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Today's rant so I dont blow up before its time for SD to leave

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Why the heck was she allowed to use his kit?  Did she ask his permission? 

I think she owes him a pack of origami paper.. from her allowance.  or she can earn the money from you guys for chores.

But.. if she asked if she could use his materials.. and he was ok with it?  I think you need to let him decide how his gift was used..did he ask for a kit like this.. maybe he didn't like it as much as you thought  he would. 

My point is that if he said it was ok.. and isn't upset.. it was his gift to do what he wanted with it.. even if it meant give it to someone else to use.. but if she took without permission.. that's a problem.

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He did like the kit, he was waiting for me to come down and help him with it. See the answer to petronella about the rest.

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DS should get a replacement kit ASAP.  Maybe even the supper kit.  SD and DH should pay for it,  SD should be punished for her actions. 

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Omg I’d be furious. And honestly I’d absolutely say something to her AND she or DH would be replacing the kit. That’s completely unacceptable!

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DH said he would buy one and say something to her. I told him it needs to be her that pays for it or it's just enabling because she doesnt care about getting talked to, it's just more attention.

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Wow! That’s some straight up self-centered, “I only care about myself”, narc shit. I would be pissed!

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Yeah, I remember those days with exSD. What a crappy personality trait to have. So unlikable. 

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Honestly, I don't think she really wanted to play with the set.  I think she was jealous DS got something, and wanted to ruin it for him.

She's an angry child and gets pleasure out of hurting others.


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Possibly. All I know for sure is that she wont ever let anyone have their own thing and it drives me insane. Everything has to be about her, owned by her, etc. And if anything belongs to or is about anyone else shes way more interested in it.

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Ugh. My formerSO's son was like this. 13 freaking years old and HAD to play with INFANT toys... you know, usually the one my baby was trying to look at. If he saw me going to lay baby under the infant gym he would run over and lay on the floor with his head under it. Of course formerSO thought it was "sweet" and "let the kid be a kid". Um. NO my baby is not going to go without HIS THINGS so a 13yr old can "claim" everything.  

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Lol what? At 13? Uh yeah that's weird. I mean playing with the baby would be one thing, but rushing over to lay under a baby gym before the baby can? Honestly the image of that in my head kind of cracks me up.

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OMG, the exSD did this all the time. Literally if someone else let out a basic cough, she would make it about herself by acting overly concerned. Her eyes would get really big and she would say “Are you okay?!” over and over until the person that coughed paid attention to her and answered her. Or when her brother broke his arm, she screamed and cried hysterically as if it was her. And Dad eats it up cuz he thinks she’s being so caring of others. Gag. 

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Omg yes. She does both of those. Not for me anymore (she used to, but I would ignore her and focus on the hurt kid, especially when she was the one that hurt them) since she realized it doesnt work but in front of others. In front of just me she doesnt even bother pretending to care. 

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Does SD have something she values that your son would enjoy playing with or using?

Let him do that, and then, while the butthurt is fresh, have your H talk with his daughter. You can't really teach empathy and consideration for others if the kid can't relate.

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Only her tablet. And yeah that's part of the issue is she just doesnt care because someone (typically BM, GBM, or MIL) will always buy her a new one of whatever she wants or needs. Four pairs of sneakers in 2 months - not cheap ones either because she wrecks them within a few weeks and BM and GBM just keep buying new pairs.