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Our Lawyer <Eyeroll>

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"Mr. Lawyer"

We received your invoice in the mail yesterday. We have a problem with paying at this time. We still haven't had anything that we have been asking for accomplished since Jan. and then the contempt in March. 

MIL went to see SS17

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MIL sent us a little update, she went to see his band concert. She sent a picture of the 2 of them. Told us where he is working now. Blah, blah, blah.

It was super sweet that she drove an hour to see him play. She hasn't seen him since October when he was in a parade for band in her town, and only saw him, didn't get to speak to him. I was happy to hear that SS spoke to her and was willing to take a selfie with her. But beyond that fact that hearing he wasn't a total d*ck to his grandmother, I DGAF. Like literally no F's left to give.

Parenting Teens

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For those that are bio parents too:

Does your husband/wife ever say something like: "I wouldn't have been that nice" or "You are setting a dangerous precedence"

For example, 2x last night he really pissed me off  (maybe I am PMSing with my non-uterus self)

Me: BS16, please take the dogs outside.

5 Mins later

Me: BS, dogs can't wait. Now please.

DH: I wouldn't have been that nice

Me: ok



I am such an idiot

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I just cried in front of my boss. Like ugly cried.

WTF is wrong with me. I am so overwhelmed at work. I am so overwhelmed at home. I just can't escape it and he made the mistake of asking what I needed to be able to do my job better because he can see that I am not able to keep up anymore.

I am getting a new assistant... But I didn't want to be a blubbering idiot to get one! 

Finally got some answers from our attorney

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We should know a court date this week. He is shooting for after our cruise in June.

Hubs does need to sign for the contempt for spring break. We aren't asking for make up time, but are requesting financial reimbursement and court costs. He is sending that over early this week.

DH does need to play nice and continue to pay the obscene CS suggested rate by the judge for "good faith". The good news is that by doing this, there should be no arrearages by the time we get to court.

I wish we could just get a new lawyer at this point!

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It has been a slight variation the same email from me for weeks!

"Mr Lawyer",


We have so much going on it’s not even funny. "DH" is also up for rank, which means a pay raise that we really don’t want to be factored in the next couple of months.


  1. Did you get the court date?


  1. Does "DH" need to sign for adding contempt for spring break? Can you just put in the paperwork that she has to bring taxes from 2014-2021 to the hearing so that it can be decided in court- NOT LATER.


Is it time for a nervous breakdown yet?

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In the last week:

1) Our older (paid off) SUV broke down. It is at the shop and we are pretty sure it is just time to take it out back and shoot it and buy a new vehicle. Not that big of a deal except...

2) DH wanted to take down a medium size tree in the backyard and took out most of our deck plus a bunch of other damage. The whole house will need to be resided now. Homeowners insurance is covering most of it so it isn't the end of the world except...

3) We still have no resolution on the 32K money grab from BM2, which would just be frustrating except...

I guess BM1 is back

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God it is so frustrating to get her 100's of texts calling DH a child molester. He was 18, she was 16. Yes, he was dumb for not wrapping it up but he isn't into kids! Just saw a pretty  girl who was into him and easy,  at a party! 

SS21 has her blocked. DH told me to block her. I just would1 rather know when she is being manic than be blindsided.