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CPS family drama update

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*** Update**** - CPS is on the way. My niece finally reached out to me. She is freaking out. I know I did the right thing but I still have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just keep looking at that baby's bruised up face. I don't need any of this shit in my life. I feel like I need to block them all from my phone and my facebook and just ghost them all. I have enough stress with my own family and my SS. I don't need this too but I couldn't just not do anything.


If you need to read back on my last blog please do.

Need help FAST

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My niece was in a long term relationship with her HS BF, they have 2 kids together. She is 24. Back in May she found out he was cheating. They split. They had a verbal agreement for 50/50 week on/week off. Well after his 1st week, he disappeared with the kids. Then he filed abuse allegations with the kids. My poor niece has been fighting like crazy to get her 1 and 3 yr old back.

Matchy Holiday Family PJ's

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A tradition that I have always had with my kids is new coordinating holiday PJ's. You get them Christmas eve. Dh and his son have really enjoyed my silly tradtion, especailly now that the kids are older we get really goofy PJ's. 

Old navy was having a huge sale yesterday so I got us all a set from there. I don't know why I got one for SS15. We ALL know he isn't going to show. I don't know why I did it. We still have his onsie from last year that he hasn't even seen. I guess it is a good thing that DH and SS19 and BS14 all wear the same size as SS15. 

Oh, DH, you are so silly

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We close on our new home in 4 days! YAY!!! I am so excited!

Well, one of the things that we needed was to figure out what this $100 allotment he has going out of his pay is for. He thought it was a life insurance policy for his 2 bios and BM's other 2  bios. Turns out it was a 100K policy on HIM and 15K each on SS19, BM and BM's other 2 previous bios. SS15 isn't even on it! It is also a whole policy that matures in 4 years and will have a 22K cash value. He had no idea. 

Oh my... Things with SS may be escalating. *Long, sorry*

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We are holding BM to the court order.

SS messaged DH and told him to have fun wasting money on the flight because he wouldn't be on it. DH told him that he didn't have a choice in the matter and that he would discuss it with BM. 

DH then emailed BM reminding her of the new court order which states: 

OT- Best Holiday Cocktail Recipes?

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OK Ladies and Gents- Obviously with everything we all have going on we need good cocktails for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Whatacha got???

I need to start stocking up now at my mom's house since I will be homeless for Thanksgiving weekend as we move out of one house and into the one we are buying! I can't wait for Christmas in our new home though!!

Is God testing my strength?

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DD12's migraines are getting worse and not better. She is on the 5th round of medication combinations. We still go to the ER every 4-5 days for rescue IV's. The nursing staff all knows us now. She had to HORRIBLE reaction to compazine yesterday. She has had it every other time and never had anything. She is still a mess this morning. The headache is back, she is puking, I have already missed 2 days of work with her and the specialist that could only see us in his office over an hour away and the ER yesterday. Insurance is fighting this round of RX's. I am just at a loss on how to help her.

BM's lawyer finally responded

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Responded by filing all of the things that BM wanted in the court order that went against the GAL report. The judge specifically ordered that he GAL report "Item's A-G be cut and pasted to create the new order". Of course that didn't happen. Of course she put her own spin on everything including but not limited to:

SS ruined my Rothy's

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I love those darn shoes. They are so comfortable, they go with everything, I can throw them in the washer when they get stinky (cold water gentle). They were spendy and not something that I would usually buy myself. My boss's wife got them for me for my birthday because I complimented hers.