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Goodbye skid free mondays

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BM offered to keep taking SD an extra day a week like she has been the last probably 6 months or so for different after school activities. DH said no because he thinks she just wants to claim her on taxes every year with using having her more as the justification. 

It was probably the right thing to tell her no, but I'm still disappointed. Having the extra day skid free was nice. I dont see what the point is as far as DH goes other than power struggling BM because it's an extra like 2 hours that he will even see her and she will just be on her tablet most of that time anyway.

OT - child support

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So this is the opposite issue of what most complain about here since I'm on the receiving end, but at the same time might annoy anyone who has a hardworking spouse and has to pay a ridiculous amount of child support.

ODS dad just got his CS obligation reduced to the new state minimum of $50. The justification being that he's voluntarily unemployed. I guess sometimes it pays to be a slacker. 

Pro tip

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I posted before about another lady in the parent/baby class I go to referring to her skids as her husbands kids. Today I realized I should be doing that also. 

OT - c section anxiety

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I have a scheduled c section coming up in June and as it gets closer I'm getting nervous about it. My last birth was also a c section and I panicked during it and would really like to avoid that happening this time. Usually if I've had a panic attack in one place or situation it's way harder for me to avoid it automatically happening the next time I'm in that situation. So if anyone who has issues with anxiety/panic attacks has any words of wisdom or tips/tricks for how they control their anxiety in the moment it would be GREATLY appreciated.

At least its not just me

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I mentioned in my last couple blogs that the attention seeking with SD has been at a high again. I havent said anything about it to DH, mostly just ignoring it.

When we went to the inlaws this weekend FIL, SIL and DH all told her more than once some version of knock it off or that's enough about her begging for attention. Hanging on people's legs, constantly interrupting anyone having a conversation etc. DH even mentioned it on the way home.

Honestly, it was nice getting some validation that yes she is actually being obnoxious and its not just me being the mean stepmom.

Opposite sex stepsiblings

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I have a DS who will be 9 this summer. SD will be 8 in a few weeks.

I have a lot of concerns about the fact that they will be living together when they arent related and opposite sex as they get older. SD has a solid history of lying for sympathy and attention already, as does BM. BM has made false abuss allegations against at least 2 of her exes that I know she basically admitted to and laughed about it.

Yay we get to go to the inlaws this weekend

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I'm so excited that I get to spend this weekend with not only SD but my other in laws as well. Even better we are going to MIL and FILs house. Which means MIL will be on her worst behavior and spazzing at everyone for making a mess in her house when she insisted we all come over and knows that obviously means a bunch of little kids as well.

Still pissed about this weekend

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So SD and ODS are close in age and go to the same school and are in the same grade (different classrooms luckily). My son absolutely loves SD (dont ask me why) and desperately wants her to be friends with him. Shes been a bully to him pretty much such since they have known each other when they were 4 and 5. Started with things like whispering that she hated him umprovoked as soon as I'd leave the room, throwing his toys out the window while he watched and cried etc. Theres been a few physical things here and there (again unprovoked) shoving, hitting, kicking, etc.