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I think I have it under control! - But probably not...

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Sitting here at work, not really working. I came in over the weekend to do my most important tasks for the rest of the week, I just figured that a million little things would come up today if I didn't do that and I wouldn't be ready to take 2 weeks pretty much off/ work from home as much as possible. 

I am as prepared as I can be at home. All the laundry is done, I cleaned the carpets. I deep scrubbed the kitchen and bathrooms... 

I think I got this! 

OT- Funny thoughts about OSS one day

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So, DH and I were talking the other day and somehow something came up about what we would do if SS19 (autistic, bi-polar, adhd, etc) brought home a girl (or guy). We both laughed- he is so socially awkward. I threw out that I wish we could find an Amy to his Sheldon for him and that there should be a dating site for the socially awkward! 

Anyway- is there?? A dating site for people that don't really actually like people but want to date and just  have a person that gets them? I haven't looked but figured you guys are the always in the know! 

Need Advice

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Ok ladies and gents, this one is about OSS19. For those who don't remember he is Austic, Bipolar, ADHD (like a mofo) and has general anxiety disorder. He is medicated and functions basically like what you would expect from a 12 yr old. He is a good kid and I have very few issues with him, he is a preteen in a tall body so that is where I keep my expectations. 

If we can just get through the next 5 weeks....

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Dinner last night with my niece went really well. I made her cry... a lot! She has lost all confidence in herself and was feeling very alone. Her mom (my sister) and I reassured her that she is not. That we are here for her. She was raised by a strong mom, she has a strong Aunt. We both were single moms for a while. We both made it through and look at how awesome are kids are! The judge has already told her that she was able to see her kids and that her ex can't keep them from her. We have a plan, she is following through and  not going to allow him to beat her and bully her anymore. 

Need some prayers y'all

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Not for me this time, for my niece.

A few days before Easter my niece (23) found out that her long time boyfriend, that she has 2 babies with, was cheating on her.

She left and they discussed doing 50/50 no child support. After the 1st week she handed the kids over to him. He has since kept the kids, tried to file a restraining order on her stating she was a danger to them, and now after that was dropped is still refusing to give the kids back. He has moved and she has no idea where they are. These babies are 14 months and 2.5 yrs old. 


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I only have a minute but I am about to bust out of my skin!

We found out BM does have a job! She posted about it on facebook, been there for 4 months (at least) - medical marijuana shop across the boarder in OK. One of her ex friends is sick of her shit and reached out to DH with a mountain of screen shots. All kinds of stuff about the hearing (GAL said we aren't allowed to post anything on social media), crap talking me, crap talking DH, just all kinds of stuff.