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Update on FILs domestic assault charges pt 2

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We finally got the police report and a copy of the summons for FIL to court. FIL made an idiot of himself when the officer called him to get his side of the story. He was quoted as saying he just asked DH what he was going to do about his daughter and DH "went full r*tard" on him. This is pretty consistent with the disgusting way FIL usually talks, but you'd think most people would have the sense to act better in the situation. After the cop questioned him for awhile, FIL also changed his story to that he might have just grabbed DH first to keep from falling down. (Makes sense, right?)

He should be getting the court summons and demand to go turn himself in for booking today or tmrw. We'll see who MIL can get to harass us about that I'm sure.


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OH! So he has to turn himself in? Interesting. 

I sure hope he faces consequences for his actions!

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Yeah I didn't know that was a thing, I'm guessing since he has no prior record and is in a different county that was the easiest option? It says he has to go turn himself in immediately and a warrant will be issued if he doesn't. It doesn't mention bail either, which is disappointing.

He'll likely just get a fine and probation. I hope it's at least a large fine - maximum penalty for the charge is a 1000 dollar fine and 90 days in jail.

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Nice start to his paper trail.  He will mess up again and when he does you hit him hard again and again with legal means. Each and every time.  You will with bankrupt him or he will give up.  

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I dont think MIL has the ability to let things go. Idk wtf is her issue, but she's probably the most high strung person I've ever met and just obsesses and rages over things. So she'll keep pushing FIL either until he snaps on her or he'll do something else stupid. Or maybe we'll just start getting more crap from the uncle.

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Yeah. Idk if he was thinking about that when he first talked to the cop. Probably he was scrambling to think of what to say, and he's not very bright to start with. From the info we have all put together I think he denied it, and then the cop mentioned a "neighbor" seeing him throw the first punch and he changed his story to that he might have grabbed on to DH first. And then probably SIL reminded him that we have cameras when he called her afterward.

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I love the fact he has to turn himself in. Going to be difficult defending himself against a video of HIS actions! Maybe...just maybe...this will be the thing to stop the crazy MIL. Hopefully, she's smart enough to know nothing good will come from her continued crappy behavior. HItting that pocketbook might wake her up. LOL

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The part that I found kind of funny is that since it's been almost a month he probably thought he was in the clear other than the restraining order he thinks he is going to get dropped. And now he'll be getting a letter in the mail saying Wait! There's more!

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I truly hope they give up. I doubt he will get anything but a fine honestly (if no priors, and since they might consider it a 'family' matter).  Either way, you started the paper trail, and this could hopefully discourage them from acting like fools again.

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Most likely a fine, yes. I'm not hopeful on them giving up though since MIL had her brother send DH a nasty message right after FIL got the restraining order. I dont think she'll give up until she literally has no routes left to go. Idk what she possibly thinks could lead to a good outcome at this point. 

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Most first time offenses especially without a history are dismissed for the furtherance of justice (ask me how I know, eye roll).  More than likely he will get a fine, possibly some community service, either way at least now you have a record in case they decided to ramp up the crazy and begin to believe they are "above the law".

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We were told that he will probably get probation and a fine.

Above the law - that is my concern, and why I told DH this needs to be followed through with. If they got away with this they'd take it as further evidence they can do what they want in the sake of "justice" for SD.

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I hope he throws such a fit that the judge gives him max penalty for being a jacka$$. Your ILs can have whatever opinion they want about DH and his relationship with SD. They can even express those opinions verbally. But this is absolutely insane and puts you all in danger. Doesn't exactly give the look of taking the high ground that your ILs seem to want to portray.

And if I were BM, I'd keep SD really far away from all the crazy. 

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Yes, exactly. They can have all the opinions in the world. But they don't get to try to force people to live by their opinions like they seem to think they can. Arrogant, imo. Same as with SIL insisting I need to act like SD is one of my own just because that's her opinion. It's not their relationships and they don't get to dictate what those relationships are like.

I would also keep SD far away if I were BM, but I don't think she really understands what's actually going on. We haven't heard a word from her at all, I don't think she cares much right now because she has a boyfriend.

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What a bunch of lunatics. I feel bad for your kids. The obsession DHs whole family have with SD is on another level of crazy. 

Hopefully FIL and clan get their karma.