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Can I go back and warn myself and have this NOT happen??? (Bit of a Downer and long)

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So it's been 2 weeks of me being completely disengaged...I don't take SD7 to school or pick her up anymore. I don't talk to her. I don't make sure she does this or that. I don't parent her AT ALL anymore. I don't pretend to care about her anymore.
She is no concern of mine, not my responsibility, NOT.MY.KID.
DH has a HUGE issue with this and hasn't spoken to me.

Venting buddy and disengagement

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So I've finally found someone to talk(vent) to when I need to about SD7, DH, or MIL(Monster-In-Law)... That person? My sister!!! Yay!!! She may be 5 years younger than me but she knows my situation with all three people mentioned above and she has not ever judged me (even when I was doing the wrong things).

I have a confession to make...(really long)

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So...when I first found this place...I thought...ok this is going to be really stupid...I thought that I had to be an actual stepparent to sign I lied about being married and how long DH and I have been together. I know I know I'm sorry and I hate lying but I remember reading someone's post about their boyfriend's kid and a LOT of people were saying well you're not really a want to come clean now...I don't know if you guys even care but this site has helped a lot...I'm really sorry I lied.

Really wondering how hard can it be????

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Alright so, BM has called to see SD7 for visitation (finally I guess) but only because she is leaving to another state! After an ENTIRE year of nothing (except sending Christmas presents) she wants to see her for an hour because she's leaving....I'm sorry but WTF???
Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?? Like why even bother??'s obvious she doesn't give a shit. BM and her mother do the same things all the time, they just send presents through mail or in BM's case she has DH pick them up.

Not a big deal but still annoying...also some updates...Warning! Very long

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Hi everyone, haven't posted much in a while. Just been busy being a SAHM/SM.
So far everything is going ok with DH and I, and with SD7 as well, the majority of the time that I get pissed off is because of BS4 and retarded XH...BUT that's a story for another time...unless I include it........nah it's ok, another time.

I guess the way to make money is to lose teeth!

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SD7 just lost one of her front teeth right now and when she went back to sleep I asked DH if he had cash on him. He said he did and that he'd been carrying it for about a week (I guess he's been expecting it to fall out soon). I asked him how much he was going to put, and he said $10... :jawdrop:
"Ten dollars?! For real??? I used to only get a DOLLAR!! Maybe two at the most..."
He looked at me surprised and said that he used to get from 5-20 dollars...I guess depending on how good his parents were doing financially.

Oh what the hell...Venting after last night...

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So...after last night's fight (look at previous post for the bs story) I calmly asked DH what I should have said and how if how I said things yesterday wasn't good enough or was wrong. He says that I need to watch how I say things sometimes. I said "ok, tell me how I should say things then." (no attitude, or passive aggressiveness)
His answer, "well I'm just saying in general that you need to pay more attention to how you say things.."
I stayed quiet for a bit.

I hate being a stepmom

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Just finished having a HUGE argument with DH...we've been together a couple years...this is bullshit. Sorry for my language but it is.
Started with DH and I messing around a bit after we showered. We were already dressed but were just playing around on the bed when SD7 knocks on the door and asks DH if he wants to play some game she made up. He told her he'd go play in a bit. She stayed by the door and said that he was taking long.
I told him "hurry up DH your daughter is calling you" and I laughed.

Wondering about the "mom" title as well as BM

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Recently I have been helping SD7 with her handwriting because it's gotten pretty sloppy as well as her sentence structure. I had gotten her a composition book to ask her things and have her write her experiences using what she has learned in school. I'll ask her simple questions like, 'what is your favorite animal?' and I'll ask her to elaborate and ask 'why?'...