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More contact from MIL

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MIL sent a text to DH saying she hopes he has a good father's day and then a meme that said "if you look back on your childhood and smile, you had a good dad."

Not really sure what to make of the meme, but again, still no apology or acknowledgement of anything. I'm guessing she thinks DH will eventually crack without her having to own up to anything or change her behavior.

Please BM please

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BM is currently in another state visiting a man she met on the internet. I'm not a religious person, but can everyone pray with me DEAR GOD, BM PLEASE MOVE OUT THERE.

ETA: I can't even imagine how MIL would lose her sh*t if SD lived halfway across the country. She hates traveling too.


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SD sent a card from GBMs house. I'm sure it was GBM/BMs idea. Shouldn't be a big deal, its father's day, it's expected.

But at this point any contact from them (even with SD as a proxy) fills me with rage. I want all of them to stay the heck away. Also, sending a card after all of the other crap with all of them as if that washes it all away is so reminiscent of MIL. 

FIL stops by, MIL sends a text

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So FIL stopped by this weekend while MIL was at work. Before he left he talked to DH about all the drama. He said he wants DH and MIL to get on the same page so that what happened with FILs family (he was estranged from his mom for most of DHs life) doesn't happen with theirs. DH said he's done with SIL and everything else is on MIL to fix. And unloaded all of his thoughts and feelings on things to him. FIL mostly just listened and didn't argue.

This morning MIL sends a text that says "family is forever no matter what and always. My heart is hurting too and I love and miss you."

YouTube vlogs about Narcissism

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I just wanted to share a couple resources I've found on YouTube that have been incredibly helpful in dealing with DHs family and BM. And I'm assuming probably someday SD. 

The first one is called Surviving Narcissism. Here's a video from it:

The second one is a lady named Dr Ramani.

I've been sending them to DH also and they've really been helping him wrap his head around what's going on and how to deal with it.

Incapable BM

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SDs grand total for the year was 45 tardies and 10 absences. And that was with distance learning the first half of the year. SD flat out told me it's because she refused to get up in the morning (because she was still tired from not going to bed) and that she would ignore her mom trying to get her to hurry. Clearly BMs policy of no discipline and letting SD run the house is working well. 

OT - I have to make fun of psycho SIL a little bit

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Psycho SIL is posting a recycled version of her valentine's ad for her boudoir photography all over for Father's day. It says Father's Day is Sunday, June 20th and then under that "give him something sexy to remember you by. He's already got enough mugs, socks and t shirts. Give him the gift of lewd."

No. No, no, no. Does not work. I know the idea is supposed to be that its given to your partner (kids dad) but, no. Valentine's ads can not be repurposed for Father's day.


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So in trying to figure out what to do regarding the next time SD is supposed to come here we've been debating a few options. The main concern is the collaboration of SDs lies and BM and the inlaws encouraging the lies/making false allegations.

The first option is that we meet her for lunch or some sort of activity in public. 

It's so serene right now

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In the (almost week) since the big drama with SIL and BM and them rushing to "rescue" SD, it's been so peaceful and quiet. No Facebook manipulation since they're all deleted off of both DH and my pages, no texts or calls from anyone. Without all the drama creators it's so different overall - instead of constantly living in a state of frantic trying to keep up with their crap and defending ourselves, we can actually LIVE. Do things just for enjoyment. Think about ourselves and the boys. 

Ahhh I can breathe again. Knock on wood.