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More I want I want with some manipulation on top

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So as expected, SD wanted to use ODS Christmas gifts. Has she touched any of hers? Nope. But ODS got some outdoor toys so naturally she actually wants to go outside and use them. She tells me shes going outside with ODS and I say (nicely) okay, but remember those are his toys. Why say this? Because she normally just grabs his stuff without even asking. (I have a prior blog where she used up all the papers in his art kit from his bday) In particular, I dont want her using up the snow paint stuff that he got.

I want I want I want

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So SD got to our house and opened Present Mountain. Which was even more delightful to her than normal since she was the only one opening them - no spotlight to share or having to swallow the fact that the other kids also got gifts.

Right after, it was supper time. Even after all the gifts, SD was jealous because ODS received something she did not:


Broccoli. Leftover steamed broccoli that ODS didn't finish eating the day before with his meal. 


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SD has 13 gifts sitting here to be opened when she gets back. She already opened I believe 8 from family members on our side before she went to BMs. She usually gets another 20 - 25 presents at her moms.

What I'm asking is - Is this enough gifts to make up for her parents not living together or should we buy her more?

Asking for a MIL.

DH finally realizes that yes, MIL is doing things to stir the pot on purpose

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So SIL one (DHs half sister, who sees through MILs sh*t), sent DH a screenshot this morning of a comment posted by FIL on a picture BM posted last week, wondering wtf was going on. The comment was wishing BM and SD both a merry Christmas and gma and GPA love you sooo much on and on. Except the comment from "FIL" is very very obviously written by MIL. FIL can hardly spell and doesn't use punctuation. And it's very obviously MILs style of language.

Should I refuse to go to inlaws?

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So after more consideration over the previous blog's events, and combined with all the other rudeness, favoritism, etc from inlaws, I've been thinking I want to just tell DH I wont be attending his family events with him anymore. My thinking is that I'm only attending these events because I'm his wife. They are not my family, I dont enjoy being around them, I would never voluntarily go to them on my own. I go because he wants me to go with him.

I was right. SIL gave princess pictures for Christmas

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I called it. SIL gave the stupid princess pictures she took of only SD to DH for xmas. And DH is too scared to tell her to stop singling one of his kids out. I guess it's perfectly fine with him that only one kid gets invited over to her house, only one kid gets pictures taken of them. Her kids had no clue who my youngest even was or what his name was. 

I'm pissed. What kind of loser allows his own family to treat some of his kids like they dont even exist?

Oh and on top of that, SIL was acting weird and nervous around me since she got here, I'm sure that's why.