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OT- Need Help!

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DH's and my anniversary is coming up, it's Cotton this year. I have been looking for months but FINALY found something.

Cuff links and a tie clip that have cotton in the center. You personalize them. I get 15 words for each. 

DH is a pretty simple man, I was thinking of the coordinates where we were both born for the cuffs and EST. 5-21-2018 for the clip but now I am second guessing myself.

BM is at it again

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DH is supposed to have weekly facetime calls with SS. They were first suggested at 8:30pm one day a week, he suggested a day. Suggestion from the GAL - never an order. At first that was fine, 9:30 pm our time was later than we liked because we are up at 5:30am but not out of the question. Now DH is up at 4 am. Staying up until 10pm to be able to have a talk and then do his journal about it is ridiculous. He has a very high risk job in the navy. Peoples lives depend on him being able to think clearly. 9/10 times SS doesn't answer anyway so he is staying up for NOTHING.

On a happy note!

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My kids SM is preggo and I have been looking for a gift for her that would be special. She is having another boy and was pretty bummed (she has 2 boys already plus BS14, BD12 is the only girl). Anyway, I found this today and ordered it. My kids are out visiting with them in CA right now and she will get it before they leave. I am just tickled over this set!! I told BD to snag it off the porch and tell her dad to pick up a gift bag for it Smile

I spoke too soon...

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While SS was here I had a little chat with him about the fact that he has blocked me from his phone. He mentioned that he needed some new clothes. I told him that I would happily buy him clothes but he needed to unblock me. It was disrespectful and I refuse to do and buy things for people that are basically saying F-you to me. He said I get it, I'm sorry and unblocked me on the spot. -- Great!

Nanny Cams

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Since SS accused me of abusing my own children- even though our lawyer punched so many holes in that I don't think the judge even gave it a second thought- I just bought Nanny Cams for our house.

Court went great!!

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She was found guilty. Told that if SS doesn't get on the plane next weekend she would spend 30 DAYS IN JAIL!!!

Omg, you guys. This was the best hearing!!!

SS was told that he had 0 choice in visiting his father until he was 18. That if he refused it would be his fault that his mother went to jail, so make it easy on her and get on the plane.

I still am in shock.

Before court musings

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BM's friend that feeds us info contacted me again last night. Apparently BM is going to have SS get on the stand to say he is scared of his father and that is why he hasn't come out the last 3 times. (For those who don't know we are out of state so this is over the last year)

Anyway, I texted our attorney and he said that if he did that it would be laughable. We have a photo album with over 1,000 pictures of him at our house as happy as can be. He has never expressed fear to the GAL or the judge durring any of thier talks. 

Hidden Income...

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BM's friend that feeds us info just messaged me. She let me know that BM's employer is now writing her paychecks to BM's boyfriend. 

I would venture to guess this happened after we surprised her in court last time calling her out and showing her Facebook pictures of her working for the weed dispensary. She claimed in court that she was just a volunteer there- if you didn't remember.