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SS23 is never moving out

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It's like 1 step forward 10 steps back. 

He learned how to cook pork chops. Great! Now he can cook 2 things! 

Then I sent him to get his oil changed and he calls to tell me he spent $190! He said yes to everything the offered. EVERYTHING. AND he was PROUD of himself. SMDH. 

He has no clue about the world. He is so gullible. He makes so many stupid mistakes and I know they aren't his fault. He is still mentally a 15 yr old. I have to remember that. 

SS23 and I have hit a breaking point

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I don't really complain about SS23 much. He's really has become one of my own children and I do love him. He is Autistic and lives with us, but has completed welding school and was recently hired to be a welder at the shipyard near us. He gets paid $27/hr for training and it's 40 hrs a week. His rate will go up once he is done with training.

I haven't felt he was ready to live on his own yet. Dh doesn't either. However, I can't keep living like this. We have to find him a roommate and get him out of my house.

Well, my life is about to get interesting!

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I've posted before about DH going to Japan.

(For those that don't know me, DH is active duty for 24 yrs at this point. His ship is doing a home port change to Japan next year. Due to DD starting her jr. year of HS and SS23's autism and not being able to live on his own but also not being allowed to go, we decided that I would stay behind)

BS17 Depression

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Writing as a pissed off BM right now.

My son (17) has battled with anxiety and depression since he was 14. There were lows where he mentioned he wanted to un alive himself. He has been on medications that have really made a difference. His father has always been against him being on meds. For some unknown reason he is very anti med and thinks fish oil fixes everything.

Being a little stalkery

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Sooo... I miiigghht have a stalker FB account that I have used to see what goes on with SS and to track down things like where BM works- even though it didn't matter in the end.

Anyway, that was how we saw some of SS's graduation pictures, which was cool. We also could see when he played football and basketball. His SF has me blocked but doesn't know how to make his account private... until after court this last time. They found out that it was BM's husband's account that told on her working. So now he is locked down.

The Freaking Audacity of BM

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After almost 2 weeks post court of refusing to acknowledge DH's attempt to work out SS's financial aid, not to mention her trying to say in court that DH wasn't paying- even though we sent a certified letter from our attorney to her attorney, her and SS back in March, she is now snapping her fingers expecting DH to jump on her command!

NSMR- Human Trafficking

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We had a scary event Saturday night. 

DD15 had a softball tournament about an hour and half from home. Most of the team decided to stay at a hotel since we play Saturday and Sunday. Well, after the games Saturday some of the parents and girls went to go hang out at the pool, around 7:30pm. DD, DH and I went down too.

Monday's hearing details-- Long but I shortened as much as I could!

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Quick backstory for any newbies: My SS18 has been severely alienated, my DH has not been able to speak to him in 2 years. We are long distance (BM moved away and established residency while he was deployed). Their first divorce was illegal and had to be thrown out. It has been one disaster in court after another for the last 8 years. Last year, while my DD was fighting for her life in a hospital, BM filed for back CS going to when she deserted the marriage.

You can't make this sh*t up

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Today is the hearing! Great right?

Nope. Major storms game through KS last week and out attorneys office doesn't have power. So no access to his server. All we have for court in 3 hrs is what I could print off based on things I sent him because I could access my work email at my MIL's old office (she retired last year!).

Freaking KS. We are so fucked. 

Pray for us. 


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Obviously after yesterday's events I am all up in my head. 

Have any of you experienced BM dodging subpoenas? Did they get away with it?

What about someone denying service? Is this really a thing that is allowed? 

I do HR and bookkeeping for a living. I have been summoned to court in the past for an employee. The cop showed up with the subpoena, handed it to me. Recorded it in his paperwork and left. I didn't "accept" it. It was ordered to be given to me. I just don't understand.