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BM just attempted to file a restraining order

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Seriously. We have 0 communication with her other than for travel plans for SS- which she doesn't respond to any way. Nothing harassing at all.

We are 1300 miles away.

She is grasping at some straws! Our attorney just texted to let me know. The judge didn't sign it. Out attorney's words "It's dumb as hell. Have a beer for me tonight. I will have the details tomorrow."

BM1 Just sucks

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I know I don't post about her much, she is mostly non-existent. 

Last night I was talking to SS21 about who had called him with Happy Birthday's- Of course my family called and sung happy bday (we all do it) which he thought was weird and off key LMAO. He talked to MIL and got texts from SIL's. 

SS's 21st Birthday

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SS's birthday is today. DH is working one of his 24 hr shifts (he can't get out of it). We are doing a family dinner on Friday with my whole family for him. I just feel guilty not doing anything this evening for him! 21 is supposed to be a big deal.

He has no friends, my kids are with their dad for spring break, so it would just be the 2 of us. 

Really Struggling with SSstb21

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(Sorry this is longer than I thought it was going to be and really just a vent- nothing can really be done right now.)

SS20 (21 in 5 days) has been HORRIBLE to live with the last few weeks. 

I was tossing some of it up to SS16 coming to town, season changes, my kids schedules have been crazy with their dad closer and online school they are doing a lot of back and forth. But wow did things come to a head last night!

We have given SS 3 "chores" that he is responsible for.

Mid Visit Update

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Grounding was effective- at least it made some impact. 

He has actually had a lot of really good talks with DH and my BS. My BS called him out one night when they were hanging out- just the 2 of them. He asked why he kept being a d*ck to his dad. I guess that opened his eyes a little. SS suggested that DH call him on Sunday mornings around 10am instead of the Tuesday night call that was in the CO. He also said that he will start responding to texts messages and APOLOGIZED.

Someone start a gofund me for my bail!

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DH let SS use his phone to call his mom to let her know he was grounded. 

BM told SS to not give it back to DH and call the cops if DH puts his hands on him. Then she called DH demanded to be on speaker phone and inset her opinion that he gets to keep it and DH can't ground him.

DH finally got her off the phone and SS backed down and gave it to DH. But it was a 45 situation where SS thought he could negotiate the terms of his restriction. He thought he could demand that he only had to give it up if we were doing something as a family. 


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He made it on the plane.


DD is going to come to work with me next week so she can stay away. DH is going to put in for emergency leave for a family crisis. He is going going to take SS's phone and do a luggage search when we get home from the airport. 

This is going to be a fun week. An one willing to let me and the other 3 kids come visit?? Lol! 

Spring Break 2021

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SS16 is supposed to be on the plane tomorrow morning.

DH had a 24 hr duty yesterday so he didn't come home but I was able to talk to him briefly. Still no word from BM or SS.

I am really thinking I might be off the hook this year!! 

Quick update

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DHs 40th was over last weekend, I went as all out as the Navy would allow. His childhood best friend, mom and sisters all flew in and surprised him, we had a great party! It ALMOST felt like life was back to normal. It was so much fun to hang out with my in-laws and DH's friend!

Now for the negative side:

I messaged SS the morning of DH's bday to remind him to wish his dad happy bday.