year and new fun times with Beaver.

Hightlights of the holiday include..

Beaver's car getting totaled.  Necessitating her getting a new to her car.  SD hates this car with the passion of 7 suns.  Beaver apparently keeps lamenting to SD that she can't "afford" a new new car.  That is DH's fault..he doesn't pay her enough.  He should be buying her a new new car.  LOL..dream on there Beaver.  Then she told SD that this new to her car would be SD's car in a year when she starts to drive.  SD's comment..."I would rather walk than drive that car"  Hahah....I promptly pointed out to SD..."do you really think in a year your mom will give you that car and buy a new one???  I don't think you have to worry about that one.  Your mom told GWR that he would get her old car and that didn't happen"  SD.."Your right...she is never going to give me a car."

SD got money from her maternal grand parents..Beaver Sr and Mr. Beaver Sr.    SD and Beaver argued over SD bringing her Christmas money to our house.  SD wanted to and Beaver wanted SD to leave the money with her for "safe keeping".  SD told her to get bent and brought the money here.  SD..."Mom didn't want me to bring my money and leave it with her.  No way....she would spend it and then tell me I couldn't have it till later. "  Yep..SD you got one right....

Beaver also purposely bought SD candy for her stocking that she doesn't like but that Beaver does like.  When SD told her that she didn't like the candy..Beaver told her oh well that she would eat it.   SMH....ok....interesting.

Gifts at Beavers were all things that she bought SD in the last month.  She had SD pick out stuff for Christmas and then bought none of them.  Oy..not sure what the story is on that...but wow.

In other news..DS has officially graduated from the job hunt starts.


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Beaver is a real piece of trash, I really hope your SD keeps that head she appears to have on her shoulders and uses it.
Meth Mouth used to tell Spawn about all the amazing stuff she was going to get her for Christmas and Birthdays and then when she never came through it was always DH's fault because you know he didn't pay CS. Yeah you crazy twunt you don't pay CS to people who don't have custody of their children...but that's neither here nor there.

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that DH pays her mom $1200 a month in child support and then I illustrated to SD that is a lot of money considering that is almost our mortgage amount.   Also that in 3 years....that money will come to a halt when SD turns 18...therefore, I don't see her mom buying a brand new car in a year and half when her cash cow..I mean DH stops paying CS and Beaver will have even less money than she does now.

SD agreed there was no way Beaver was giving her a car.


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SD14 is much the same - she keeps her cash hidden in her room at our house because she knows that her mother will borrow it or her sister will steal it. Very sad.

Well, lets hope this year is much better. its already looking better, with the vaccines, we are safe and sound and snug, Feral Forger has been staying with a friend and not bothering munchkin. Toxic Troll hasnt been bothering us either...I figure her time is coming up...