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Andddd now the blow up has happened.

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So after all the events of the previous blogs, MIL sends this message via FILs phone to DH:

"Hi, DH we have a card for SD, would be nice to get it to her before her birthday."

DH responds, obviously pissed because its 100% clear now that only SDs birthday matters to them and that MIL was trying to manipulate YDS birthday into being about SD:

"Have you considered the mail?"

FIL: "In person would be better"

DH: "MDS and YDS didnt get theirs in person or on time, what's going on?"

Well this is probably about to blow up part 5

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So we had YDS first birthday this weekend. Not one person from DHs family there and it was great. As much as it makes me angry seeing his family's favoritism, it was so much more enjoyable without them. I guess sometimes the trash takes itself out, huh?

Bonus, not only was SD not there either, but she never even got brought up or mentioned. MIL would be so disappointed, haha. It so much more pleasant not having every event turned into "The SD Show" also.

Well this is probably about to blow up part 4

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As some of you predicted, last second the inlaws supposedly both have to work and can't go to YDS first birthday. Instead, they wanted to come up - wait for it - a few days later when SD would be there. And when they would normally have the bday party that MIL insists on throwing SD every year (4th of july weekend). 

I told DH to tell them we cant that day, and offered another (SD free) day. They pushed back on it a little and eventually ran out of excuses and are supposedly coming up for supper in 2 weeks. We'll see I guess. I'm betting that will get cancelled too. Hopefully.

Why cant skids be the same as other inlaws?

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You know, how no one is FORCED to love their MIL, for example, but it's also perfectly acceptable if you do and want to call them Mom. And it's just as acceptable if you dont. 

Why can't people see it the same for skids and let the skid and stepparent choose how their relationship is instead of forcing the "love them like your own" on steps?

Well this is probably about to blow up part 3

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So since DH has been ignoring MIL about her asking if SIL is invited to YDS bday party (see previous blogs), they keep tagging him in posts to guilt trip him. MIL posted one to SILs wall something about the science of an aunts love and how important they are, SIL posted a throwback picture of her and DH, and MIL posted a picture of DH with his niece (SILs kid, the one whose bday BM and SD was invited to instead of DH and our boys) captioned "uncle DH and (niece)....the good ole days." 


No more MOTY

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Short backstory: BM was planning on moving away and leaving SD 100% with DH when I first met him. Wanted to move to where her boyfriend was 4 hours away. Said BF broke up with her and she ended up staying here. Her behavior completely changes depending on who she is dating or wants to be dating.

SD passed 3rd grade?!

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SD took math classes for at risk kids after school all year until the covid stuff started. She'll be going into 4th grade next year and still cant do first grade math - like 7 +7. 

I guess BM failed to notice this issue when she took work off to do homeschooling. Oh well, not my kid.

Also, BMs fiance apparently moved out of the apartment - the one he had lived in for years before he was with her. Bet she wouldnt leave.

New internet searches

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So DH decided to look the other way like usual on the weird internet searches and didn't even bother checking the history after she sat on YouTube all day yesterday. So I did. Now there's searches such as "where to hide bodies" and videos watched like "my teacher got me pregnant." That's normal for a nearly 9 year old, right?