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Imputed Income?

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We got the doctors notes from SS's 4 specialists- Good news is the doctors are listening to us!! The rheumatologist stated that he is not comfortable making a diagnosis at this time. The cardiologist said that his symptoms has cleared and he has "out grown" POTS. The gastroenterologist said he is progressing normally and doesn't need to see him for a year. Now we just have to get through to the geneticist for the EDS and SS14 will be a healthy normal kid!! 

Why? Why? Why??????

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I sent an email to our lawyer last week asking a few questions. He didn't respond. I emailed again this morning saying " Can you just please reassure us that the 29th is a solid hearing date so we can get plane tickets and that we aren’t going to be limited in court to only talk about the contempt? We can talk about the rest later. "

He responds back with :

Saw A Quote

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"A step parent doesn't just marry a spouse: They marry their spouses entire situation.

They have to find a balance between supporting and defending with out over stepping visiblie and invisble boundaries."


Got the court date!

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I was in tears yesterday. I called our lawyer to find out if they had the date. He was out of the office but his secretary told me that we did get it, it was the day before my kids leave for California for 9 weeks and 2 days after DH reports to his new command. I didn't even know what to do, so I sat at my desk and cried for a little while trying to figure out how to make it all work- Well, it won't. 


Personal Responsibility

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I really don't post much about SSstb19.  He lives with us full time. DH has had custody since he was under 1 yr old. BM isn't involved at all (currently in jail and went on to have 7 other kids, custody of none). We believe that BM's teenage partying (17 when she had him) along with her own mental issues, is the cause of SS's psychiatric issues. Autism (mid rang functioning), ADHD, Major Anxiety Disorder are the big ones. 

Back to the real world

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We got back in town Saturday after the most AMAZING trip! We posted about 1,000 pictures. Had the best time.

I AM SOOOO PROUD OF DH! He did not wallow in the fact that SS was not there. He did not even mention it but one or 2 times and the comments were "SS is really going to regret not seeing this one day". He/ We/ The other 3 had a blast!  Totally lived in the moment, laughed, loved, and experienced everything we could. 

Final Cruise Saga Update

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Welp, Ss14 did not get on the plane to meet us in Florida. I know, I know... DH and I were as shocked as you are right now!

Mr. Lawyer talked to the GAL yesterday and confirmed that if SS didn't get the plane he was re-writting his recommendation and would testify for us the a flip in custody is imperative.

Mr. Lawyer is filing all the paperwork Monday while we are on the cruise. Not sure how I feel about it all... but I can deal with those feelings later. 

The Spring Break Saga

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Y'all get the play by play for the next few days. It really sucks that no one in my life really understands what we are going through. I have several divorced friends but they are all "normal". There isn't constant fighting or withholding of children, no drama every single day it seems... I really am so grateful for this site and being able to come here, vent, cry, complain without too much judgement.