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I hate Kansas Courts!

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I can't believe we are still dealing with the same shit from a year ago.

BM's attorney won't respond to ours for a court date. The judge told our Lawyer that last week since there was no response that he could pick the date. He went to pick the date and the judge came back and said to give them another week. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME.

SS22 is going to be the end of me!

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I swear this kid! 

So he recently got his driver's license. He is allowed to drive to and from work (less than 2 miles from our house) and the store (even closer). Other than that he is supposed to get permission and I verify the location, time of day for traffic, ect. He is a TERRIBLE driver and gets overwhelmed very easily. I was really hoping DMV would fail him, but he took the class, took the test and passed it all. Whatever. 

Japan Update

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DH and I talked a lot over the weekend. Thankfully my kids were at their dad's so we could actually talk without prying ears!

We decided that I should stay behind. I am pretty devastated but on paper it doesn't make sense to move us at this point in my kids and SS's lives. It would be different if we could guarantee 2 years there but since we can't, it's just too much on them. DH also won't have to stay longer if he does get the promotion, so that is good news. 1.5-2 years of this nonsense, then he either retires or shore duty and retires. 

Japan? My head is swimming!

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DH will be deploying this year. After that it is a follow on to Japan. We were told he wouldn't be there long enough for the family to join him but just basically expect him to be gone for 1.5-2 years. I am emotionally prepping for that as much as one can with 3 teens at home. 

Last night he comes home and tells me he has a list of about 500 people that he needs answers by Friday (tomorrow!) on if their family is going to make the move to Japan. Then he pauses, looks at me and said- we are on the list. 

Talking with DH

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My heart just hurts for him. Sometimes I think we are at a place where he has let go and then I realize he isn't there at all.

We are going to KS for a few days, leaving later today to see DH's family and be there for the birth of my newest neice. I find out that DH has tried reaching out to SS18 multiple times to see if they can catch up. He wanted to make sure it was ok if he said that it could just be the 2 of them. Ummm... OF COURSE! I don't want to see that little shit. (Didn't add that last part when talking to DH)

Well, crap... My DD15 is not doing well

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Back story, last year she was in a horrific accident. She almost died, ICU for 16 days, lost a breast and has a giant chest scar. Thankfully, bones have healed, her kidney regained most of its functioning and it is just superficial at this point. Her personality has changed since then. She is 10 ft tall and bullet proof. She is much more wild and obsessed with how she looks.

OT- I'm super petty

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I posted a while back about having gastric sleeve surgery. Well, I am a little over 4 months out now and only 5lbs from my goal weight but I hit my goal clothing size! 

A part of me is excited to walk into the court house and look like I do now! BM didn't like me before, she sure isn't going to like Skinny me who still has the great rack! LOL

Now if we can only get that court date... Our attorney requested on weeks ago and still nothing from the judge. 

Piggy backing on Christmas

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For those of you with teenagers- What on earth are you getting them this year???

I can't get an answer from any of them! We have DD15, Exchange Student 16, BS17 and SS22. 

BS17 actually said can I just get a rain check on Christmas, there isn't anything I really want or need right now.

DD15 just keeps telling me she is thinking about it, but doesn't want clothes or shoes. 

ES16 is sweet as can be so won't ask for anything

SS22 shrugs and walks away.