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CS and Covid

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I am still dealing with my ex and his wife wanting to reduce CS. (He is military and is retiring after his 20 yrs- this does give a retirement check but not enough to solely live off of for most people at the ripe age of 41). He is going to be a stay at home dad to their children. 

Apparently they consulted with an attorney in CA (where they currently live) who said that due to covid people are being allowed to stop CS until schools open up and they can find child care where they live. They are moving to Maryland in March. 

Forgery Update #2

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I talked to the city attorney today. DH gave my phone number to her because he can't receive calls during normal business hours on the ship. 

They are moving forward with pressing charges against her, right now they are working to determine what the extent of the charges will be but she assured me that the city is not letting this go. 

Forgery case with the DA

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I can't handle the suspense!!

Backstory for anyone who missed it: BM forged health department documents in an attempt to keep SS from DH over Christmas break and got busted- By MEEEE! LOL. I called the health department for clarification because the dates didn't match up and they had already sent us something that would have him off quarantine weeks prior to his flight. That is when it all got stirred up. 

SS is gone

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SS16 left yesterday. It was overall a good trip like usual. We had a great Christmas. We were able to Portal with my parents (since my mom can't be around people) and with MIL, so that was nice. My brother and his wife and Sister and NEW FIANCE!!! came over and hung out for Christmas eve and day. The other days we did a few things, lazer tag, axe throwing, Christmas lights at the park. It was good.

Update #6

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Hey everyone!

SS made it in. He, of course, acts like nothing has ever happened. All smiles and jokes. Fits right in like he never left and lives with us all the time. 

BM has yet to respond to DH calling her out on his "sprained ankle" and "could only travel by car" last minute nonsense. I still can't believe that the doctor said she literally backed him into a corner and demanded that the note read a certain way. 

Update #5

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Y'all.... I can't make this s**t up.

BM texts DH this morning saying SS rolled his ankle and can only travel by car. She attached a Dr. Note.

Of course I call the rural hospital to get to the bottom of it. They say they can only talk to DH. Sure, no problem. He calls them. The Dr. gets on the phone and said she backed him into a very uncomfortable corner and he knew something was up. Of course SS can fly. That is way better than a 22 hr drive. Sure, he will send over a revised note. No problem.

Update #4

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Our lawyer reached out today and told DH to follow up with the police department. Apparently BM told the police that the forged health department document was sent to her fax machine at her work where she "volunteers". 

They are issuing a warrant for her work and the health department fax records. The health department has stated they didn't send it but this makes it official.

They plan on prosecuting her as soon as all the evidence is in, they aren't letting it go.

There is still no word on if SS will be on the flight Sunday. 

Posting as a BM about Child Support

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Ok, now I have always been fair with my exH. Taken less than the calculators stated, never went after more when they moved to CA where I could have petitioned for double what he is paying. 

He is retiring from the military and he and his wife have decided that he is going to be a stay at home dad. Based on the court calculator this would drop CS to $200 (we currently receive $1040). 

Here is my issue. He has 21 years of military service and a master's degree in project management. He was a Chief in the AF, the highest enlisted rank you can get. HE IS CHOOSING to not work. 

Update #3

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DH has filed a report with the local police department. 

BM kept SS out of school again today. I asked if they had a truancy officer... the school secretary laughed and said no. I shouldn't be surprised, it is after all a k-12 school with just over 200 kids in total. 

Just waiting now for an update from our attorney to see what BM's attorney has to say and if he is still going to even keep her as a client after all of this mess. 

Update #2- so good I am doing 2 in one day!

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Our attorney emailed us with a new quarentine letter from the health department dated 12/8. It says he is quarentined until the 23rd. He asked if we can still change plane tickets.

That made no sense. The health department faxed me his order on 12/9. Why wouldn't they give me that one? Why give me an old one?

So I called them again. Apologized for putting them in the middle and just wanted to verify. 

Nope. They don't have it. He only has the one that ends on 12/11. She said please have your attorney reach out to the county attorney with that paper. It is not valid.