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College in divorce decree?

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Is there anyone else who has college for the stepkids in the original divorce decree?

Here is my big concern:

DH's decree with BM says that DH is responsible for "up to 1/2" of college tuition for SS17. 

SS17 hasn't spoken to his dad for over a year.

DH would use his post 9/11 GI bill for this tuition, but that means paperwork has to be filled out, credits allotted to SS, etc. 

Appeal has officially been filed

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I have no idea how this is going to go but I am ready to be done with BM and SS!

I am a little confused though. We are filing the appeal and also 4 contempt charges and asking for judgement on a previous contempt that had judgement held. The judge would have to find her guilty at this point and all the costs assoicated with these will also go into our final CS arearage calculations. 

Should I read it?

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DH never deletes texts. His texts with BM go back to 2011. His phone is maxing out on space so we decided to download them all and create a PDF incase he needs it for court. We already have screenshots of the important stuff but this is everything for 11 years in one 1300 page document. 

He told me I can read it if I want to, he volunteered to send it to me so that I can read it. 

Story time: Why some stepkids are just the worst and there is nothing you can do about it!

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My mom's best friend is a SM. Her and her husband got married when her SS and I were 8 (same age, grew up together). SM and Hubs are like Aunt and Uncle to me, my kids even call them that. SM never had kids of her own but is VERY successful, so is the husband. They have lived a mostly childless life besides the every other weekend that he was awarded in court. The husband retired a few years ago and they moved to a beach town and have a couple of properties that they own (their home is AMAZING!).

BM's attorney got a CS order

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Y'all I want to throw up right now. 

BM's attorney got an order for CS so DH has to pay almost $1500 in CS plus arrearages of 32K.

This is all based off BM lying in court and saying that she isn't working while refusing to provide her taxes even though they were supeaoned. 

This also goes back to 2017 even though we were going off a temp order that the judge ruled on but wouldn't make a final decision until January of this year.

Frustrations with SS22

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DH has been gone for 2 weeks to a school for the Navy. SS22 (Autistic and will likely always live with us) has just been getting on my every last nerve. His tone with me has been ridiculous. He isn't doing what he is asked. He is regressing into old behaviors so quickly (Sneaking soda- he will drink a whole 18 pack in a day if he isn't watched, not showering, lying, etc)

Today I asked him to move a couple of things from the garage to the shed to make room for a table. I told him to grab the Christmas totes and move them, it will be plenty of room. 

Exciting changing up SS17's room

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I was scrolling FB a couple of days ago and apparently there is one Foreign Exchange Student left this school year without a host family for our school district. The group was begging for help. It is a girl from Spain, 16 yrs old. I got on the phone with DH (He is TDY for 3 weeks) and told him I really wanted to do this. We have the room, he is going to be gone non-stop anyway- what's one more teen when we have 3?? 

Hey there! It's been a while!

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Things are just moving along here. Bios are doing great, getting ready for school. SS22 (autistic) is taking drivers training and is excited for the potential of getting his driver's license. DH is doing good at his new command. He seems to like his new position and I'm happy that he is where he should be career wise. Not looking forward to his deployment/underways that will  be starting sooner than later, but we will be fine. I have lived this life before.

Just an update

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Our vacation last week was WONDERFUL! My kids had a blast, DH and I were able to relax and reconnect. 

Back to work sucks... I need to win the lottery or something LOL

DH found out that he is switching commands next week, but we are staying local, which is good for my kids. BS16 will be able to finish HS, BD14 will start HS but there is a chance she will be able to finish locally. 

I feel so bad for DH

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About 10 years ago my mom, sister and I went to NYC on a girls trip. We had a blast and spent a fortune! My mom wasn't about cabs or subways so she hired a driver for the weekend. He was awesome, took us everywhere, got us into all the cool restaurant, shopping, etc! He is from Bangladesh and had a toddler close to the same age as DD. We wound up meeting his wife, and anyway, I have kept in touch with them on social media.