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Thank you!

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I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who commented on my blog about SS19 yesterday.

I readjusted my thinking, talked to him about the changes we were going to make. He bucked at first but came around and we had a pleasant evening once the dust settled.

SS19 done messed up again, and again

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I have written about SS19 before but for those who dont know/remember- he is Autistic, bi-bolar, ADHD and has Anxiety disorder. We get along well, but he messes up sometimes.

So on Saturday he didn't wake up with his alarms. I smacked his door at 7:40am (has to be at work at 8:00) told him to get his butt up. I drove him and he made it in the nick of time.

OT- DH is coming home!

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So it is just for like 18 hours and then he is gone for the rest of the month(ish) but he is coming home!! We are going to our favorite resturant. Drink a craft beer or 2, sit out on the water. Maybe attempt a little lovin'- I mean 4 1/2 weeks is close to 6 right? I should be fine! LOL probably not but damn I am tired of waiting! LOL

I am so happy right now it's stupid!! 


What are your Pet Peeves?

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I heard you still go thru "cycles" even post this damn surgery, so maybe this is PMS, maybe it's because DH is gone and it's just me and SS19 with no buffer, I don't know. But I came home early today, I did too much yesterday and just hurt and every where I look I want to scream! It's simple freaking stuff!

My daughter's Birthday and her dad and SM are joining us at the hotel

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Ok, let me start by saying that I get along great for the most part with my ex. His wife and I have a pretty decent friendship at this point.

However, I don't want to spend a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge with my ex! I really don't want to with DH being gone! I don't mind SM... maybe she can leave exH at her parents house? LOL She and I are already planning our cocktails for the weekend. 

Feeling sorry for myself - OT

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Today is the first "out to sea" that DH has had in 3 1/2 years. It's not even a full month, it isn't a big deal... but I am just bummed. I hate when he isn't home. 

You know how people throw out the dreaded "you knew what you were getting into" with blended families? You get it being a military spouse too. You can't really complain, you just have to smile and give them a kiss and slip his favorite treat in his bag with a love note and say "See you soon". It just sucks.

SS19's Sister lol

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I feel like as women, we need feel good moments every once in a while.

I took SS19 to go get his 1st bank account this afternoon. We made it a joint account so that I could help him (he is autistic for those who dont know). The lady at the credit union needed our relationship- she looked up and goes "sister?", I looked back very puzzled and said "excuse me?", she said "your relationship, sister?" -- LOL 

SS pipes up with  disgusted look and said "that's my mom! Geeezzz" 

LMAO-- but hey, I will take the compliment!!

Trapping BM in her lie

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So, in court BM stated she doesnt work.

We showed pictures from Facebook that said she got a job. She said that she volunteers.

Lawyer asked the name if the place she volunteers. It is different than the place she works. So he showed her a picture of her at work. She said she volunteers there too. 


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Just got out of court. We got standard out of state visitation. Which was really the best case scenario. 

The judge is holding contempt over BM's head and he told her that if she does not start cooperating immediately things will look very different if we are back in his court room.