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How old are they?!

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Latest attempt from the inlaws to get DH to communicate - a message from his uncle's wife sent via Instagram to DHs Facebook messenger. She (or whichever family member it actually was) made a brand new account on IG and has no friends on it. Also, DH has her blocked on Facebook but somehow you can send messages from IG (which DH doesn't even use) to Facebook?! I don't use Instagram so I didn't even know you could do that. 

All the message said was "hey, how are you?" and it was sent at 130 in the morning. Reminds me of something a high schooler would do when they want to contact an ex. So weird to get messages like that from 60+ year old relatives that he's not even close to.


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"are you up?" type of message that you would send to an ex or trying to have a booty call

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Unbelievably relentless. I think her and the uncle might have retired too early since it seems they need to fill their time.

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While Facebook and Instagram are synced now with posting, I didn't think the cross-messaging was also possible. I don't believe it to honestly be the Aunt, but then again, I've been taught to never trust anyone that is even mutually associated with BM. 

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To a normal person. From their point of view it would be "but I'm just saying hi, what's the problem?" Kinda like how FIL "just" asked what DH is going to do about SD.

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We've never heard about this aunt.  Any chance she's secretly on Team DH?  Maybe Uncle has her chained to a bed?  Ask her to blink twice if she needs you to call for help.


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*biggrin* This is the aunt that is married to the uncle sending nasty messages. She did comment on one of my Facebook posts awhile back asking where SD is, but hasn't said anything since then until now. She could secretly be team DH and feel like she has to go along with team MIL to avoid drama, who knows. 

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Is it possible it's a spoof account and not actually the aunt/DH's family? The new account and no friends makes me wonder if this is a generic "hack" that just unfortunately targeted you all.

I mean, your response is the same either way: block and ignore. But there would be a good bit of humor if all of sudden DH's family started getting "hacked".

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I thought about that, but since he's not friends with her they would have had to specifically look him up, which doesnt make sense if it was a random person.

Eta: maybe through mutual friends on Facebook? Idk. 

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It happens daily. the "hey, how are you" is a typical message from those. So, it's very possible it's not them. Still... you can go into your Facebook settings and stop the cross platform messaging. Since I've done this, I have not gotten another mesage like that. 


Turn off cross-platform messaging. This is the feature that allows messages to be sent to your Facebook messenger from Instagram. In messenger, go to preferences – manage message delivery- how you get message requests and in the section “Other people” select “don’t receive message requests” for others on Instagram

Change who can view your Facebook friends. In your Facebook settings, go to settings – privacy- how people can find and contact you and change who can see your friends list to “only me.”

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How would they have found DH to message him though when he has her blocked on Facebook and he doesn't have an IG account at all? Mutual friends maybe? Not sure how the bots work.

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Before I put that "block" on my Facebook page, I was getting messages from total strangers also. I'm not saying it wasn't them but that is a very typical "phishing" scheme. I'd just get that "fix" done to you and your DHs Facebook pages and be done with whomever it is.

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FB and twitter acct off line permanently, I think my block list was quite extensive. 

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My ex inlaw texted me the same thing a while back at an odd hour. Turned out a bot somehow duplicated her facebook profile somehow by adding the same name and picture.