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BM finally filed for child support

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So BM finally filed for CS...I was shocked she didn't earlier. (Or maybe the state made her because she is getting medical assistance, idk). It is what it is. But get this - BMs income for the last 3 years was around 10k in unemployment each year and 5k listed on her taxes for her cleaning business. Uh what? 5k a YEAR?! Way to be a stereotype. 

How old are they?!

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Latest attempt from the inlaws to get DH to communicate - a message from his uncle's wife sent via Instagram to DHs Facebook messenger. She (or whichever family member it actually was) made a brand new account on IG and has no friends on it. Also, DH has her blocked on Facebook but somehow you can send messages from IG (which DH doesn't even use) to Facebook?! I don't use Instagram so I didn't even know you could do that. 

Inlaw update

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So the inlaws response to everything lately (restraining order, domestic violence charges) is to suck up even more to BM and try as hard as they can to throw it in DHs face through mutual acquaintances, etc. Which isn't shocking. But I really can't imagine the mindset of being abusive to your son and then seeking revenge on him because he doesn't want to be around you anymore. It just blows my mind, I can't imagine ever seeing my kids as the enemy or trying to control them to the extent that they do with DH. I completely accept that that is who they are, but I don't understand it.

Update on FILs domestic assault charges pt 2

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We finally got the police report and a copy of the summons for FIL to court. FIL made an idiot of himself when the officer called him to get his side of the story. He was quoted as saying he just asked DH what he was going to do about his daughter and DH "went full r*tard" on him. This is pretty consistent with the disgusting way FIL usually talks, but you'd think most people would have the sense to act better in the situation. After the cop questioned him for awhile, FIL also changed his story to that he might have just grabbed DH first to keep from falling down. (Makes sense, right?)

Update on FILs domestic charges

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So, in case anyone was curious, the county attorney is filing domestic violence charges against FIL today and he should be getting served Monday. DH spoke to an attorney, and he will be calling FILs attorney Tuesday to tell them either FIL drops trying to fight the restraining order, or DH will be hiring an attorney and they'll ask for FIL to pay for his attorneys fees as well.

DH is dying to threaten SIL with slander for telling lies to his friends about the situation. Idk if he should say anything to her or not. I understand his anger. But idk if it will make things worse.

Sigh...the HRO did not stop the harassment

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It's been a week since FIL got the restraining order served to him and already we've gotten another message from the uncle who had no previous involvement. 

This one said he heard DH was a piece of work labor day weekend and that he will be funding all efforts to make sure he takes care of his daughter (financially). Ending it with "I hope you have deep pockets!"

I shouldn't be surprised

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So DH ended up getting a civil restraining order against FIL because the criminal process for the assault charge is so slow. 

FIL was given the option to have his day in court for it, and he hired an attorney and is fighting the restraining order. Just why? Why is he wasting his money fighting to see someone who doesn't want to see him? The only reason I can see is that he feels entitled to keep harassing him. Or the inlaws think they'll still "get him under control" eventually. These people are insane.

SIL contacts our friend again

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After FIL came to our house and assaulted DH this weekend, SIL immediately starting messaging our friends their version of the story (SIL tried messaging these friends, whom she barely knows, once before about us). Their version is FIL came to the door and told DH he wasn't there to fight, and just asked about SD and DH immediately flipped out on him. SIL said she "wasn't quite sure how it happened, but maybe DH came at FIL?" FIL said he had to grab on to DH to keep from falling because he had just had injections in his knees, which have both been replaced.

FIL came to our house and assaulted DH

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FIL came to our house under the guise of delivering gifts. I answered, and FIL asked if DH was up. I said I'd check if he wanted to. DH came to the door, took the gifts and said thanks and tried to shut the door. FIL said he'd like to talk to him and then said "what are you gonna do about SD?" DH told him to stay out of it and he's already caused enough problems in that situation and called FIL a liar (regarding my last post claiming SD wanted to talk to DH).