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FIL came to our house and assaulted DH

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FIL came to our house under the guise of delivering gifts. I answered, and FIL asked if DH was up. I said I'd check if he wanted to. DH came to the door, took the gifts and said thanks and tried to shut the door. FIL said he'd like to talk to him and then said "what are you gonna do about SD?" DH told him to stay out of it and he's already caused enough problems in that situation and called FIL a liar (regarding my last post claiming SD wanted to talk to DH). FIL got in DHs face screaming that he "ain't never lied to you boy" and pushed him into the corner and punched him and then there was a scuffle after.

So now he's hopefully being charged with domestic assault which would involve a restraining order. Which means FIL can't contact us, but will the rest of the family follow suit? 



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I really hope he's being chart. At least that will show the rest of the family that you're not going to be pushed around any more, that there will be consequences. It's now time to block a whole lot of numbers... because all of your phones are going to be blowing up. 

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They said if they were able to find him (they were going to call him but who knows if he would answer) he would likely be arrested, otherwise it would be sent to the county and if they find enough evidence to charge him they would put out a warrant. I would think there's enough evidence because a lot of it was on camera and I witnessed it, plus DH had a busted lip and scraped up knee and swollen eye.

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You have enough for a restraining order right now. First thing Tuesday morning DH should go to court and get one. If the officers didn't do it, be sure and take some pictures of DH's injuries. He might even consider going to urgent care so there is more documentation.

How is the security at your house? Do you have good locks on the doors? You might want to consider an alarm system in addition to your cameras.

I am so sorry you are both going through this! It must be so hard on your DH to have his own family be so awful.

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They did take pictures of his injuries. Our "alarm system" would just be our two dogs. 

It really is awful, and it's so infuriating that they seem to actually think this is okay and they're in the right. It's perfectly fine to show up and "defend" SD by assaulting my husband in his own home in front of his kids. They're sooo worried about SD, but don't care that I've now had a four year old asking me all day about "that man" trying to "ruin our house and get inside." Since that's how his little brain interpreted what he saw. Talk about causing kids trauma.

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This is a watershed moment for your household. The dysfunction of your DH's people is now out in the open, where it can't be rugswept. There's no defense for what your FIL did, but in a way it's a good thing as it makes it easier to cut ties with these awful people. I agree that your H should be at Family Court (or whatever its called where you live) when the doors open  Tuesday morning and follow the procedures to get an order of protection. Perhaps the order can be worded to keep FIL and all flying monkey agents away?

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Yes, that is exactly how I feel. They finally did something big enough to be able to take action. It's sad, but it's also will be a relief when there's a restraining order. 

We followed up with the cop, and the cop said that he will send the report to the county and if they press charges there will automatically be a no contact order in place, and if they don't dh will definitely be able to get one himself. It would be great to keep all the flying monkeys away also. Idk what they'll all do with their rage now, hopefully take it out on eachother. 

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So sorry it has come to this. Hugs

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There's a certain irony in the fact that your FIL is accusing your DH of being a terrible father when he himself is acting like a father from hell. If I were your DH, I'd be so tempted to say "well, I learned from the best" when your FIL starts lobbing insults.

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Oh they all have no idea what hypocrites they are. I said something to FIL about how they've treated DH and he's like how WE'VE treated him? He couldn't believe they aren't the good guys

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F&@%er-In-Law:  "You're a bad father!" (opens up a can of whoopass on DH)

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He will be charged if your DH presses charges. This chould be a foregone conclusion at this point.

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It's up to the county to determine if there's enough evidence or not to proceed with charges. There should be, but you never know with the court system. 

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Resist the urge to defend yourselves against their stupid allegations.  It's all irrelevant.  Nothing excuses FIL's behavior.