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BM never stops

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BM wants to pry about you.  Don't trust Friend, either she secretly wants to participate, or she's bad at setting boundaries.  Either way, she's bad news.


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Yep, always an agenda with BM's.  She wants something or some info on you.  Good luck!  Hopefully your friend is just going to get info on BM and not say anything about you.....guess time will tell.  

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Friend would be unfriended---Wow this is awful she is doing it to you. A Real friend would not give her the time of day.

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Well that's also how I feel. But i think I'm kind of screwed because if I get mad at her then she will have no qualms about giving her any info so its probably better to play nice and not give her anymore info from now on.

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Sounds like you are in a situation like that. TBH, I remain "friends" with a few people who I do NOT actually consider friends (we either grew apart or they have always been more like acquaintances). It is easier to maintain that 'friendship' than deal with the fallout. I treat these people almost the same way I treat coworkers I do not like: I am polite. However, we do share history, so I am comfortable talking about that. As for personal info, be an iceberg. Share only what you are comfortable with EVERYONE knowing.