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Resentment is really getting stronger

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I swear the longer SS is here the more resentment both DH and I feel. 

We went Kayaking yesterday- it was gorgeous! The marina we launch from is in a historic area and there is this awesome brewery that overlooks the water and always has the best food trucks. So after 3 hours on the water, hot and sweaty Dh and I were both wanting a nice cold beer and food. Of course, we couldn't. DH starts getting cranky and talking about how we can come back in 2 weeks and do this again and actually have fun and grab a beer because SS won't be here to ruin it for us -- IN FRONT OF SS!

OT- The Family Stone, Lost.

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My engagement ring belonged to my great grandmother. It was given to her in 1924. My great-grandparents story is one of true love. He was a struggling inventor and she was a French model. They met in NYC. She was Catholic and he was not. She left her country, faith and family to be with him. They loved each other deeply until her death. 

Drunk SS update

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Today I am angry. 

BM called SS on DH's phone to check up on him. She told him to "be strong" while he was grounded from his phone and not to worry his sister was going to keep his snapchat streak up --- I was shaking after I heard that. I am livid. Be strong? Don't you worry about social media??? Is this how she parents?? No wonder he thought he could steal booze from cops and get away with it.

I asked DH when do I get to ask him why he lied and court and said that he has a problem with alcohol because  OBVIOUSLY his only problem is that he can't hold his liquor. 

Just picked up blackout drunk SS!

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DH and I had finished up at the car dealership- new Camry Hybrid- sooo pretty! We went to go pick up SS from the friends house and the mom met us on the front lawn. She is a police officer btw. She was sooo embarrassed and upset but SS15 had gotten into a bottle of Titos. Passed out puking on himself. 

We had no hard feelings, teenagers are stupid, whatever, we took him home. 

I start putting his clothes in the wash and found a vape pen and charger. 

Kind of proud of myself!

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Last night SS15 asked if he could stay the night over at one of his old friends from when he lived here's house today. DH has one of his 24 hr shifts starting this morning, so he wasn't against it since he won't be home anyway and it gives me the night off. I just asked SS to give me the mom's address and phone number in case we need to reach him and can't get through. 

OT- New car probably :(

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DH got in an accident last night on his way home. He is fine, my car is not. I am actually pretty sad about this car. I got it a couple of weeks before I left my ex. It was only in my name. It was such a good car- Camry Hybrid. It had all the bells and whistles and the best part was it was paid off! 

DH drives 30 miles back and forth to work and I drive less than 2. So he started driving my hybrid and I drive the giant SUV, it just makes sense. 

1st SS summer update

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Things have been interesting to say the least. 

DH's schedule sucks right now. He works from 5am-4pm Mon-Fri. Then every 4th day (including weekends) he has a 24 hr shift. So for example if his 24 hr shift is on Tuesday, he will leave at 4am Tuesday and not get home until around 5pm Wed. 

This was not going on when we booked the tickets and it will be going on all summer so we couldn't have just pushed things back. Not taking summer was not an option and he isn't allowed any leave time due to the travel bans and current workload. We just have to deal with it. 

Blog Hog- Sorry! Should I text BM?

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I texted her at 9:50 asking if he made it on his flight. I texted a "?" at 10:26. It is now 11:42- I soooooo badly want to text again and say:

It is pretty sad that you are so petty and insecure you would rather no one know if SS is safe on a plane than just tell me "Yes" after you were already informed that "DH" would not be able to receive calls, texts or emails this morning. I called the airline so I am aware he is on- you need to grow up. I will do the decent thing and let you know when I pick him up from the airport this evening. 


SS is on the plane... I think.

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Last night when DH talked to SS he made sure to tell him that he would be working today and that he doesn't get reception so make sure to keep JMTB notified because she knows how to reach me if needed. He told BM2 to please keep JMTB (with my phone #) updated with travel as he will be on the ship and not able to get email or texts.