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Why attention seeking sucks

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So anyone who has read my blogs knows that I cant stand the attention seeking from my SD, MIL, etc. And tons of others on here have the same complaints about people in their lives. And everyone just says to ignore it. Which isn't wrong or bad advice, but I've never really understood why it bothers me or gets under my skin so much. So randomly decided to Google "why attention seeking behaviors are annoying." Scrolled through some results and nothing really resonated.

MIL crying about Thanksgiving pt 2

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So DH decided on his own that he was going with me to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. I left it completely up to him what he wanted to do. Honestly, I think he would much rather go to my family's anyway, because while they have their faults, they are more pleasant to be around and there isnt usually any drama. But I still give him credit for having a spine this time.


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SD was gone for 10 days. It was amazing. The weather was crap, all 3 kids and then myself all got sick, and it was still amazing. 

So anyway, alot of the issues that were happening when I first posted have gotten better. To be clear, SD herself is the same, but much less of a problem to me personally because of the advice I've gotten on here and it actually working over time. DH has gotten much better. Hes not 100 percent, but it's gotten better.

Why skid is creepy (this time)

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So a few people have asked on here if skid is cruel to animals and I've always said no. Although she was when she was younger. Her and BM both portray themselves as over the top animal lovers, actually. 

Here was her convo with my ODS after school just now:

ODS: My grandmas dog died named (dog)

SD: okaaaay (in her snotty voice; this is usually about the only thing she says to ODS)

ODS: I really miss him

SD starts f'ing smiling! Like she couldn't contain her joy at him being sad about a dog dying. Creeped me out big time.

A stepfamily warning story

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So I had an aunt who was married to a man with 2 kids. They had one ours baby who is (obviously) my cousin. This is the only experience I had growing up with steps in my family of any sort.

I vaguely remember the skids being around occasionally for christmas and such. I would have been probably 11 to 13 or 14 when they were around. My perspective of the kids at the time was that they were a little odd/quirky, but nothing extreme behavior wise. Fairly quiet and pretty well behaved.