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Why SD needs to live at BMs

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For a recap: BM flipped out randomly and said DH needs to go to therapy because SD said he doesn't spend enough time with her. And now she can only be here 1 weekend a month (oh darn). 

SDs version of why she wants to be there: our house is boring, she has a better tablet there with more games and a texting app.

I guess letting her do whatever she wants all day just wasn't good enough. Sorry, DH.


Oh and another thing

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DH this morning said he doesn't do anything with SD because I don't let him.

No, I started out including SD in everything. She acted like a psychopath and over time I've put up boundaries to the point that I avoid her as much as possible due to her behavior. DH knows this. But he's so effing weak that as soon as she gets here he gets all emotional and makes me the scapegoat since he can't take it out on her.

SD lies about not having a toothbrush here

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So no drama when BM dropped off SD, but she did send a toothbrush and toothpaste with because SD told her she didn't have a toothbrush here.

I asked SD why she didn't just tell us she needed one (she said she lost hers) and she just said idk. She's told us she needed another toothbrush tons of times before. Idk why that would even get brought up to BM.

First weekend since SDs schedule has changed

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So its coming up on the first weekend that SD will be here since BM flipped her shit and said SD can only come to our house once a month. 

First of all, I'm somewhat anxious because I don't know what her attitude is going to be like, or DHs. I hope he isn't trying to suck up to her. He's planning on just confirming with her that living at BMs is what she said she wants and who knows how she will respond to that as well. 


Well, after 6 years BM finally pulled the "you can't have her" card

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So things were supposed to go back to 50/50 since SD will be in school full time again soon. And BM just last week had agreed to that. All of a sudden today, she messages me that she is changing the schedule to have SD all the time except DH can have her one weekend a month. And then threw in that she wants to claim her on taxes every year. She says the reason is SD says DH doesn't spend enough time with her and so she wants to stay at BMs.

Inlaws pathetically trying to cause more drama

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The latest on the inlaws and their never ending quest to promote the worship of SD. 

SIL, who pretends her nephews dont exist, posted another flowery post about how wonderful SD is and pictures of her spending the night at her house. There was another kid there too (her BFs daughter) but the post is only about SD.

MIL quickly cycled through profile pictures of the other grandkids (or at least half of them) so that she could land on SD and keep it there.

FILs cover photo is only of SD.

Wtf is wrong with these people?

BM is doing it "alone"

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So we've heard here and there from people we know who also know BM about how she plays the "poor single mom" card to get favors or whatever else from people. So this isn't a new thing, but after the drama with her Friday, hearing about it another time is even more annoying. 

Blatantly honest post about steplife

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I know this isn't PC. And will probably get some hate. But whatever, I need to vent since it has to be locked up inside normally.

The crap with BM this morning really brings up the feelings of resentment about steplife. Theres zero upside or benefit for to having stepkids. When I first met DH I thought it was great that he had a kid the same age as mine. That is no longer an upside since not only is she awful to other kids, but after they started school I realized attending my sons school events meant having to also deal with BM instead of just watching like a normal parent.

I've never been so pissed at BM

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Background- arrangement was 50/50, however, since school is 100% online right now BM agreed to every other weekend and having her for homeschooling. She hardly works right now and said her schedule is completely flexible.

She asked yesterday if she could drop off SD since she doesn't have school today. Well this morning SD shows up with her school laptop and said yes, she DOES have school. So basically BM lied to get me as her free babysitter.

DH is calling out BM on it right now, do we'll see how this drama ensues?