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Another note about SD weekend

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So on another note, BM is still emailing SD all weekend. Actually, SD reports to her first in a manner that clearly says BM told her to. "I woke up at 7:43, I had breakfast 30 min ago,"  that type of thing. Oh yes, the BM who has allowed her to get 21 tardies and 5 absences when they weren't even in school half the year is so worried about what time she wakes up and goes to bed. 

And then there's the innocently prying for more info - "are you going to play outside today?" Etc.

What exactly is she looking for here?

SD asks DH to do a puzzle

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So SD finally at 830 at night asked DH to do a puzzle with her tomorrow - you know like she was supposed to according to BM and the counselor (well, before it was legos). DH said he'll see if he has time, as this is the weekend he was able to get help with putting up our fence. SD said okay and clearly didn't really care. 


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Just out of curiosity, what do you think the BM you deal with says when people ask her about the step situation? Or what caused the breakup with your SO, etc?

It's counselor day

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SD meets with the counselor to talk on Thursdays during lunch. No email from her today, or since DH spoke with her. 

I wonder what the effect of working on SDs supposed "self esteem" issues will be as far as her poor behavior in class. I'm guessing nothing unless they also work on her sense of entitlement.

What will this skid weekend bring?

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2 days until this months skid weekend. What I hate the most about it at this point: the anxiety of not knowing what drama it will bring. No matter how much I try to ignore it or give myself pep talks, it's always still there. Which version of SD is going to show up? Is BM going to be preoccupied with something outside of us and leave us alone or be making every pathetic attempt to draw us into being part of her miserable existence? 

ANOTHER cute tiktok video and plans for this weekend

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So last night SD9 posted 2 tiktok videos at about 1 am. One of which says duet or do the dirty with your 1st @. 

Instead of playing legos with daddy this weekend, per her request via the school counselor, her and ODS10 will be watching a video series for kids on internet safety. And discussing the content of the videos. She can have fun "reporting" that to the counselor and BM. 

BM and SIL spend Easter together

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So BM, SD and SIL spent Easter together. I'm sure mainly because they both have no one else.

Now, DH and I have zero desire to have anything to do with SIL. But what really gets under my skin: BM thinking she's getting one over on us. The smugness about it ughhh.

Oh and SD is absent from school today and so far is unexcused. Which means BM didn't call the school yet.

More tiktok posts at BMs from SD

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As a recap, SD prefers BMs house because she has free access to whatever online there and not here.

I think I already posted about the one where she holds up a knife, and the one she posted with BM where they ask a magic 8 ball "is my mom crap?" but here's a couple new ones

One where she's shaking her butt dancing weird and at the end it says "don't look at my privet." 

MIL attends the birthday party

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Shockingly, MIL and FIL showed up to DS3s birthday party. Even more shockingly- there were no mention of or questions about SD not being there. And MIL appeared quite sheepish. 

So best guess is that she deleted DH and I in a fit of anger and now feels stupid. Still not 100% what that anger was about. 

On the BM front, SD is now up to 19 tardies and 4 absences this school year. Last week tardy every single day. Mother of the year is doing great.