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OT- Humans of New York

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Does anyone else follow HONY??? This Tanqueray series has me glued! I remember when we got the first snippet from her and I was like wow! This lady has had a LIFE. 

If you want to follow a great page on Facebook Humans of New York is amazing. You laugh, you cry, you get drawn in! 


Freaking BM... as if enough wasn't going on in our lives

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DH caved and got the plane tickets for the date "SS" (read BM) wanted. DH hasn't spoken to SS in 6 weeks- he won't return a text or answer a call. DH's Email to her:

See below dates and times locations of travel for our son for Christmas vacation for our son this year. 


I would still love to have our son out for thanksgiving this year since you are cutting me short two days over the winter break. Please let me know by tomorrow so I can buy the thanksgiving plane tickets if I can have our son for thanksgiving this year 2020; yes or no.


Life is too stressful right now. I need a laugh!

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Tell me the funniest thing you have learned from/about your spouse/SO?


Here is mine:

A few months ago we were doing a family zoom meeting with my in-laws. We were thinking of fun things to do while everything is shut down. I mentioned that I need to get DH and I a bike so we can take all the kids on this cool trail that is around where we live. Both his sisters just started cracking up! 

DH giving in... I am not impressed

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Last night DH and I were talking about SS15 and dates for Christmas. BM never responded to his last email saying that he would be willing to give up 2 days of Christmas break in exchange for Thanksgiving. So out of 5 emails he sent asking for her confirmation of dates she only responded once with "SS only wants to come out from 20th-27th because he has a dance and basketball practice". 

Christmas drama

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DH and I haven't bought the Christmas plane tickets yet for SS to come out. He really wanted to talk to SS before he bought them, for several reasons- one being that he could actually explain to SS why he doesn't want to give up 2 days with him. 

Response to BM

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DH sent the 3rd email about Christmas dates last night with our "I will take your nonresponse as consent" line with a deadline of 5pm today.

Around 2am she responded stating that SS wants to attend a school dance and that he has basketball practice that would conflict with the 1st and lat day we wanted him here. Essentially cutting DH 2 days short. (How she knows basketball practice before the start of the season, or if it is even happening, who knows!)

OT- Fight with Sister/Mom's big surgery day today

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My sister and I have had a strained relationship off and on our whole lives. Back in May her BF (they live together) had to go to NY City for a job- he is in the boiler industry. He found out he was exposed and had symptoms a couple of days after he returned. My kids had just spent the day with both of them and then spent the night at our parents house. My Dad is an ICU nurse. Anyway, my dad had gotten off of a long shift and stopped by my office to say hi just as my sister is texting telling me that her BF was exposed.

Oh my dear... sometimes stupid, husband

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This past weekend DH and I took a road trip. We would get to an area, get a hotel and uber around to breweries- it is kind of our thing. We were at one, we start talking about my kids poor SM who was coming up on being 2 weeks late and how miserable she is. As a joke we sent her twister to play with the kids to get the baby out- the pictures she sent back were priceless BTW! LOL. 

Some random updates

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Let me start by saying COVID sucks. 

My mom's double mastectomy got bumped to the end of this month. She has progressed to a stage 3. I am freaking out and in tears regularly. I don't see how a hospital can see this surgery as non-emergent considering she has a rapidly moving cancer and has gone from the first lump found to stage 2 then 3 in less than 6 weeks, but sure, bump her out another 2 weeks... it will be cool.