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MIL predicts one of my big fears

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So my 30 year old SIL is a mess and keeps borrowing 1000s of dollars from MIL and FIL. MIL keeps calling DH and crying to him about all of his sisters drama and how she isnt going to have any retirement money left etc and he basically tells her well stop giving it to her then. Well we went out to eat with MIL and FIL this weekend and the topic most of the time was SIL and her drama. At one point MIL says well I hope it ends soon because I'd like to have a life also. And then goes I know (DH) would say I can now but he will see someday how hard it is.

SDs new attitude

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SD has been unusually perky and friendly the last 2 weeks that she has been at our house (minus a couple small incidents last week). Much kinder to my kids than she ever has and interacted with YDS on her own briefly for the first time ever. Like the complete opposite of usual. I cant remember a time in the last at least 2 years that she has been here and acting like this.

Positive discipline only

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The school my DS and SD go to seems to have a policy for only using positive encouragement and not really having any discipline. The furthest discipline really goes is to have them sit in the "peace place" to relax for a bit. I'm starting to find this annoying because the kids seem to basically think they can so whatever they want. DS at first didnt even realize that getting sent to the peace place meant his behavior needed to change. He had a teacher last year who was an amazing mix of both caring and yet stern enough but she seems to be a rarity. 

BM is a weirdo pt 2

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Normally I see BM every other week when she is picking up SD from school at the same school my son goes to. Shes currently taking SD an extra day a week (today) for her to go to gymnastics. For some extra background, BM constantly needs to be "seen" and finds some stupid reason to be involved extra if she hasn't gotten enough attention (for lack of a better word) lately. Especially when her relationships havent been going well. This last week I managed to pretty much avoid seeing her altogether.

SIL is not a skid but similar behavior

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So I have a SIL who is in her 30s and left her husband about a year ago. She apparently has a long history of being financially irresponsible and leaving others, particularly her parents to clean up the mess for her. MIL enables it and complains but is obviously also loving being the enabler because she likes having her kids depend on her still and being over involved and "important" in their lives. 

MIL announced pregnancy for us

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So MIL took it upon herself to post our pregnancy announcement picture on Facebook before us. We havent had a chance to tell my family in person yet so I'm annoyed because they're going to hear about it in the morning most likely since my moms coworker is also MILs cousin. Its partially DHs fault because she asked if she should not say anything and he said it's fine but still...isn't it common sense to let the parents announce it on social media?