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SS is GONE!!!

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I just need to shout from the roof tops! My house is home again, I no longer have to be on pins and needles! Thank God he is GONE!

I have no idea if he will be back. I pray he doesn't come back. DH and I don't think he will come for Christmas. We are supposed to have him the 2nd part of winter break which is when they are doing daily Basketball Practice and he pitches a fit over missing basketball. DH isn't going to "fight" it. 

F@*&- I am going to blog hog the heck out of you all today!

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DD just called me and asked what happened to their bathroom wall.

Me: What do you mean?

DD: There is a whole in it.

Me (at work): Take a picture please

It is a fist! You can see the finger indentions. 

I called BS and woke him up-

Me: Did you by chance slip coming out of the shower or an accident happen and you made a hole in the bathroom wall?

Because SS16 isn't enough, SS21 wants to act out

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For those that don't know: My  SS21 is autistic. He lives with us full time, DH has had full custody since he was under 1 yr old. His BM is a really piece of work. SS is the oldest but she went on to have another 8 children by 6 different men, custody of none all before the ripe old age of 33- super classy. She hasn't spoken to SS in well over a year, could be coming up on 2 at this point)

SS16 at it again

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So, we have one of those couches that has an arm rest with a cubby. I keep my kindle in there most of the time. I usually just use it to download books and read during football season...

Anyway, as I posted before about getting woken up by the cops with SS16 getting picked up, we took his cell phone, Apple watch and burner phone (bm is so thoughtful).

Unintentional Consequences

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It is funny that in my business networking meeting yesterday the topic was "Unintentional Consequences". 

Last night BM texted DH 4 times, starting with "Please have SS call me" and the last was "You will have my son contact me immediately". DH did not respond.

She texted me 2x. Also starting with "Please" and the 2nd was "Have my son call me NOW". - As much as I wanted to say something back, I ignored it.

Sorry to blog hog. I have to get this out!!

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I got home and DH was just sitting on the couch and SS was asleep still. 

I said something snippy to DH and walked upstairs opened the door and told him to get up and pee in the drug test cup I just got. He "couldn't pee". (It's been 2 hours now, I wonder how long he is going to hold out)

Then as he came in the living room I looked at DH who just looked back at me. I said ok fine. I will do this.

Me: Tell your father what happened

2:50 am wake up call... from the cops

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I swear to Dog, I am so done. After this visit I don't even want SS back in our house. 


BS15's friend was still over my house last night hanging with SS16. Great- he is entertained and I don't have to even talk to him.

At some point in the middle of the night they snuck out with their bikes, went about 3 miles and crossed a 6 lane hwy/rd that has a 55mph speed limit. They went to the high school where BS15 goes and were caught trespassing by the cops.

Frustrated with DH

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DH didn't confront SS16. (He is smoking weed in the bathroom at attempting to cover it up with axe body spray)

We did search his room and the bathroom while he was out with BS15's friend and found a burner cell phone (in case we grounded him again, I'm sure) but no weed.

DH has duty today so he won't be home until tomorrow night, which just leaves me and the 2 SS's. 

I realize that I am a total control freak personality and because DH didn't deal with the smoking, I feel like I won't be able to keep my mouth shut if I notice it again. 

Pretty sure SS is smoking weed in the bathroom

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I thought I noticed something Friday afternoon but couldn't put my finger on it, or where it was coming from.

Then last night I went upstairs right as SS16 was coming out of the bathroom and it hit me. Weed. Attempting to be covered by axe body spray. 

I didn't let on that I noticed anything and calmly went back down and text DH who was sitting next to me. He texted back, "what do we do?". I just shrugged. Later before we went to sleep I told him to deal with it before my kids come home (17th).