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Update to B* and the cheerleading results, SD foiled her mother's plan

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Here is an update to the Lazy ass Beaver and taking SD to cheer results.

Our house is 1.5 miles from the school.  You can freaking walk there in about 20 minutes or so.  Beaver drove by our house  at 3:45  and picked up SD.  DH and I got into the car and literaly followed the lazy Beaver to the school.  She parked in the second spot in the parking lot and we parked about 3 cars away, don't want to get to close to the Beavermobile..or as DH says the broom.  

We watch SD get out of the Beavermobile and go and get her envelope.  She comes walking back, goes right past the Beavermobile and comes up to our car.    She says, Moms going to be mad I came to your car, but oh well.  You guys are the ones that did all the work.  Mom did nothing so you get to know first.  Hands the envelope to DH to open because she was too nervous to open it.  Sadly, it was a regret letter and she didn't make the team.  (We were not shocked since SD had NEVER cheered before and most of the girls have been doing this for years).  She was upset a little but recognized she needed more practice.

She then hugged her Dad and went back to the Beavermobile.  We pull out to head out of the parking lot.  Beaver guns her Beavermobile and squeels the tires and cuts right in front of DH.  WE could see Beaver's face and that lazy Beaver was PISSED.  Poor SD we bet was going to get a tongue lashing for going out car first....because she is THE MOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTHHHHHHHER.

The part that really chapps my * that Beaver's friend, who used to be her BEST friend, has a daughter that graduated from our high school 2years ago and was on the cheerleading team for 4 years.  Beaver could have called her "best" friend and asked if her daughter could help SD learn the routines, etc.  But did Beaver do that..NOPE.  That would have required effort.  DH and I on the other know no one that did cheer.

DH sent SD some flowers to Beavers to make her feel a little bit better. He put in the card he was proud of her trying  out and that he was proud that she made the effort to practice.

My guess, that will make the Beaver's tail twitch.


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It's so sad that these kids have to act like they don't love their dad to make their mom happy.

Your stories always remind me of ones from our past - once DH went to pick up SS at school for his time and saw him walking with BM to her car. He called to him and said, "What are you doing? You're going with me. Get in the car."  Later he asked him why he had done that and he said, "I just feel sorry for her. I don't know why, I just do."  I'm sure that was her goal, BM is excellent at making people feel sorry for her. But to manipulate your own kid that way.

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the kids used to have to ignore DH and I at games when is their MOOOOOTTTHHHHERS time.  She would yell...Get over not his TIMMMMEEEE...its MIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNE.  The kids could barely say hello..or goodbye.  

I mean I hate the VI with the passion of 1000 suns but I love my kids with passion of 10,000 suns so I always made sure they talked to their Dad and always made sure they said hello and goodbye to him at games/band..or whatever else.

So sad....and pathetic.

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That's disappointing for SD.  Maybe there will be another extra-curricular she will adopt.

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First, I love that SD knows what's up.

2nd, the flower are super sweet. Hopefully they cheered her up and will help motivate her to keep trying!!

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My ex and I never did that.  If he made the 45 minute trip to see the kids game, hell ya you better recognize that your dad did that...or better yet ex husband, come sit with me and my family, look my brother is here too, let's all hang out.  My parents invited him to  holidays, as well as my grandmother and aunt, my boyfriend(not DH) put up with it because that is what we did.  At my ex's funeral, my parents were there, my brothers were there including the one from California, aunts, uncles and cousins were there.  He was the kids' dad and the kids came first and I gues that is why I have 2 wonderful kids.  We even accepted his girlfriend of 13 years even though she was the cause of our break up, she was in the kids' lives and kind to them so we were kind to her.