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OT- Ish Cruising with your kids

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Just beacasue it started a huge debate on my last blog and a certain someone got rather crappy over it- I called our crusie line. Even though I have taken my kids without their dad on 3 others and SS on one.

Carnival Cruise Line- "You do not need a letter from the other parent to to take YOUR child on a cruise." --- "While we recommend passorts to all travelers they are not required if you leave from the United States and return to the United States. You do have to have a birth certificate and for any child over the age of 16, a picture ID"

Writ of Assistance

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I know, I know... I need to step back. I don't know what got in my head this morning, other than I am pissed. Pissed at BM, Pissed at SS and Pissed that DH feels that it isn't even worth going on our trip if SS isn't there. I try and remind him that me and the 3 other are all looking forward to this trip and spending time with him, but he is just feeling incomplete without his other son, which I would feel the same way so, I do get it. 

Facebook- Spin off post

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Ss14 is still not communicating with DH at all. He is blocked from his phone, messenger, instagram, FB messenger, facetime. We are still "friends" on facebook though. He has all his posts set to a private setting so that none of us can see anything on his wall other than what we post with him. 

GAL Called Our Lawyer!!!

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He is writing up the agreement for SS to come on the trip!

BM told him she signed a release to talk to the counselor and she didn't- GAL is PISSED

GAL is very concerned about what we have shown him. He is e-mailing BM's attorney with "certain demands" - I don't know what those are yet and neither does our lawyer but this has to be good news!!


THANK YOU GUYS AND LADIES! I am so glad that I called earlier!!

Last nights nightmare

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I know that so many of you are going to tell me that this is why SS14 shouldn't even come on our vacation but we all know that DH is going to try until the end. I am just supporting his choice and rolling with it. I don't have any fight left in me at this point. 

Unintentionally Overstepped

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While in SS14 paitent portal I was trying to update DH's contact info since he was still not listed for anything. In doing so I apparently started a sh!+ storm. I guess one of the phone numbers I changed was actually one of SS's primary contact numbers that didn't have to do with DH. Completely honest mistake. Nothing intentional. An email was sent out asking for clairification to DH and BM.

BM apparently told SS that DH now had access to his medical records to SS sent out a text stating that he "was done" with DH again and that he didn't want him to have access. 

I am shaking I am so angry

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DH finally got the log in for the paitent portal to one of the many specialist hospitals that BM takes SS14 to.

1st record I pull up- "Father has substance abuse issues" ---- WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE F**K?!?!?!?! 

I have already emailed the hospital social worker with that along with other false information that was in his chart and our lawyer. I am livid. I don't even know what to do at this point. My head is spinning. There is now documentation in SS's records that his father, my wonderful husband, has substance abuse issues. 

I called SS14 a little Sh!+ to DH and other musings from the weekend

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Let me start by stating that DH and I enjoy breweries. That is one of the things that we will do as date nights- go check out a local mircrobrewery or festival. We aren't alcoholics and we don't NEED to drink. However, we both enjoy beer. We never drink more than 1-2 with children at home and we don't take the kids to breweries or festivals. This is something we do as a couple.

Just Angry Today

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I really don't need advice or anything today... I am just angry.

I am angry that BM is getting away with her behavior.

I am angry that GAL isn't responding to DH.

I am angry that SS is being a little shit to not only us but to his grandma.

I am angry that I can't even bring myself to hit "Purchase" on a plane ticket when it was finally below $400 (vs. the $883 it had been) because I am afraid it is a loss.

I am angry that no matter what we do SS is lost.

I am angry that if we do nothing I will feel like a failure.