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It's a Monday Miracle!

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Our lawyer called, we have our final hearing to stop BM's money grab and end things with BM forever!

Say your prayers for us on July 17th! 

Lawyer submitted to stop all but the illegal arrears we are paying, so at least we are going down to $300/mo for June and July before the hearing.  Way better than over $1500! 

Sudden urgency for SS's graduation

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I am really struggling to be supportive of my hubs right now. He suddenly is all about doing something for SS18's graduation (that's in 2 days!). He was so mad at me last night because I flat out said that you don't want my opinion on what to say or send to him. He said that I just needed to support him. I yelled... probably the only time I have ever yelled at my husband and said don't you dare say that. I have given and sacrificed and supported you for the last 8 years fighting for your kid. I have done all the leg work for court, I have planned, booked tickets, vacations, everything!

Dreaded Mother's Day

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I have always hated Mother's day. My exH made me feel like garbage every year and a burden for wanting to go out for a simple brunch. 

As my kids got older and I was a single mom, I always made a big deal for my mom/ made it all about grandma but no one ever made one for me. Now that my kids are teens they don't give a flying hoot. They just want to know how long the family obligation time is so they can go off with friends.

SS's School just dropped news

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Well, I guess at least we know where SS18 is going to college. SS's school did a senior spotlight on him. Some rando college in OK to be a mortician. Cool.

The more you know, I guess. 

He still hasn't reached out to DH, which he will have to do in order for DH to pay for it. We have sent certified letters via our attorney to BM, SS and BM's attorney about what is needed for DH's GI bill and told them that is how we intend to pay for our half. Nothing from them.... Of course. Oh well. We tried. 

Teen dating question

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My daughter (15) has had a boyfriend for a couple of months now. Good kid, AP classes, Varsity baseball and football player, involved in church, close with his family. We have met his family, all on the same page with values, etc. We like him... I thought. 

A life well lived

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I just commented on Ashleytenorio's post and it struck me. A life well lived... that truly is the best revenge on these bitter BM's. 

I know we have a major financial situation that should never have hit us, but even if we have to pay it all, it will be over in a year and half if we just keep paying what we are now. It could be worse. We aren't struggling, we just would prefer to take BM off the payroll. 

Court Yesterday

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The judge refused the set aside and now wants a full hearing for everything. The dates we are currently being given are dates when DH will be out to sea. Trying to work this out is so freaking impossible. I hate BM so much. 

Upcoming Hearings

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Our set aside hearing is tomorrow. Thankfully we didn't have to fly to KS for this one. It is just removing the order that was illegally entered to begin with. (She is claiming that DH owes 32K in arrears, a lot of that being medical charges she never told us about and has yet to show proof of and she is lying about working so she was calculated at $0 income). Of course we have to pay and attorney to make that happen, but whatever.