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I only have a minute but I am about to bust out of my skin!

We found out BM does have a job! She posted about it on facebook, been there for 4 months (at least) - medical marijuana shop across the boarder in OK. One of her ex friends is sick of her shit and reached out to DH with a mountain of screen shots. All kinds of stuff about the hearing (GAL said we aren't allowed to post anything on social media), crap talking me, crap talking DH, just all kinds of stuff. 

Court Day!

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Nothing. The other lawyer convinced the judge there was a lot to talk about and we shouldn't do this today. Our attorney argued that we had a special hearing scheduled for this purpose and we were prepared. The judge decided to kick the can down the road until JULY 19th. 

DH wont likely be able to make it. Our attorney wants me to fly out without him to go on the stand in person. We are also going to try and get a change of venue and a new judge. This was a continuation of a continuation of a continuation. 3 years and no final ruling. 

Don't think I should go to court anymore.... I might wind up in jail

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SIL is getting married in 2 weeks. We have be "trying" to get an answer from BM if she will send SS14. SIL is only 23. They were always so close, well up until late last year when SS decided that all of this side of the family sucks all of a sudden. Regardless of how SS has been acting SIL and MIL always go to all of his band concerts, school ceremonies, as many baseball games as the can, etc. She has always supported him. (MIL and SIL live about an hour from SS. We are 1300 miles away for those who don't know the back story- BM moved SS away while DH was out to sea (Navy).

My kids Dad and SM

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I have stated before that we have a great co-parent relationship, I am not here to vent on them, it is more I feel really bad for them!

They moved to California in January, we are on the east coast. We have done semi-long distance before, they were stationed about 3.5 hours away. It was a pain but we made it work. The kids went 1-2 times per month and extended holiday's and school breaks. They also made huge efforts to be here for things like band concerts, and other school functions.

Mixed feelings and I realize I am being petty

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I had a wonderful mother's day. My bio's each got me a piece of jewelry (it was their stepmom who helped, so it was super sweet). Nothing expensive but one was a delicate bar necklace with a mama bear and 4 cubs behind her. The other was a pea pod necklace with pearls colored to each of the 4 kids birth stones. 

Mother's Day

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I am trying to help my kids come up with a good mother's day gift for their stepmom. They are being very generic this year... so no help! LOL

I was thinking about doing one of those wine glass tumblers that you can get personalized... The stainless steel ones. They just moved to southern California so I would think it would be nice to have for the summer and beaches and pool. What do you guys think? 

She likes the whole "bonus mom" thing- so whatever... LOL I was thinking:

"Badass Bonus Mom"

Imputed Income?

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We got the doctors notes from SS's 4 specialists- Good news is the doctors are listening to us!! The rheumatologist stated that he is not comfortable making a diagnosis at this time. The cardiologist said that his symptoms has cleared and he has "out grown" POTS. The gastroenterologist said he is progressing normally and doesn't need to see him for a year. Now we just have to get through to the geneticist for the EDS and SS14 will be a healthy normal kid!!