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BM1 Resurfaced

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I guess she sent SS19 (special needs) a flurry of texts a couple of days ago about him "knowing the truth". She sent a bunch of screenshots of 1 GAL report (out of the 10 or so that they had) where this one thought BM1 should have regular visitation. The rest all said supervised or none at all. This report was from when he was 7. 

OT- DD's Migraines

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DD12 has had migraines since she was probably 8. They weren't frequent, maybe 1-2 a month. Then all of a sudden they have been almost daily since mid-August. She has been on all the standard rx's (Imitrex, Zomig, Maxalt) they don't even touch them. We were told to go to the ER last week because she had one that was still going strong after 24 hrs. She freaked and we waited a whole other day (started thurs and went in Sat). 

Counselor invited me to the conference too!

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I am cracking up this morning! BM is going to be pissed! The 504 counselor invited me to join the conference too (I did not ask to be included)! BM was copied on the e-mail. She is going to lose it when she sees it this morning!

I will update and let y'all know if he shows up to the conference, I am doubting anything happening and feel like BM will just keep him home from school today. 


Taking Bets

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DH is supposed to be called for SS14's parent teacher conferences that are "student lead" tomorrow at 10 am. BM is supposedly going to be present. 

Taking bets on SS showing up?

BM allowing it once she gets there?

SS even talking?


This is such a shit show... 

DH text to me: "I don't matter to her and she wants me to not matter to him"

me: "You matter, my love. If you didn't, she wouldn't be so afraid to lose him to you. This is all really her insecurities in her ability to be the favored parent in SS's eyes"



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DH has his facetime make up call with SS14 last night. SS didn't answer.

A few minutes later he texts DH and says "no service". DH asked where he was and when would he be home for the call since DH hasn't spoken to him in 3 weeks due not SS not answering his court ordered calls. SS replies with:

"It's my grandpa's birthday where the hell do you think I'm at"

DH: "Why are you talking to me like that? I am your father stop disrespecting me when you talk to me"

SS: "I don't have time for this bye"

I failed at disengagement again

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Hi, my name is justmakingthebest, and I am an engager. It has been less than 24 hrs since I last engaged with SS drama.


The school sent me SS's physical. I lost my shit. Again.

I told the spec. ed teacher everything that was going on. I agreed to leave the 504 alone because by doing so his fake "dyslexia" diagnosis means he gets a reading tutuor/OT to help get him to grade level since he is 4 yrs behind. 


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DH is Navy and we will either retire if he doesn't make rank (24 yrs in)  or be moving in 3 years. Either way, I have no desire to stay in our current location.

Another Blog got me thinking

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Advice.only2 mentioned something about turning all of the court docs into a book for skids.

Can you imagine if we published a book. We would have to summarize to one chapter each, but it could be like a ghost stories book. A collection of short stories to help other future SM's. It would be terrifying for most to read, because what many of us go through "doesn't really happen" or no one can believe it! But imagine throwing in case numbers and the whole 9! 

A cautionary tale for SM's to be. It Should/could be a top bridal registry seller! *ROFL*