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BM finally responded

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DH- I gave you more than 24 hrs to object to the dates and times of the plane tickets. I am taking your non response as consent. I trust you will actually follow the court order this time and have proper parental control to put our son on the plane. If you can't control our son, just let me know and I will get a Writ of Assistance to get the police to help in this manner.

Buying another plane ticket today

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We have court for contempt for Christmas on Feb 25th. Plane tickets are for March 21st. We plan on specifically having our lawyer bring up spring break and her refusal to communicate with DH on anything ever. We gave her 24 hrs to respond for the tickets we are buying this evening. Of course we didn't hear a word. 

I am so sick of these games. 

For those that don't know my back story:

Dominatrix affair update

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HA! That is funny to me even typing it out. I am such a prude!

Ok, so she didn't show up at the party. DH texted her hubs and they decided to not come because she "Doesn't really do spouse events"- my drunk ass blurted "Right! She only does other married men!" - DH thought it was funny and no one else knew what was happening, so whatever! 

Completely OT but if you want a crazy story

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I had a friend in high school who was a couple of years older than me. He was like a big brother. Nothing ever even remotely romantic. We were close for a few years after but life happened and by the time I graduated we lost touch. So I had not seen him in 20 years when DH and I moved into our rented house together. I was so excited when I found out we were neighbors! Plus our son's were the same age and instant best friends. I thought, how great! We have family friends 2 doors down- cook outs, wine on the porch, this will be great!

PAS Question

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Something really festering in my head is this video that BM recorded of SS saying he wasn't coming out for Christmas. Has anyone ever had anything like that brought up in court?

The judge told SS that he didn't get to make this choice, that his dad has done nothing to deserve having visitation stopped and that they need to work on a healthy relationship when we were in court over the summer. 

SS didn't get on the plane

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He texted DH at 1 am saying "I not coming. You wasted your money. Have fun with all that time off for nothing"

Yep. That's what my wonderful husband got to see. He is such a horrible little shit over text. When DH was face timing him 4 days ago it was "leaving for the airport at 3 am" "Mom is going to text you things on my Xmas list that she didn't get".

Blah!! Not knowing is eating me up!

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I am trying to play it cool y'all. I really am!! No one knows how crazy my head is actually spinning. 

Our lawyer texted me yesterday and told me that he spoke to BM's lawyer and BM's lawyer supposedly called BM right then and there and told her that she needed to follow the CO or he was going to recuse himself from her case. Those are big words. I am not sure if that actually happened or not but it is what was said between attorney's. 

SS might actually be showing up for Xmas

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DH has court ordered Tuesday night facetime calls. SS15 hasn't answered since mid- October. We are going back for 3 contempt charges and this is just one more issue we filed about... Anyway, he actually answered last night! He really didn't talk but he did say that they were leaving for the airport at 3 am Saturday for his 6 am flight that we purchased. The last 2 flights we booked, he never got on. He is alienated beyond belief.