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Update on FILs domestic charges pt 3

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So FIL has asked for a jury trial to keep fighting his DV charges, which is scheduled for March. We also have the hearing for the restraining order coming up in a few weeks.

What's really annoying is that we want to be done with this and it gives him/them the opportunity to continue fighting and a platform to spew his nonsense that DH has to be there for and listen to. And I'm assuming I'll have to testify also since I called the police and witnessed the assault. 


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They have all the evidence from the state. Idk if he is going to argue the parts where it's harder to see what exactly happened? Or say DH said something threatening since you cant hear the beginning convo? Who knows.

I'm curious if he's still going to try to paint DH as a deadbeat dad and thinks that's a good enough excuse.

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It doesn't matter what your DH said, there is nothing that can justify your FIL's violent attack on him.

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And I'd say he's hoping you will drop the charges. Keep going. Take it to court. If I were on that jury, he'd be guilty. Video evidence is going to be hard to refute. And if he plans to get on the stand bashing his son, the judge won't have it. He/She will keep it on topic.

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It sounds like he is drawing it out in hopes that you will just drop it to be done, or that you will have "time to change your mind". 

I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this, but if you don't stand your ground it will just happen again.