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Rundown of BMs meetup with my friend

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So I posted before about BM contacting my friend and wanting to meet up. Well friend didnt really want to go but she didnt want to cancel on the other girl going (who is also someone I know but am not close to). She messaged me about all of it the whole time and even though I'd rather not hear about BM on a regular basis, it was amusing and confirmed everything I thought about her:

- as soon as they got there BM started talking incessantly about herself, bragging about how she never wears makeup and is such a "mombie" (she has one 8 year old half time)

I told my husband I found him less attractive this morning

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I didnt intend to, but ended up blurting it out. I've tried to avoid discussing the issues without actually saying that, but it's the truth. Watching a grown man pathetically cower because his 8 year old might get sad about something stupid or watching him treat her like shes a 2 year old is gross. And it makes it hard to be attracted to him. 

Personality disorders

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I've come to the conclusion that if you have to be in close proximity to personality disordered people you're basically screwed.

Well maybe one could possibly be dealt with but a BM, SD and MIL? Nope, I'm screwed unless DH would be willing to cut off multiple family members and I doubt that's going to happen ever. 

Anyone else have skids always creeping?

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Anyone else skids constantly spying on everyone? She definitely does it the worst with DH, but its definitely not just limited to him. And it seems to be the most when DH and I are together. Walk in from the attached garage and surprise! There's skidly listening next to the door. Walk over to the stairs (split level house) oh there she is again listening to us again. 

Kind of want to just tell MIL to F off

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So DH and I got in a fight because he wants an axe throwing board in a garage and when he asked what I thought about it I said I didnt think that was a great idea. Because our garage has too much stuff in it to get broken and it doesnt meet the safety requirements suggested for that type of thing. So anyway DH right away starts pouting that I never let him do what he wants (bullsh*t) and that he has no say about his own house (nvm that my response to the majority of his suggestions is I dont care).

What a difference when daddy is around

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So if any of you remember the baby gate incident - where SD had zero reaction to DS1 falling down the stairs in front of her - heres the contrast in behavior when DH is watching. All of us were outside, ODS9 is playing with DS1. SD is nearby doing her own thing. DS1 was going down his toddler size slide and must have went off the side of it or something along those lines. He wasnt actually hurt but it must have scared him or something. I went over to help him and SD didnt react at all. DH had been in the front yard and came back to see what DS was crying for.


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Well, if you read my previous blog about my close friend going to meet up with BM, friend confirmed today that she is going. She claims she just wants to know what BM could possibly have to say to her after 9 years. Sorry but why do you care about someone who treated you awful 9 years later enough to basically stab a current friend in the back? 

I feel like I've ruined my life

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I'm going to preface this by saying that this is a vent to get everything off my chest at once because I feel like I'm stuck in a very negative place right now and if anyone has encouraging positive feedback I welcome it. And to the trolls on here - plan on getting deleted without the comment even fully read. Dealing with the trolls on here has actually helped me care alot less about judgmental people in general.