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Looks like it won't be 50/50 for awhile

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After DH was being an *** to me on the 2 days I did help SD with her homeschooling, I messaged BM about her having SD on all the homeschool days. She agreed to it. Right now the kids are doing half in school and half at home. And with Covid rates going up in our county against, it looks like it will stay that way for awhile. So with BM taking SD on the homeschool days on our week, we only have her after school Thursday to Monday morning every other week. 

OT - My son's dad died this morning

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I just found out my ODS10 dad passed away from a heart attack this morning. He hadn't seen him in 5 years, but I know he's going to be devastated - and I'm devastated for him. I don't know what I should tell him or when - he has his first day of in person school tmrw so I don't want to tell him before that.. Or if it would be better or worse for him to go to the funeral.

Stupid selfish post

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SD comes back tmrw after being gone for 3 weeks. Which always sucks. Its just nicer when she's not here. But I'm feeling kind of down for a dumb reason too. I just got a new puppy 2 weeks ago. Partially to help with my PPD/PPA. And, well, I dont want to deal with the passive aggressiveness that I know is probably coming with SD wanting it to be her dog and hers alone. Anyone who knows my SD knows that anything that is hers is hers, and anything that isn't hers is also hers. Possessions, attention, etc. That also extends to animals.

Small silver linings

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Small bright side to the messed up school year this year - no attending school events that BM is at. I HATE that SD and ODS are in the same grade because having to attend things BM is at sucks. But since none of that is happening this year, no reason to see BM at all. Also, they start middle school next year and SD has zero interest in band or choir or any sports so...hopefully nothing with BM anytime in the foreseeable future. Yay.

FIL liking BMs selfies?

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Title pretty much says it all. FIL was insistent he added BM on Facebook years after DH and her broke up because he needed to see the pics she posted of SD....and now he's apparently also going back and liking selfies of BM from weeks ago. And BM probably thinks we're spying on her through him. Cool.