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I guess the way to make money is to lose teeth!

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SD7 just lost one of her front teeth right now and when she went back to sleep I asked DH if he had cash on him. He said he did and that he'd been carrying it for about a week (I guess he's been expecting it to fall out soon). I asked him how much he was going to put, and he said $10... :jawdrop:
"Ten dollars?! For real??? I used to only get a DOLLAR!! Maybe two at the most..."
He looked at me surprised and said that he used to get from 5-20 dollars...I guess depending on how good his parents were doing financially.
"seriously???..(he nodded), I guess when my parents didn't have cash, they'd give me quarters...and I always thought THAT was a lot..."

Guess I'm gonna start yanking out teeth too...wth...sorry, that's just weird to me...Way too much in my opinion..BUT...not my kid...


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LOL. I refused to give BS money for a tooth. Instead I'd slip weird things like slinky's or cardgames or magic tricks (always had a secret stash of that stuff) ... okay, the play handcuffs was a bad idea when I got a call from school when he was in 1st grade and he locked a classmate to the jungle gym during recess.

My thought was that as a divorced mom, I couldn't afford the money that was commonly tossed around by the toothfairy in our neighborhood. So, I did dollar store surprises instead. Truly, he was thrilled and would have blown the money anyway on candy or some such ...

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My skids get at least $20 a piece from their BM. They haven' yet, but if they lost a tooth at our house, I'd put that nasty shit in a bag and send it home with them, tell them the tooth fairy doesn't have our address. I got quarters as a kid. I got a full dollar when I had to have teeth taken out by an oral surgeon.

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I got a quarter for each small tooth and a dollar for each molar. My SD got $10 for each tooth so far.......ridiculous. Then instead of teaching her to save all her money to buy something substantial, BM taught her to spend each $10 amount on junk.

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6 year-old SS gets $5 to $10 from BM, which I think is ridiculous. Especially since she can't manage to buy her precious snowflake a winter jacket or other seasonally appropriate clothes. I used to get a quarter. Of course DH used to give the skid money (usually my spare change that he found around the house) for absolutely no reason at all and would make a big show of putting it in the skid's piggy bank in front of the skid. Fortunately, he stopped doing that once I explained that the skid should really learn how to earn the money otherwise skidly will just expect money to keep falling from the sky.